Why do normalfags with girlfriends and friends irl use the "I've been longer than you" argument to justify their...

why do normalfags with girlfriends and friends irl use the "I've been longer than you" argument to justify their existance here? if you are not a robot get the fuck out!

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im not a robot and i'm staying. fite me faggot :3

To play devil's advocate, many robots typically grow out of the lifestyle and figure things out for themselves. Granted, they come across as insufferable sometimes when they post here, but the justification for their continued lurking and contribution is simply fondness for their roots.

Then you have the predatory normalfags and camwhores, who prey upon the innocent to further their own egos and pad their wallets. They can fuck right off.

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you must be mentally handicapped then

The funny is that they unirinically tell you what year they started posting here then it back fires when they realise its not actually 'old' at all. Last night in a thread I made a normie literally said 'ive been here since 2017 you faggot'.

What really annoys me is when they use the rules as an excuse, openly denying reality in that depiste rules and board names every board has its own unique culture.For example r9k which was made for OC but is famous for being a haven for stereotypical male outcasts [incels, virgins, MGTOW, alt-right, neckbeards] or whatever the MSM decide to call us at the time. Alot of memes started here like pepe which was original bachelor frog. The term incel started here. Robots were identifying 'incel' as a trait of being a robot as far back as 2008. Being that white male virgins are the current boogeyman of society according to the media, normies naturally flock here like flies to shit.

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this board has never officially been exclusively for robots so I have no reason to leave

more emotionally handicapped.

>Granted, they come across as insufferable sometimes when they post here, but the justification for their continued lurking and contribution is simply fondness for their roots.

Yes but theres a difference between an ex-robot who develops a disdain for his roots and those like myself who despite having lived typical normie experiences are still jaded by our up bringing and still refuse to conform to society even though we could.

>pepe which was original bachelor frog. The term incel started here.
that's completely untrue. either you're not as old as you think you are or your memory is shit

Yes it has and yes you do.

hes also claiming r9k invented incel, this guy is on one for sure.

>that's completely untrue.
Literally incorrect.
>either you're not as old as you think you are or your memory is shit
Well Ive been here longer than 2017 so I know more then you.

We did. You can sit there and tell me that some feminist created the term in 1996 but the fact is if that was the case then how the fuck would a bunch of later boomer/early millenials know about it? Either a massive coincidence that am r9k meme term was actually coined bvy a feminist writer in the 90s or once again feminists are just claiming credit for something they didnt create. Because Im telling you now no one who posted on r9k back in the day ever read any feminist literature.


You know these things can be googled right? Are you seriously trying to claim that pepe came from bachelor frog? Or that Jow Forums came up with "incel"?

Why do you come here? There is nothing here that typical normies have in common with.

goddamn you are a legit retard arent you

Souds like you werent here for robot9000 huh? This place has never been about lonely virgins
I come here to laugh at you

>google results are an accredited and accurate source of information about a siberian turnip sharing board
;). Retro articles on wikipedia written by people who have never posted on r9k are not accurate sources friend.
>Are you seriously trying to claim that pepe came from bachelor frog? Or that Jow Forums came up with "incel"?
Yes because I was literally here when these things came about.

Because we were here before Jow Forums blew up, summerfag

Im not the one posting on a board she hates and complaining about the people on it. Seems to me that your normies are the true autists.
>This place has never been about lonely virgins
Yes it was.
>I come here to laugh at you
LMAO edgy.

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>complaining about the people on it.
pls look in the mirror user.

hey I would like to thank you for using the meme I made
I love you so much for it please post it more

It's a proven fact that the word incel predates Jow Forums. It's okay to be wrong user.

Out of interest when did you guys start browsing Jow Forums? Been here since 2008 but even back then you were considered a newfag for showing up at that time.

Yeah, I personally have started to explore normal life. I got a job, tried college, and have started trying to communicate better with people. Rocky start, but I am getting better. Still come off as a creep of course, but that has been a constant for the past 25 years since I was a wee little lad. Still no hope for a fulfilling life of course. I have no prospects for a relationship and it is unlikely that I will get any high paying job since I had to withdraw from college and have no money to continue that, but I am fairly confident that I will have some semblance of a normal life in a few years. I will still come here, as I still relate in quite a few ways. But then again I can never consider myself normal.

i too am a newfag though. everyone is.

You are not apart of this board, you're an illegal immigrant.
>proven fact
Prove it. inb4 that 90s feminist writer.
2006, moved to r9k in 2008 when /b/ literally told me fuck off because they were sick of my anti-female threads. Uno something ois true when /b/ says 'fuck off to Jow Forums, thats where all the misogynists are'

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a good way to tell the normies from the robots is kinda coming back to your board culture point.Jow Forums is all about being creative not just replying with one or two words, and coming up with our own content. So a good way to tell the who's a normie is if they reply with one word and then have seven or eight of the same random word right behind it. They don't know that they can't just say the same thing so they try to bypass the rules thus disrespecting our culture. It's kind of fucking insulting.

>Prove it.
Here's a web archive of an incel site that predates the creation of Jow Forums

2003-2004. I can't quite remember. It was during the winter months and was anywhere between November and February. Not even sure how I found the site. Fairly sure I was looking for anime and stumbled upon Jow Forums that way.

why do you normal fags get so offended when your cover is blown and people know that you're a newfag?

heres the thing it doesnt matter how long youve been here if you have friends irl and a gf you should leave and this place was made to be anonymous and with anonymity theres no social hierarchy and it is egalitarian so stop assigning social status with how long youve been here.

