Any schizos with dysphoria here? Want to form a suicide pact? I'm in Norway right now...

Any schizos with dysphoria here? Want to form a suicide pact? I'm in Norway right now. We both know it doesn't get better.

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Not a schizo, also don't have dysphoria.
Looks like you finally moved to Norway, how is it?

ayy lmao i was thinking about what youd come up with next and guessed something like this

>how is it?
See op. No matter where you go, you remain a subhuman, user.
There's zero chance I'll find someone let alone go along with it anyway. Unless you come to Norway yourself.

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We'll be here for you, whether we want to admit it or not. We'll hate you, we'll love you, and everything in between. Just drop that discord when you're truly desperate and hopefully the ones who truly appreciate you for keeping this board active will add you.

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is dysphoria a must? because im sure you can find partners if you pay for their trip + gun or whatever method youre thinking of. what do you have in mind?

i'm schizo but no dysphoria. 35 now and it actually did get better with age.

Oh there are more than enough people who want my Discord.
I was thinking drowning in the fjord would be poetic or some shit. But probably hanging, since I have some experience with that. I'd like to have someone with dysphoria too. I think it's a different thing and I'd like to find another fuck up like that somewhere in the world.

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drowning is an awful way to go.
.t almost drowned

I wouldn't suggest drowning either, having almost drowned twice myself. If you do ever decide to kill yourself, which I wouldn't suggest but I can't do anything to stop you, please do inform me (and us) beforehand so that we could pray that you'll go somewhere peaceful.

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not the best time to get poetic, icetea. and ive heard drowning is terrifying as is hanging. cant you get your hands on a frag grenade? pay someone to build a guillotine or better yet build it yourself? i think that says something, idk like a big fuck you to the world i wanted to build one, its not that hard if youre skilled with woodworking. you dont need to let go the rope yourself, you can easily make a timer with arduino, get drunk, take yer pills, lie down and sleep forever just an idea, shotgun is without a doubt the best least painful most effective method. go to 8chs sui board for more info, they know their shit

Schizotypal, Schizoid or schizophrenia? Be specific, and are you diagnosed?

I almost drowned myself too. It was a very long time ago, so I don't know. I'm not sure if it's that much worse.
No. I won't tell you. Too many times have I failed.
Yeah I know their board. Just throwing ideas around, avatarfagging, attention whoring. You know, the usual.
Yes. Schizophrenia. Schizoids should know by now that the talk is never about them haha.

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Schizophrenia is a pretty crazy mental illness. Do you take anti-psychotics? I want a schizo friend

Yeah. Risperidone. Went through a therapy course, self-reflected on delusions and all that stuff haha. Now I moved abroad with my mom and life seems to suck, you know? I want to be a girl, like it would solve everything. I know it won't, but I just have that stone on my heart. I'm a perfectionist like my mother. I notice all those little inconsistencies in my life. The smaller they are the crazier they make me. You know I can never be a girl? The trannies and their enablers know nothing. The Y chromosome is the Y chromosome. Nothing can change that.

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I am exactly of the same opinion. I deeply wanted to be a girl too, and the it's still lingering. I never wanted to be a tranny, I wanted to be a girl. I still do, actually. It's an actual disorder, and it's horrible. I'm actually upset they changed it from "gender identity disorder" in the DSM IV to "gender identity dysphoria" in the DSM V.

Day 2: It seems like my diarrhea has gone, now all that's left is my flu and I have to attend to my sister's wedding planning tonight. I'm too fucking lazy to do it.

Psychiatry is such a sham honestly. How are you supposed to trust them to cure you of anything? Anyway, what do you plan to do now?
That's so off topic, Vic. Honestly made me laugh. Glad you're feeling better.

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I just say things that come across my mind. Also I'm glad it does make you laugh. I cooked some fries and I'm not sure if I cook it all the way but even if it's not I'm sure that I'm not going to die.

>Too many times have I failed.
well i just want to say if (when) you decide to kys to NOT act on impulse, you failed for a reason. people who """""attempt""""" are not in their full senses, they desperately want to escape but obviously arent thinking straight, thats why they fail. however making a plan, testing everything works, vividly visualizing your body torn apart rather than the idea of escaping suffering forces you to come back to your senses and makes death feel much closer and will make you see what you actually want. when you see an elaborate succesful case you can say without a doubt: this man WANTED TO DIE, he knew exactly he was doing and he went through hell all his life to get to that point. i dont know what im trying to say, probably that youre not suffering as much as you think you do if you "attempt" because youre not a retard, i know youre not. good luck whatever you chose

You know, anons will say that I'll be back in a week or two. I'd like to prove that wrong. It doesn't get better for Aiste. Norway is a beautiful place and I'm rich, I'm fairly good-looking, so why am I being such a whinny bitch? You know, assume whatever you want, or don't. Forget about me.

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>Forget about me.
Ok. Bye.

