Just lost my last few friends

>just lost my last few friends
>gf long gone
I need to talk to someone. I'm this close to just killing myself. What's the fucking point man.

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let's talk then. Where you want to talk, here or discord?

We fags are always here to talk, whether we like to admit it or not. Friends come and go, happens all the time.

if you wanna talk im down. hope ur ok.

I deleted my discord.
I miss them. I miss her

then lets talk here i guess

I'm not a big fan of Jordan Peterson over all. But I do believe his message is good for people in your situation. Is your room clean?

You're going to miss them no matter what you do user, accept the fact and move on. It'll be hard, it'll make you want to kill yourself, but take solace in the fact that you'll always have faggots here for you :)

Nows your chance to do something you've dreamed about or try something new. Just do some new shit man and forget the past

New shit like what? I can't get a job, there's always someone more qualified. I've got no money for shit, and I can barely manage real conversations that aren't online.

Idk, try jogging or walking in new places. Its free. Make some art no matter how shitty, just have fun

same thing sorta happened to me, the first week gone was horrible. depressed every day crying every night, after that it goes away till you realize that none of it fucking mattered and you dont get that sad from it anymore

what do i even do now
I spent all day, every day talking to them. We talked about everything. Now there's nothing

My friends started inviting more and more people into their group, and now I'm basically left out when we used to play games together all the time. You can always play MMORPGs and join a guild to make new friends, it won't fully replace what you've lost but it is what it is.

Oh yea dude. Did you ever play vanilla wow? It was probably the best game ever made and it's about to re-release. You'll make tons of friends on there! That's whats so great about it, the game was designed to make evereyone become friends and be part of a community.

Dude being is freedom you can do as you please. You dont need friends or a woman to have value.

what even are the current mmorpgs
how do you even join a guild and go about making friends in it

I'm so lost. I don't know how I'm going to manage. If it takes even a week like you said, I don't know what I can do.
I just want this to be a dream and go back to having friends.

well what i did was just did what i normally did when i was with them, play games and watch youtube really. like i said i realized that everything is the same with or without them even if i felt like there was a loss. i did try other things like self harm and suicide attempts but those overtime died down but occasionaly i will relapse, cant say its a perfect life, or a nice one

it's not value
I just miss my friends. I just want people to talk to again, who I know and love.

I am legitimately jealous of anyone who has the opportunity to play classic wow for the first time when it drops. Those are the best memories of my life. I'm not even kidding, I hardly remember my real childhood because of how intensely the early wow years out shined the real world. I would almost willingly take a brain damaging knock to the head to forget everything just to play it fresh one more time. And you don't even have to take a knock to the head! Seriously man don't miss this opportunity.

Yea, I played during vanilla and it really made me feel 'home.' As for the OP, the current mmorpg that's popular is FFXIV and WoW (classic WoW). Classic WoW makes people interact out of necessity, not forced, because you literally need multiple people to tackle a problem together. And because the server is isolated, people will remember you, some will even mail you potions as thanks for that one time you two dungeon'ed together. FFXIV has RP servers where people are really nice (Mateus, not Balmung). Either way, both games require time to get into and a week is certainly not enough. I would suggest you just play CSGO and start talking with your teammates, competitive mode and not casual, though casual can work as well.

I said above, I get denied any job I apply to because there's always someone more qualified. I don't have the money for classic wow, no matter how much i want to play.

If you can't afford $15 a month I think you have deeper problems than a couple of missing friends... Probably some sort of shared cause between those two things...

They're not at all related. I almost wish it was, I could fix that.
I could probably do that, but it's not even out for, according to the website, 62 more days.

/shrug whatcha gonna do? If you are still on this mortal plane 62 days from now I implore you to try it out. If you do, start on release day, it will make it more fun to be along side everyone else.

I hope you think back to me some day as that guy who gave you the best advice ever. :)

Hey user, that's what we are here for. How is life man?

all my friends are gone and i got denied for a job
i have college coming up soon and i don't think i can manage with no one to talk to while there

>while there
I make it sound like i managed to have physical, real life friends, and it wasn't just a group on the internet.

What do i even do all day now that they're gone

Look man, I know things are hard but life is like this dark tunnel. You cant always see the light, but if you just keep moving. You will come to a better place :). Epic avatar quote

Let me give you some redpills here; no one cares, some of us feel related or feel pity for you, we all have shitty lifes, you, your friends, your mom, your ex gf, we all have rough lifes we all feel like shit sometimes, here's your options:

1.- you man up and fix your life, go to the gym, talk to some normies, talk to girls, you have NOTHING to lose, just try, if you fail no one cares but you, is really hard to fix your life but it's the only good choice you have.

2.- you do nothing and waste your life like all the sadfucks around here. no one will save you.

3.- you kill yourself, maybe someone will moan you for a week.

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It's going to be okay user. Do you mind telling us what happened to your friends?

I have anger issues, and one of them got me going. This time too much was done and I felt like I should leave. There's no going back, I can't just go back after that fiasco. I'll never live it down, nor will things ever be the same.
That's why my gf is gone. She was part of the friend group. It just didn't feel right being with them when they could do so much better and deserved so much better than my fucked up head. And I just can't fix myself. I've tried everything, therapy, self help books, self discipline in various forms, nothing worked. I just get so angry so quickly, and it ruined it. I ruined my relationship with my friends, and I lost her. And I still love them so much.
This has happened before, but this was my longest lasting friend group. We were friends for years. We talked daily, we often played games. And I just threw it all away. I don't know what to do. I just want to die. Or have never been born.

Look, I don't know you, you don't know me. But if you're trying to get help from a notoriously toxic board, you're looking in the wrong place.

That being said, try to get some help, somewhere. And if you can't find it immediately, know that things will get better. I know that's the stereotypical thing to say, but it's true. I've been at lows before, and I'm sure I'll be at even worse lows in the future, but I will always overcome them. And you will overcome this.

Sorry, man. Don't do anything stupid or dangerous. I really wish you the best.

The only thing you can really do is mourn, recover, and try to make yourself a better person in any way you can.

Honestly, it sounds like you can probably reconcile with the friend group. Maybe not with your girlfriend, I don't know. But, I have anger issues, too. I always have. My outlet for all that has been working out. And maybe it'll be different for you, I don't know, but it's something.

Part of the reason a lot of dudes are hyper aggressive is because we're not meant to be sitting around doing seemingly meaningless jobs, we're meant to be murdering things on a regular basis. So, yeah, I've used that energy to make myself look good shirtless.

I doubt it. I made such a fool of myself, I'm sure.
What I did that was too much was I used something personal of someone else as an insult. I thought it was fine, everyone did not. Escalation, and then I left.
I don't want to reconcile with her. I want them to find someone more deserving and better for them. But it hurts so much.