Haven't smoked a cigarette in 24 hours

>haven't smoked a cigarette in 24 hours
>even WATER tastes better
jesus christ

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i want to start smoking, can you tell me how's the experience?

if you value the taste of water, not great

I smoke 2 packs per year. I love it... it makes me feel both calm and more focused. I love how it gives me an excuse to stand outside doing nothing without making me look weird.

You realize the reason you have to stand outside is because the rest of civilization thinks you're an idiot and has to quarantine you from everyone else

I wouldn't want to smoke inside. Smoking outside is so peaceful and reflective. I don't like multitasking while smoking... just me, the cigarette, and my thoughts.

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dont fucking do it its so hard to get off of and really expensive

a pack or two isn't gonna hurt the user

>non-smoker cope

There's a study that shows smoking boosts testosterone


100% of people who drink water and breathe air die. Stop being a little bitch.

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My two rules for smoking:

1. Never inhale the first drag
2. Don't swallow saliva while smoking... spit it.

hate these kind of fucking replies, you think i already dont know this? you are doing as much work as the anti smoking ads on the packs themselves, no one even cares
thank you for the info and advice, hopefully i will put it to use one day

Only tards who want to look cool actually smoke only to die of lung cancer in 10 years. Don't be a sheep.

stop projecting, im not doing it because i want to look """"cool""" who the fuck ever though smoking was cool, isnt that cigars you dumbfuck? its partly self hatred and self aid, on one hand it will shorten my lifespan which is what i would like, also destroy my bank account and options in life and on the other hand it will keep me more calm and happier than usual

good job dude fuck cigs they fucking suck

>more calm and happier than usual
Until you get used to it. [Immediately]

wait 2 packs per year?

having a smoke every now and then is comfy. standing at your open window at 4am, looking at what few cars drive by. they closing the window ans listening to some music appropriate for the headrush.

It's like inhalable coffee

Wouldnt you want to die user?

Coughing to death is not the most appealing way to go, for most.

>haven't had a cup of coffee in 24 hours
>can actually take a full BREATH without getting heart palpitations
but "it is good for your heart" they said
"it's okay to be addicted to it because it has literally no downsides" they said

They're expensive, make you cough, stink, fuck up your teeth, and make it so you can't ever sit through a movie comfortably ever again.