Jewish robot thread

Any jews here who hate being jewish?
>Yfw circumcised
>yfw massive nose, unironically
>yfw parents want to me to serve in the IDF, even though I've never been to Israel
>yfw everyone on the planet hates you
>yfw entire peoples history is just us annoying.
the native population then being kicked out or genocided
>Jews are actually quite degenerate people.
I fucking hate it, we literally are cock roaches. Israel is stolen land that does actually belong to Palestine. When I go to temple I have to sit and listen to nut cases who openly brag about how the jews are the chosen people and how we're finally going to inherit whats rightfully ours. Basically openly admitting we are subverting everything. Its not like being a robot autist was bad enough try being a jewish one.

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>tfw redpilled on the JQ
>live life believing I'm white with primarily french, german, and some italian roots
>unironically natsoc and believe the bad guys won ww2
>getting pretty far in it all
>regular conversation with mother about various things
>she makes an offhand comment about "who would've ever thought a mormon and a jew (my father) would get married?"
>sudden epiphany about practically EVERYTHING revolving around my father's side of the family that I don't like
>realize a lot of it is typical jewish traits
>finally connect the dots with my grandmother's maiden name (painfully jewish in hindsight, but without a berg or stein at the end)

Shit guys. I'm a quarter kike.

Daily reminder that anti-semitism is not welcome on Jow Forums. You have been warned.

Eat my ass shlomo.

>I'm a quarter kike.
There's a joke there somewhere

Didn't want to spring for the whole dollar my dude.

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You should join the IDF for 2 years. You will get in shape, make good friends, and probably meet some cute Jewish girls.

Goyim truly are obsessed with homosexual acts.

Im a turbo neet, never been to the gym, cant stand up for myself and get bullied everyday. Also why the fuck would I want to shoot at innocent kids? And our women are sluts so again, no thanks.

Just try and act like jews aren't the biggest peddlers of sexual degeneracy throughout history.

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>redpilled on all of this shit
>too blackpilled by reality to care
I don't even have the unironic Jow Forumstard enthusiasm anymore. I've hated Jow Forums ever since we agreed that National Socialism trumps Zionism, but every time and every thread, they go right back around and act like Zionists. Earth is done. There's too much suffering on this planet to then have to deal with some shithead's racism, or be expected to be racist and misogynistic. The entire reason why we're continuing to suffer is because the morons who make up our intelligent species are constantly clambering on top of each other just for meaningless social validations and trinkets with no intrinsic meaning. And everyone already knows this, but if I say this kind of stuff I'm accused of being a subscriber of Nietzsche and of being an atheist, when I am neither. I subscribe to Alfred Adler and I'm a Buddhist. I really believe it's possible to fix this fucking mess. But I have to face the reality that the chance is equal to the chance that some good fortune is gonna bring us out of our own funk. I feel like the ankle bones of a severe diabetic.

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Please find me any evidence that that is the case. And don't say Hollywood, no one wants to hear your racist conspiracy theories.

>high IQ
>Always successful
>great connections
>beautiful soft curls
>beautiful big tiddy jewish women
>preserved throughout all of history of people trying to kill them
>can use dark magic
>Gods chosen people
>great sense of community

Who wouldnt want to be Jewish?

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I work at a jewish private school, never met a bigger bunch of nationalistic and racists people. Good for them though.

>get to rape kids

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You don't get the good shit unless you're really high up in the Moloch priesthood

>literally the entire porno industry
>weimar republic
>yes, hollywood too
>blood libel
>traditional circumcision
Fuck off.

Not a single one of those proves that Jews are pedophiles
Hollywood-built off the back of decades of Jewish artistic expression. You're just jealous we can make movies and you cant.
Weimar Republic- Oh you mean that successful, diverse, social society that managed to pull its way up from the ashes of WW1. Militarism worked real well for Germany. Why shouldn't people allowed to express and lives as they want?
Porn industry- Again just another medium of entertainment and we jews excel at it. Its lucrative and these days is on par with everything else. Porn is everywhere, sexual expression and liberation is not taboo anymore. Porn stars literally use social media, write books, star in films, go on talk shows.Grow up and get with the times incel
Circumcision-nothing wrong with it.

No, I love being Jewish and I can't wait to raise my children Jewish. L'dor Vador.

>Circumcision-nothing wrong with it.
I want to just look you up and down and just size up the sniveling mess that would say that. I have pleasurable daydreams every single day involving shitheads like you and how I'd kick your shit in with my bare hands until every last fucking bone and organ is caved in and you're a heaping mess of splattered chunks of filth. And I'd do it with a smile on my goddamn face.

>Taking the bait this hard

For people who make a living making disinfo, propaganda and pysop threads designed to destroy the morale of this boards posters you truly cant take the taste of your own medicine.

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I am aware that we do not mesh well with the rest of society, and I am grateful to my parents for raising me away from goyim. I plan to move to Israel as it is the only place we belong.

we don't belong in Palestine though, we stole it from the natives. yeah, they're primitive mudslime garbage, but the land is theirs and we are undeniably worse. the only place Jews truly belong is in an oven

You're not a jew as your maternal line is not jewish. Stop larping.

i don't mean we belong there in terms of god-given rights or some other nonsense. land ownership as a concept is irrelevant. the palestinians who live in the land now only do because some other group was killed off or died out before them. you might as well just give up your home to a native american if that's what you believe. the fact is that there is a sizable society of mostly jews and it is the only place most of us will ever be accepted. in terms of carrying the burden of everyone who's ever been wronged in history, i don't, and i don't expect others to. i understand your self-hatred but it is something that i can no longer justify.