Doomer Hours

Another doomer hours thread. How are other doomers and broken anons in general coping tonight?

Currently 3 mg of xanax and weed for me

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Makers mark whiskey

just .25mg of melatonin

be careful not to OD user

No coping method is available to me except mentally cutting myself off from the situation.
All it does is risk disassociation. Small price to pay for total relief.

weed and no fap. feels good gonna exercise and watch nostalgic videogames feels good man. hopefully icanhave a gf soon

Xanax, the sound of rain, and a decent song on repeat. Not coping with it at this point, just along for the ride.

i just put myself into positions where i literally can't do any drugs or alcohol

Keep firm in the faith anons, it has to get better.. right?

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jej. can't OD on melatonin.
i just drink desu

here's a good doomer song btw

>he fell for the premium alcohol meme
Money well spent, eh? Sucker.

a lot (not all) of the more expensive liquors really are better. for some it's worth it.

>5% increase in quality (debatable, you probably can't tell it in a blind test)
>500% increase in price


it's definitely more than 5% in some cases. crown royal is absolutely better than old granddad by a longshot.
like i said, for SOME it is worth it.

Perhaps, but none that I've tried.
I used to intentionally buy higher priced stuff to be a poser, I know the rush in a social environment to show off. But then I did my blind tests, and I decided all beer is horse piss, and I'd be stupid to pay extra for the label.
Not saying buy the cheapest, but usually mid budget stuff is best price:quality. Especially I object if you are buying premium to drink by yourself, at home, alone.

You do you, just hoping you've done your due diligence and tried a simple test with multiple bottles at once sipping from each.

>jej. can't OD on melatonin.

Kek I know user, just trying to be funny. .25 is nothing. a bottle of melatonin at my cvs comes with 3 mg each pills

I dont have any drug hookups so I just get drunk every night. Its kinda comfy, but alcohol is such a lame drug desu

i've done quite a bit of testing. i generally don't drink liquor, i stick to beer. but i've found that USUALLY top shelf stuff is quite a bit better than bottom shelf stuff. however, there are exceptions. for example, there's a vodka called rain. it's a bottom shelf vodka, but oh man is it good.

>Not coping with it at this point, just along for the ride.

Good way of putting it. And amen to the xanax, only way I feel any solace these days

You must be a westerner, probably Anglo.
The whole point, the ONLY POINT of vodka is that it has no taste, that its perfectly neutral. How can then there be "premium vodka"? Is it more neutral or what? I can't even imagine what premium vodka would be like.
You are a sucker methinks.

t. slav pro

>vodka has no taste
wrong. it has a slight taste. that bottom shelf vodka i mentioned had very minimal taste, and the taste it has is good.

Just 2 am here in Los Angeles. I hate this city so much

Xanax, cigarettes, and weed

just move away from there dude. cost of living is much better outside of cities. that and cities are shit.

If your vodka has taste, it must not be very pure. So its bad vodka.

fair enough, i suppose. i'm a burger. best i can get is stoli or ketel one

The joke is that actual good vodka (no taste) is cheap as fuck. Premium vodka is either the same thing sold at a higher price, or vodka + ??? mystery ingredient making it not pure, so worse.

I can permit you the beer and whiskey thing, like I said, its preference, just do your research. But vodka, by definition, has to be pure. Its one of the few drinks (with wine) where there is objective standard.

The grass was greener
The light was brighter
The taste was sweeter
The nights of wonder
With friends surrounded
The dawn mist glowing
The water flowing
The endless river

I will, as soon as I can user - college and financial reasons are keeping me here another year

>I am a faggot with no taste bc I ruined my mouth with junk food so youre stupid if you buy different things

Shut the fuck up faggot

>if you like something I dont youre weong

No wonder youre alone. Shut up fag

Why would you make the same bad post twice?

>I can permit you the beer thing
>Vodka by definition has to be pure

Imagine being THIS deeply autistic. Holy shit what a retarded cunt.

Because there were two esgelords being faggots. Or was it just you responding to two different people, fag?

Hate you self defeatist bastards, rampant self pitying is why R9K has so many boring incels and doomers