Happy birthday

i never browse this board but I feel like I need to vent this from my chest and there's nowhere else to do it. sorry for the grammar

>Had a NEET brother
>parents always treated him like he was the smartest guy in he world, during his entire life pressured him to study and be a successful person
>He actually managed to graduate at two different universities, spent like over 10 years of his life studying nonstop
>still, he was socially awkward to an extreme so he never got a job and also had no friends
>Parents talked and ranted to him nonstop everyday. He always stayed quiet with a sad face
>He was the typical robot guy that had a sort of dark aura around him, liked horror movies, games and anime. We both never talk much, but he was usually pretty chill
>one day he comes up and say that he finally got a job creating websites, everything is ok now, he can work at home.In the next few months,he's clearly a happier person
>They are still mad and admonish him for being a shut-in and never leaving home and having no friends
>A couple months later, mom is clearing his room and finds a folder full of printed drawings and some hentai. She is furious
>he awkwardly explains that drawing is actually his "job", he was making some decent amount of money doing commissions and donations
>his art was girlish and cheerful as fuck, there's no fucking way anyone would believe a guy like him would draw cute stuff like that
>parents are having none of it and demand him to stop, take his computer of his room so he's unable to access the internet and create more art
>they pull up some strings and finally force him to wage at a shitty job where he needs to go around and do a sort of census talking to people around the city


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>brother looked even more miserable, always looking tired and barely gets out of his room anymore. He's oftenly crying and saying that the job wont lead him anywhere
>one day mother opens the door to find him laying dead at his bed, he suicided by swallowing a bunch of pills
>At his side was the folder with all of his drawings
>I eventually find out his twitter. He was pretty active and had a positive cheerful demeanor, lots of followers and online friends
>last post was something in the lines of "sorry guys, had some personal issues lately, but I'll be coming back soon, I promise!!"
>I find a small diary from his teenager days hidden in his wardrobe
>brother was raped at school by his classmates and no one ever noticed
>he loved games, anime and drawings cuz fiction was safe and nothing from it could cause harm to him
>he literally could only fap to drawings because real people disgusted him

He would be 33 today. i wish I was a better person and actually helped him when he needed. Wherever he is, I just wish its a better place
anyway, sorry for venting this, it's not like anyone will care anyway

damn dude, i felt that

you have shit parents
sorry about your brother user

where are yr parents bro i just wanna talk

>>brother was raped at school by his classmates and no one ever noticed

user you have to avenge him

you're parents were shit, bit you weren't that much better judging by the way you worded the paragraph you typed.

That. I have no words. To be honest I feel like crying. That guy feels scarily similar to me. To be honest the whole reason I draw is because I hate reality. I hope you can cope with the loss of your brother OP. Even if your a normie or whatever buzzword we would use to describe you, that hit really close to home.

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I'm sorry for your loss, and your brother's especially, but most of all, I'm sorry you and him have such subhuman parents, as to strip the joy from their son to first their ideals

Sounds like he was a real human bean OP. I'm sorry your normalfag parents bullied him past the point of no return. As much as it sucks such a lad is gone, at the very least he isn't suffering anymore. He's free from all the bullshit life threw at him, and I have no doubt he appreciated you not harassing him like they did. It's easy to think back on how much you "should" have done or could have done, but that's just the way life goes sometimes my man. At the very least, if you loved him at the time, then that's enough.

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Your parents corpses will make blood roses bloom nicely

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rip NEETbro.

I cried reading this, these feels hit hard for me. I like to think this is copy pasta or fiction or something. I hate your parents and all the people in the world like them with a passion and I am sorry for your loss and your brother. It is alright to vent, I am sure he is in a place happier now where he is surrounded by the cheerfulness he wished to create in life.

If it isn't copypasta, it will be now.

It's a terrible day for rain OP

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i don't know what else I should say or post. You know what is depressing? i feel like the only reason I had success at life was because my parents directed all of their pressure towards my brother. I had read somewhere that this is usually something that happens at families, with parents usually pressuring the eldest son to succeed and calling him the smartest, and then he inevitably ends failing since hes unable to fill all of their expectations. Meanwhile, the younger brother or sister has a happier life since they have the freedom of doing whatever they want.
idk, is there anyone else here that was the younger or the oldest brother in a similar situation?

i also recently lost my job, and I'm thinking on making money by selling art just to spite at my parents for what they did to my brother

im the oldest. i get pressured all the time to do shit and i was pushed from a young age while my siblings werent cared about as much in that regard.
my parents say that my younger siblings are less smart compare to me and "thats just the way they are" but in reality its because i was pushed and hit to do my work and they werent.
i dont attribute my success to being pushed like that because it made me retarded. i cant do anything in life. im basically useless and disappoint my parents constantly because i cant live up to their expectations.
they have wasted so much money on me.
my siblings get to give up their "hobbies" that our parents put us to do from young ages while i hate mine and have to stick through with it.
they can basically do whatever they want but i cant.
im also a neet and am studying while some of my siblings have their own jobs.

I think you should tell them that they killed your brother. In the end it wasn't his decisions that destroyed his dream job. It was your parents. And also make art and dedicate it to him in way, carry on his memory.

7.7/10 Best new greentext
Few giveaways like the 3dpd at the end and knowing your own neet brother less than your awful parents but a solid display of pushing the right buttons. Shitty parents, pressure to be something in life, making money animeposting, suicide, teenage bullying, weeb interests to escape from the hardships in life

I get that. My brother also underwent something similar, most of their rantings were "you should be studying X or Y, you say you are tired after 10 years of university, but so what? if you don't have a job it means you need to study more"
i also remember when they insisted they would gift him a plane ticket to any country and any money he wanted so he could travel, meet people "expand his horizons" or whatever, but he always refused because he didn't want to be a guy in his 30's traveling around using his parents money and he often said they had spent way too much money on him already

was meant to man, I won't even bother trying convince you, i feel drained just from typing all this shit, you are probably baiting so I post more details about who he was online, fuck you

Can you show us his art, OP? I'm assuming he didn't post anything connected to his account that would reveal anything

NEETbro sounds like a chill dude, hope he is now somewhere better than here

your parents suck, they didnt even sound like they cared about him, they seem extremely controlling lole