I really wish I gave a shit sometimes man. I've been on Risperdol and Depakote and Olanzapine. I feel Seroquil being another routine step in removing my freedoms for an agenda that destroys my identity. Though it is all conflict, isn't it? Problem has been how much money can be made off of procedurally incarcerating me through harassment, intimidation, rudeness in that no one has asked how I'm doing, no one has ever been able to prove my case, ever, because of how much money it makes for the general masses. I'm supposed to be happy with what I have, but what I have are people showing me the lies they can get away with to put people away that have done little to deserve it but are socially maladapted, much like me, only because the norm breeds contempt unto itself. It's truly insane, but I think in time the longer you take olanzapine and do what you are doing, you will one day have the semen allergy that people fought and died for--- it was always about Freedom. It's about connection. So he stabbed his wife. This is true shit. The weak die off and the strong carry on cool shit like an allergy to semen and the power to know the difference. Some people fight for that kind of shit. Women can be in the military now. We live in a new millennium where women actually have to kill to maintain that energy, to sense semen from a few feet away, it's fucking stupid, the will to join that new belief takes great strength, though. I've never been treated for sociopathy, because of how cool I found the things that my mentors would teach me. I'm a little greedy jew. That's what's going on there. Why do I deserve shit for being a fucking Jew. Seriously, when will they learn?

I transcended dysphoria and have long since breached straight apathy. Nothing ever makes an impact on me anymore. I have become disillusioned with life, and can gather no satisfaction from any facet of life. That's even after trying a great deal of activities and touching upon different lifestyles. In all honesty, nothing can really improve or worsen my mood. It's all just a flat line of disinterest and an almost serene calm. It's shitty sometimes, but I just can't bring myself to think about leaving the land of the living. Be it fear of the unknown or an interest in seeing how things pan out in my lifetime, I just can't seem to wrap my mind around eternal oblivion or what ever comes after life. I am fairly agnostic in that regard. Personally I hope for ghostmode, as then I may be able to observe from the ether and fuck with people. Though not being able to sufficiently interact with my surroundings and influence things to my liking does seem like a poor deal for ethereal immortality. In that sense, perhaps eternal oblivion is a better candidate for me. Though the idea of reincarnation does seem a good option as well, as then perhaps my mindstate will be improved and I will not be hampered by my current physiological deficits and mental ineptitude. Not to say I am fat, weak, stupid, or slow. It's more that I am constantly sick with vertigo and chronic migraines, have a constant mind fog, and have severe memory loss. A shame really, I used to be a fantastic student. Now I am a husk.

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Psychiatry has quite a wide scope and it's been more about treating rather than curing. Personality disorders aren't curable / treatable with medication. Other disabilities can be treated rather well with medication. You wanna add each other on disc?

>Norway is a beautiful place and I'm rich, I'm fairly good-looking, so why am I being such a whinny bitch?
You're life has gone unfulfilled, nothing you've ever done has truly made you happy and you've got nothing to lean on when times are rough except this terrible fucking board.

Welcome to hell, be glad you've got some advantages in this eternal abyss. Also don't be like every other fucking CUNT I JUST FUCKING HATE IT, sorry. Don't be a self destructive moron. I've met so many whiney cunts that just end up doing bad decisions as some piss poor attempt at getting people to pay attention when they clearly already don't want it. Or they atleast want it from the right person.

Start drinking, serious, it's good for almost every ailment schizophrenia included. The elixir of happiness, too bad its metabolized into poison. That's my advice to you.

Please do be alarmed if they try to talk you into surgery on your brain for that, sometimes they tout lobotomies as a cure for schizos and funny thing they are legal given you filled out the correct paperwork here... Trust me you do NOT want one you literally cannot lose harder at life than having one.

Um.. want to hear a schizo story? One time I couldn't get on the bus because I thought it was a special euthanasia bus that would bring me to the government death clinic.. thanks for that one acid... FUCK never take LSD if you're schizo.. been strapped down and injected with shit to keep me calm plenty of times.. but anyway in my mind it all made sense, my family was in on this, the hit was being orchestrated, I'm a pawn in their game, I was hallucinating so badly I had to be hospitalized the following day. Right proper dreadful, that Lysergic acid shit..

Jeg er Schizo i norge. Hvor bor du? Jeg fant ett bedre liv etter mye strev.

Female schizophrenic here, Im willing to suicide pact with someone.

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Schizo here, can confirm this dude is just using the alcohol cope. Everything he says is true, though.

Sauce: I did the same until recently. Quit the booze.

Can you just be my schizo gf I trade schizo thoughts with and attempt to take care of?

I'll kill you if you look cute while it happens.

That attempt would go badly, might as well get to the point and end it.

I would, but unless you die too its no deal.

You underestimate me. What kind of delusions do you have?

I'll huff some mercury fumes before I drop the elbows.

Why commit suicide when you can "visit" your local church? Not very based of you!

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Im under the delusion that it still gets better haha. But I seriously cant see anything meaningful ever working out, you are welcome to try if you really want to.

This doesnt sound appealing, giving me the fast death while you die slowly favors you more.

I play with the schiz often, and I actually think its some sort of spiritual thing akin to a complete overload of synchronicity resulting in conclusions that seemingly don't make any sense, at least to the outsider. Of course, I do not know what degree your experience is like, do you hear voices?

I went to go make something to eat, I saw the deleted posts. If you really want to talk then drop an email, but if not then good luck.

I love you Aiste, someday I will move to Norway and make you my wife.

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