>2006, moved to r9k in 2008
apparently i predate you user. and as an indigenous poster i'm going to scalp you.
the only person that may actually have been here before they started calling people newfags would be this poster

Heres the thing, I came here in 2014 and ill admit that I'm still a newfag but at least i dont get all pissy about it like normal fags do.

At least Im not a board traitor like yourself. If you pre dated me youde agree with me but you dont so its obvious you are actually a new fag.

most of the older posters were all "normal" to begin with. just oddballs and outcasts to some degree or another.
>board traitor
yeah, sure am a traitor to all those copy pastas and cam whore hookup threads this board used to be all about pre deletion amirite guissseee

Because I really have been here longer than you. Maybe you should be the one to get the fuck out and maybe you'll get a gf. Cringe.

>been here longer then the start of the board

Yes, problem? Deal with it.

>That guy on the bottom right

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I came here from Gaiaonline Such on my *roleplays helicopter dick* you little bitch. You just got feminized by someone from Gaia. o'doyle RULES

user ive been here for so long its embarrassing and that user is right. it might be true that the comic with Pepe in it existed before the bachelor frog meme (or maybe it isnt true), but what is true without a doubt is that Pepes explosion in popularity and being used as an icon happened in a distinctly different era than bachelor frog, an era that came after, not before. Surely you can remember back when rage comics were the thing, and around that same time was when the format of images with top text and bottom text became a thing. If I had to go off of memory, I would say foul bachelor frog was a 2007-2009 meme whereas pepe became popular and iconic around 2011-2013 or so. Youre wrong user. Also if you really are an oldfag, you should have realized long ago that this website is a lost cause. in fact, chans and imageboard culture at all is a dead and lost cause. If you want to escape the cancer here, there are other places, you know. places normies dont know about. if you come to this website and this board, you should just accept the fact that youre going to be posting with a bunch of literal teenagers, redditors, and actual normalfaggots. If you remove your rose-tinted goggles you will realize this site and this board has always been shit. the golden ages only lasted a few days or weeks before redditors and normals flooded the board to farm for memes and karma. not years like you're trying to convince yourself of. it was always shit, save for very brief golden windows of perfection

They want to suck our Big Robot Cocks

would they suck mine user?

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Fun times
Fun times indeed

Yes they want all robot cocks

Not to mention the fbf was an off shoot of the advice dog, coursge wolf, etc etc
I was here in 2009 cause im a failure and that guy is a fucking retard

The term incel started here because the reddit thing that was called incel was closed permanently, they all came here and never fucking left. I never saw the word incel being used before that.

Pepe started in FYAD before Jow Forums even existed, youngling.

No, I've been here since 2010 and incel was already a term.

hey faggot i didn't read your gay post but i've been on this fucking website for over a decade and every last one of you is shitting it up with your fuckin pity party horseshit bullshit limp dick little balls garbage fuck all of you you're cancer

Feel free to go back to /b/, or wherever the fuck you crawled out of. This is Robot country.

Where are they? I would legit pay for a roastie to do what I tell her on camera.

That started LONG after r9k. r/incels was in the wake of gamergate.
>hey faggot i didn't read your gay post
Yes you did lmao

We only used permavirgin or hikki. Incel was more of a meme word to mock permavirgins, and it for sure was a reddit thing

How much would you pay and for what?

For a hot roastie to masturbate naked precisely the way I wanted her to? She could name her price. What's the typical going rate for this kind of shit?

Like, $100 for half an hour?

$100 for half hour or $200 for a full? Dude, you could get a decent massage and a blowjob happy ending at an Asian massage parlor for that kind of money.

Yeah but then I'd have to be there in person. I don't actually want to be touched by a disgusting roastie. I just want to see them do lewd shit.

race war now kill all mexicans34

90% of people on Jow Forums and Jow Forums are unemerged normies, actual lifelong bots are exceedingly rare because the userbase of this website is mostly late-blooming teenagers. Sometimes when they emerge into the normalfag the continue to hang around here in their freetime to commune with their past selves.

Jow Forums wasn't always as offensively shitty as it is now. I found this place in 2007, and consider myself a feminist. There were jokes that offended me, but it's pretty much just semi-nazi shitposting now. This place has always been bad, but it used to be bad in ways that you could avoid. It appealed to many people. Many of us left here around 2012 because there was a noticeable shift in posting.

You, my friend, are making progress. That is something I don't see happen around this place often. Ignore what these idiots say about you, you are working on yourself, so you are doing well.

I want to fuck Yukariposter

This is why women avoid you...

>their continued lurking and contribution is simply fondness for their roots.
If they really cared they respect the board and leave.

Fuck you nigger I've been here since 2008 and summarize the headass shit that happens on this board to my gf

I've been here long enough to remember when
>it was still called ROBOT9000
>majority of the posts were greentexts
>we started rate me threads that flooded the board enough to create /soc/
>this board was deleted
>captcha wasn't a thing

11 god damn years niggers and theres nothing you can do about.
For real tho, this board has gone through a strange evolution

Funny stories > depression talks > tfw > normies be gone > pls rate me > wandering nomads > ROBOT9001 > rare pepes > alt right > rise of incels > tranny conspiracies

Its been like watching bullied child grow into a damaged adult filled with rage, depression, sexual frustration, and eventually letting deviant fetishes take over because its as closest to intimacy they'll ever experience