This people, is how you recognize a normalfag on Jow Forums

this people, is how you recognize a normalfag on Jow Forums
redditor is just another way of saying normie because all of them use reddit.

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this this this this this this. We got an oldfag over here

Yikes. I bet you're fun at parties.

>wat do
>who / / here
> (((anything)))
> ask me anything

You mixed in a bunch of actually reddit phrases with anything expressing dislike of Jow Forumss cognitive disabilities

oof. let's unpack this

t. Oldfag from 2016

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pol is oldfag country
get out newtard

I fucking hate when you retards say "reditspacing"
I typed liked that all my life

>when 2016 is considered a old fag
Jesus is it really fucking 2019? It still feels like 2018 or 2017 to me.

How cute! The seething copecel needs to feel like he belongs somewhere.

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Still fucking feels like 2014 for me. Not sure about much before then. Most of my time was spent on Jow Forums for a couple years before I started lurking Jow Forums. Before then it was straight /a/. Oldfag for me is still 2004 at the latest, but that's about when I started lurking so it might just be bias. However I will say that anyone who posts on /b/ will always be a newfag.

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I think there are times when calling someone edgy isnt very Reddit. I never really go on Reddit and I call people edgy when they are being an extreme stupid edgy.

ya, reddit spacing isnt real
i personally thing it was created by an oldfag to weed out newfags

>they post like they've been here since last year

those in the picture are too obvious, the best way to identify a normie are by the things he types and his opinions not boilerplate phrases, same with shills

You are a fucking idiot. That post was obviously ironic

Youde be surprised lol.


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>when you get replies like
every time

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Caring about your seniority on an anonymous image board makes you both a newfag and a norman.

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When formatting long posts its ok to space between paragraphs

Shouldn't be on there. Jow Forumsfags are fucking cancer when they bring their shitposting to threads on other boards. They got their containment board for a reason.

Your awful, smelly and seeping wound is closing, dilate.

>anti reddit posts are Jow Forums now
now this is a newfag

This behavior is very toxic and problematic to our community. Our community members do not deserve to have their mental health and well being at risk like this. This online community is originally intended to be a safe space free from racism, sexism, transphobia, Islamaphobia, and other forms of hate speech. We are taking active measures to monitor the health of our conversations, and we take these issues very seriously.

I'm not talking about people saying nigger or whatever. I'm talking about the retards who rant on and on about whatever retarded shit comes off Jow Forums while they're in a random thread on an entirely different board. Lurk more, faggot.

anti-reddit posts have been on literally every board for like a decade dude

You are actually fucking retarded. That isn't what I'm talking about.

newfags hating on reddit.
grow the fuck up if you are unironically getting baited here.

>wanting reddit here
No thanks.

What is Reddit? Is that like 9gag on Iphone 7?

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pol is great at triggering normalfags, just look how much they whine about it

Yeah, pretty much. I spent wayyyy too much time obsessing over whether or not I sound like an oldfag. Just don't be retarded and only speak when it'll add to the conversation and you'll be fine.

Remember when pol wasn't just flat Out rascism. And they had like funny memes

>Haha you are a cuck
>Haha jews are bad

Makes you wonder who the real npc's are.

ironically Jow Forums users are literally r*dditors that went there during the 2016 elections

This may surprise you: redditfags are even more losers than robots.

That's because a number of reasons:
1. plebbit is basically facebook without real names
2. plebbitors can't afford downvoting, thus multi-alt ensues, hypocrisy ensues, everyone pretends he's a politically correct normie, basically everyone builds a circlejerk
3. that devilish karma count thing makes everyone depressed as soon as they by chanche spout out some genuine/sincere/reasonable assertion (that is, as soon as they stop being libtard)

Nah, fuck eternal september.