You should read shoujo

If you're going to be a weeb, why not watch/read shoujo once in a while? It's somewhat redpilling and educational.
> The girls are not as retarded.
> The dudes are fit, somewhat fashionable, and have stoic personalities.
> The girls are kind of realistic about what they expect from guys IRL (well-groomed, athletic, intelligent, and charismatic).
> You get more of an insight on what girls who share your hobbies and interests (aka female weebs) would be attracted to.
> You see the girls actually getting rejected by guys who could not care less about having a girlfriend and prefer doing their thing.

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Maybe if I had a girlfriend to read it with

what is shoujo?

Recommend me some good shoujo friend. I watched the Kokuhaku Jinkai movies and enjoyed them.

Shoujo is manga marketed to females.
Pretty much that.

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which one would you recommend for someone getting into the genre?

I thought only I resorted to analyzing social dynamics of anime because I was too lazy to watch western media. Interesting

I'm digging Seishun Shonbori Club.
The art is similar to seinen manga, the characters are funny, and weebs are as you can see in pic related, not given any slack.

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looks fun, i'll check it out anime bro

>The girls are kind of realistic about what they expect from guys IRL (well-groomed, athletic, intelligent, and charismatic).

Ah, so not only do I get to watch all women go after Chad in real life, I'll submit myself to the same thing in the media I use to escape from that sad reality.

Sounds great, let me just go suckstart a shotgun.

Sorry but I really dislike shoujo manga after having ignored checking the tags and getting tricked into reading it

I've definitely tried, but it's so hard. The girls are usually cute as hell but i just can't get into it. It's probably mostly the perspective being appealing to girls, but also the artstyle, it's good for girls but the pretty boys are so offputting to me

Sure thing. Go ahead and read manga about women ovulating at the idea of a shy dude being a virgin otaku who gets a magical contract that binds him to a harem.

this. I've watched a few shoujo anime and enjoyed them but the guys are really offputting. I like that they take the romance a bit more seriously than "haha dude I saw her panties"

Yeah the aspect of watching a show about romance that isn't ecchi or harem shit is appealing, but i just can't find interest in shoujo.

reading Shoujo is a good way to end up depressed af, same with romcoms

Many manga are not too exaggerated in their art style, it's about looking for the more neutral-arted manga as you get used to it.

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Why does it make you feel that way?
Is it the feeling of being mogged?
That's silly, you just have to learn from it.

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in shoujo the girl always gets raped and enjoys it, knowing that woman enjoy reading that its a big red pill if you still have your doubts about the true nature of woman

knowing you life will never be like the manga, even chad can't have it

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Perhaps not the 'being raped' part, but close. There's no mommy gfs in shoujo, a man's assertive or he gets nothing.

Shoujo is a great way for sociopaths to learn how emotions should work

nah that shit's fucking gay

i like the premise and the story but i absolutely hate the art style that shoujo manga usually has
i'm talking about the pencil sharp chins and the spaghetti long necks and the flowers literally all over the page

Shoujo fucking sucks dick, just like anything else made for women. Every single one is the same vapid, senseless garbage that appeals to boring single-minded female fantasies. Women are fucking retards.

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