What autistic hobbies do you enjoy?

What autistic hobbies do you enjoy?

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I collect gas masks.
still didn't find a woman that has a fetish for men who wear gas masks , fucking women have no hobbies in their brainless head.
I also do graffitti or 3d drawings in my city and nobody knows who did it.

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make fishing lures

i am a porn addict so i dont have any, but im trying to stop


I really want to start collecting weapons, guns in particular.

based gas mask user

pic of gas mask collection?
i also really like gas masks

Programming. I reverse engineer obscure file formats

Survivalism. Played too much zombie games when i was young and i'm basically begging for some shit hits the fan scenario.

I believe that some extent need to experience the hardship of survival. Most of the people today play life on easy mode.

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I play yugioh and am 27

i play the piano


finding things in bins



Same on both counts. I'm over here stockpiling techniques and gear for when shit hits the fan, meanwhile people are scared to try camping.

>research history
>teach myself Russian tfw no Svetlana gf
>yard maintenance and home 'renovations'/modifications crack and sip
>Orthodox theology and church history
>trying to follow military av tech
I'm a pretty boring 28yo boomer. I have a tremendous desire for a wife and children, but understand that this may never happen because of autism.

It's so fucking fun. I'm writing my experiences in a journal and print out every interesting survivalism related infograph out there. I'm going to be a survivor.

I practice my skills where I can and just keep stockpiling gear and memorizing techniques, I hope to be a survivor too. Maybe one day after it all goes to hell, our paths will cross

Computers especially older computers and other electronic shits.
I also like designing circuits and solder etc etc.
Im not doing much of it now though because I dont have much money atm.

Listening to shortwave radio stations from South America

the only hobby i have is chess and it's only like half autistic

guys like that (single boomers), are one step away. one bad sleep. a night of too much snoring. away from suicide.

I build and paint gunpla and military models
I also have a small collection of military surplus
I'd like to collect guns but I don't have a lot of money buy and shoot them often

I got this M-10M yesterday, my second gas mask.

It came absolutely filthy covered in all sorts of shit with brown marks on the rubber from only a tiny hole in the plastic bag, metal bits are rusty.
I took it in the shower last night and sprayed the inside as much as I could but it's still not clean, gonna wait till I get everything out to put the filters in since those things are never coming out.

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That is not a hobby. That is the same as this:

Are you in a chess club.

I enjoy chess but i struggle to get to a good level. I wish there was classes for that shit but the lack of a random element at all leaves me in a shitty limbo as i easily destroy any beginners i play with IRL, discouraging more games but am shit against computers.

>collect guns
>don't have a lot of money

If you ever buy a shit ton of weapons you better store them in the proper environment (hardly any humidity), oil them properly, etc. Because if you don't, then you're screwed. If the guns are treated with say cerakote or something similar then you will be okay, but good luck affording that for every single gun (if you have say 50). That kind of stuff gets extremely expensive depending on what you do and the maintenance would be annoying.

And if you buy old weapons that are in mint condition or anything that type of stuff is insane most of the time in pricing, so you know.

Stopped now but I collected photos of amputated arms and legs. Always liked how they looked and wondered what it was like to touch them. I wouldnt say it was a fetish more of a hobby. I saved around 2000 pictures before deleting them all.

I like collecting watches.

Based. See you on the other side.

>Are you in a chess club.
nope, i've only ever played online because i'm socially retarded.
>I enjoy chess but i struggle to get to a good level. I wish there was classes
there are tons of youtube channels that upload free chess learning content
chess.com and lichess also both have tutorials for lots of chess concepts (i recommend lichess in particular because it's free, lichess.org/learn and lichess.org/practice were both really helpful ). both sites also offer tactics puzzles, although another good website for those is chesstempo.
>easily destroy any beginners i play with IRL, discouraging more games but am shit against computers.
computers are literally unbeatable and have to gimp themselves to be playable against. i'd recommend going on either chess.com or lichess and just playing against other people (who are almost guaranteed to actually be at your skill level) if you have the free time. longer games (at least 10 minutes base time, with increment per move) are also more helpful for learning because you'll actually have time to think and calculate moves.


Have you always played?

i get really high and i listen to bladee


>Have you always played?
nah, i only started playing last year.

Show us a pic of you with a mask user.
I have the hots for guys in gas masks

I dont get how u guys say u hate normies and normie culture but consider a hobby autistic depending on its proximity to normie standards of a normal hobby. Faggots

I play yugioh and Im 18. Funny thing is Im getting my more socially adept friends into it

play online on lichess, also fuck chess.com its gay

What are your online ratings?

I'm struggling at 1500 rn

read seinen utsumanga

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What are some good bladee tracks? Just got into him.

>Women that don't have the same hobbies as me must have no hobbies and have no brain

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warhammer 40,000

yes i am autistic

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Probably around 1000 I don't know. I'll have to get into online play. 1500 seems pretty good.

The pro's are in the 2000s right? I assume the rating system goes to 3000.

I fap to piss fetish porn.

nice hobby, based etc

I've done HEMA for about 6 years now. Kinda bored of it but every other martial art i do i just can't not go back to HEMA.

I collect dice and other /tg/ shit as well.

I have a little motorcycle which isn't a hobby necessarily but the way i treat it it essentially is.

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The rating system has no theoretical limit, since it's an elo. Grandmasters are typically above 2500. 1500 is actually just a little better than median on most online platforms haha

Im assuming you two also focus on physical fitness? Kinda pointless to have all that shit prepped only to get fucked because you couldnt run for more than a mile without dropping like a sack of shit out of exhaustion

3d printing, shortwave, and metal detecting. I'm starting to get tired of it all.

