Am I a good looking if I get 50 likes and 36 matches in two days...

Am I a good looking if I get 50 likes and 36 matches in two days? I actually have no context for what's good and what's not good.

The thing is i'm 22 and still a virgin (not kissless though) so I'm kind of confused because my god some of these girls are fine as fuck.

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Now go slay my dude.

what the fuck is a difference between a tinder like and a match?

The problem is I'm an absolute fucking sperg irl. I mean just look at this girl. I couldn't talk to her without being drunk out of my mind.

Maybe I should just go for the uglier ones first?

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A like is just someone who's swiped right on you, but you've yet to swipe right on them. They make you fucking pay 20 bucks a month just to skip the queue and see the girls who have swiped right on you.

how the fuck is she 19 she looks like a 50yo hag
they all liked/matched with you so just talk to them, itll be fine and youll learn more as you keep going

Both parties need to like each other in order to match. So if your a non-chad male youll swipe right 50 times and like 50 girls but then get no matches. Where as if your stacey or chad youll swipe right and generally all of your likes will come back as matches.

Grow some balls. I was the same as you, I'd honestly recommend mentioning that you have never slept with a girl before. I did that when I was a virgin and a beautiful indian chick took my virginity, and I'm ugly as shit.

But be a pussy I guess and let your ELO score drop like a rock because you're not responding to any of them.

Nah she's got a nice face.

Anyway, I guess I got nothing to lose. But i'll probably be drunk if I meet up with one of these biddies.

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Don't fucking go drunk. I've been there before. If you're going to drink, do it with her then make a move.

There's no way I'm telling a girl i'm a fucking virgin. That's probably the most unattractive thing they want to hear from a 22 year old. Especially if she's younger. You're right though I need to grow some balls, it's pretty pathetic how scared of girls I am.

Also what the fuck is an ELO score? You're telling me this app has mmr or some shit.

It does have mmr, read up on it:

And I agree, telling chicks that you're a virgin is pathetic, but she's gonna find that out once you two have sex. I would just be upfront.

Doesn't seem like sending some messages really matters when it's almost all about how attractive the people swiping right on you are.

She's at least 28

That's a pretty good sign, you live in a big city?

fuck off in the most original way you can Chad

36 out of 50 women want your cock

take the chadpills

well none of them have messaged first so clearly i'm not chad.

this is such a colossal waste of fucking time. im so glad i already toasted roasters by the dozens.

wouldn't it be 86?