Im lonely frens what do I do how does one cope?

Im lonely frens what do I do how does one cope?

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idk I too am lonely

i add people from r9k to my discord because i can't stan irl interactions

games and youtube, unironically help a shitton but wont make the annoying thoughts completely go away

go outside and be around people. i like mallwalking. maybe get some food after a while. sit in one of those massage chairs

decent way to spend half a day

also meds

try doing what said, but be ready for ghosting. better than adding normies from soc though . is also a good cope as long as you dont stop

join this server for friends

Might as well give it a go maybe Ill meet someone nice krinkov#8292

Go MGTOW user.

Since when did you start saying "frens"
It's just so retarded.

I pick fights with people.

distract yourself by any means necessary

Use your loneliness to pursue hobbies and skills that can make your life better/easier. Who needs people or a gf They're a waste of time! You could,
>learn to invest
>read a book
>learn discrete mathematics
>grow a garden
>go to church
>help the homeless/elderly
>learn how to use computers (coding, programming, etc)
>learn how to fix a car (doesn't hurt to know how to change a tire or check your oil)
>learn another language
>learn how to play an instrument
There's so many options that don't require people, use your loneliness to improve your life, than people will come to you.

Not OP but i myself know multiple instruments, go to the gym, know how to fix a car and a few other things, but they don't replace social interaction, when i do those things i am acutely aware of that most people do those things with other people

same life as you.
I am recognized for my musical abilities and I give advice on lifting to people. I'm also fully enrolled in my college.
I get some of the most painful bouts of loneliness.
My NEET friends on the other hand dont seem to even notice their loneliness.

Neet for 7 years, not a single friend, do feel lonely sometimes but I'm not dying over it. I think 99% of people are annoying, that's why I avoid everyone

i drink my lonliness away desu
frens are not retarded pls no bully

I just sleep and listen to musix

You cope with the rope.

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rope is not cope. rope is no longer having the will to cope.

But rope is the best cope, you won't need anyanother cope after it.

death is not cope. cope is an outlet/relief from the stresses of life that help you make it through more time in this hellhole of a world. rope is an opt out.

>cope is an outlet/relief
Rope sound like the ultimate relief.

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excuse me, sir, but why don't you just have sex?

>that help you make it through more time in this hellhole of a world
you kinda missed over that part