Getting back into minecraft on a local lil server, tis rather quaint

Are you a girl? cause if not that'd be pretty gay

I would love to have a collection of gas masks

Lichess is fucking great. Thankyou again.

I collect Toy Story toys, if that counts.

I workout 4 times a week and try to do a bunch of jumping jacks before i go to bed. When shtf it's better have a bit higher fat percentage in case of emergency and the colder winter months.

I break linux so i can fix it..

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I make leather bags. bitches love it. unfortunately I am very autistic so it hasnt helped much

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I play Old School Runescape and actually enjoy Agility with Slayer.

Watching the street from window

like /etc files?
just delete them and rescript them in a new vi file?

Weapons and armour collecting.

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loud ones are better

Collecting postcards.
I had to stop after I filled in a shoebox.

riding the bus to the other side of town while listening to music and thinking

go to thrift stores for hours scouring and ceaselessly analyzing clothing; find good vintage clothes and overwhelming myself with OCD thoughts on their potentially being damaged by me upon purchase and storing; often too nervous to wear; essentially being a pathetic materialist cretin buying and coveting old, unwashed, discarded clothing

Based. I personally like to bicycle into a direction and look where i end up.

and watching old shows like rocket power and happily ever after for the nostalgia feels

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I read philosophy and take photos.

I have a metal detector, never taken it out. I have guns, don't go shooting enough. Lately I just bang a lot of whores. Not as exciting as it used to be. I need to fire up that metal detector.

>Lately I just bang a lot of whores. Not as exciting as it used to be.

Sounds comfy, but potentially drama inducing in the long term. Just using apps?

how do people find these whores? everywhere I see is unviable

No actual whores, I use my car.

I started seriously reading literature around five or six years ago. Because of autism and loneliness I've pretty muched memorized every major author, I know more names of authors and scholars than of persons around me, I have invested around 2k into my library. The thing is ,I'm a "nerd", I just autistically memoruze and remember everything like I remember every episode of Eva or Gundam. Getting back into university, no one really cares nowadays about literature, so they all think that I'm some kind of genius and I go full autism when girls approach me.

I used to collect toy airplanes when I was in elementary school. I had about a hundred. I also read about airplanes and WWII a lot. Now, the closest things to autistic hobbies I have are playing melee and studying Japanese, but I haven't played melee in a while.

I deem thee fucking based

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Dude, Ian's a commie!!11!!!!1!1!! Yu'r'e not allowded to like his channel!!111!11!!1 And Karl drinks cummies!!11!!!!1!!!

Coin collecting.
I collect coins and other coin related products.

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Priniting out 1970's soviet proganda and posting them over my town

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God I wish we still used these. They actually have a vent. The ones we use now get so fucking hot inside and kill the mood

Eh sorta, to be honest the survival shit has been a semi recent thing that stemmed from my desire to always be prepared and carry supplies for random emergencies in my car. I'm working out a lot more now than I was back then trying to get to that point that I believe I could actually survive

teach myself german

I collect gas masks and other militaria items I get called weird for it

How are you going about it. I did this a few years ago. Memrise was pretty good.

Firearms. I love firearms. Not just shooting but taking them apart, cleaning them, handloading, experimenting with loads, oiling them up. Cleaning and oiling a gun is almost erotic to me.

I collect mechanical pencils and fountain pens! I also enjoy tearing them apart and rebuilding them to learn how they function and how they differ from eachother.
I also really enjoy medieval folk music and roleplay of any kind. I also like sewing/designing medieval-style dresses.
I also like to play dumb vidiya like roblox and a lot of bullet hell and flash games.

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m-metal detecting isnt autistic? right guys?

Post medieval clothes, also please dont tell me you go to renaissance fairs

Having sex in an original way.

I want to try getting into birdwatching. Seems comfy

i consider minimalism a hobby of mine and it is very autistic. i try to narrow things down as simply as possible and make my living/work space as simplistic as possible. it's a full time commitment

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I like gardening, but being the edgy autist I am, I only grow carnivorous plants. Half of which look like dicks.

Bhopping to oblivion in source games

Lifelong birdwatcher, it makes being in any environment interesting simply because of the chance to spot new birds. It is very similar to Game Boy Pokemon and the thrill felt when you first encounter a Pokemon you hadn't seen yet.

Too many birdwatchers treat it as a list-ticking exercise though. I enjoy it a lot more now that I don't care about seeing "megas" or valueing my birding on my life-list. I just like observing birds now, no matter how common they are.

Collecting Arizona iced tea bottles.

What do you need for birdwatching? I just enjoy looking at the birds interact in my yard, sometimes I find a nest with chicks which is cool

If that's what you like doing, then you don't need anything. Recognising a bird based only on its song/ call is also fun and requires no equipment.

A basic, cheap, field guide makes a bit more satisfying being able to put names to birds, and helps you learn a bit more each species' subtle behaviours, plumage differences, migration patterns, population distribution, etc. I think you begin to appreciate them more when you learn more about each species.

If you get a bit more interested, and want to explore outside of you garden, then you will probably need binoculars. Again, they don't need to be expensive, and often you can find really good second-hand binoculars as birdwatching is a common hobby for rich boomers who frequently upgrade their gear for no reason.

Feeding crows desu

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Crowanon, is that you?

I like to make commit psychological warfare on brainlets. I screenshot there destruction and make a collage on my wall.