Is there such a thing as alpha or beta in females?Or are they not complex enough to display such characteristics?

Is there such a thing as alpha or beta in females?Or are they not complex enough to display such characteristics?

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Simples, Get a job and find out.

i'm a beta female depressed introvert on top of being a mentally ill hapa

yes alpha female = confident
beta = loser with no social skills

alpha females are basically just the hottest women with the broadest control of a social environment. women punish other women by depriving them of social opportunities. so essentially, an alpha female is the most attractive girl, who also has the most influence social. if she wants a girl banished from a social circle, all her orbiters comply

All women are like alpha plus, they are simply much better than us males at everything

Do you like drawing? All hapa beta females I know draw.

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chimp tribes have alpha females, there's probably rough equivalents in humans.

Do you think it has anything to do with your looks?Would you still be a beta if you were mentally ill, but also a stacy?

i don't know how to draw but i can play the piano

i'm a little bit pretty and yes still would be, lots of pretty women are still mentally ill

many have bpd


l want a girlfriend that can draw

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Alpha females are the females that can attract the most males. so the most feminine,the most pleasant personalty and the most attractive are the alpha females. beta females are your landwhales and feminist that men don't want.

Do you prefer alpha guys or beta guys?

Yes, definitely. How they assert their dominance I don't know. Do they use physical aggression and prowess like Men or do they socially shun and mentally torment the lesser females?

Dude dominance hierarchies are simple enough for fucking lobsters to understand, what the fuck are you talking about

well alpha means won't put up with me or be patient with me

beta means will go out of his way for my sake

i want a beta bf

I'm a beta. Hi

Ignore that other guy. I'm the best beta here. The superior beta. The ALPHA beta.

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The virgin Brooke:
>wearing some kind of baggy bell-bottoms,no inch of skin is exposed
>doesnt wear heels,she probably wore thick socks underneath her shoes so her feet don't get wet
>smiles with her mouth closed
>wears glasses
>those nails???
The Cock Whisperer Maddie:
>wears REALLY short tight leather shorts even if it's raining
>mouth wide open when she smiles even if she has weird teeth and a gummy smile
>wears heels
>invades brooke's personal space
>caked in make-up
>she probably made brooke carry her bag all the time

women like to beta bait men and you fell for it.

What if I like being baited by them

Could be a great idea,but distinguishing alphas and betas from all those female workspace dramas sounds like a though job.
Was it always like this?I doubt females ever held so much power as they do now.(excluding royalties)
Fuck off simp.

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you guys like white staceys not hapa girls. Especially not autistic ones. I don't want to be a practice gf.

Well I dunno. Are you cute?

I'm a hapa myself, we need to stick together ya know?

i guess so but i dont want to be with you

LMAO I actually prefer darker skinned girls like pic related.

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idk hapa men also go after white women only

i don't mind hapa girls. why would you think i would? how long have you been playing piano?

my skin tone is pale :/

I can't win with anyone

You think so? I always saw them go after asians more

Hapa girls are the best. Based Dichen Lachman

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idk about that, reading what they say online gave me that impression

Go outside more and get a tan you skinlet. Sunshine is good for you.

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>many have bpd
I doubt that having BPD actually stays in one's ability to be an alpha.
What if a girl is shy and socially inept but still pretty?There's no way that's alpha.

Well I guess it would depend on the local demographics too

Let me mold you, dumb bitch. Stupid cute lonely moron.

Dichen has a great tan

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my skin doesn't seem to be able to tan normally

i just get freckles or sun damage

What is that supposed to mean? Why would I want to be molded by you?

he wants to turn you into his ideal gf, and since you're half asian he can pretend you're anime, or a japanese girl

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>thread turns into contact begging, clown fiesta as soon as a vagina bearer pops out
Long live nu-Jow Forums.

Freckles are cute too. Especially when girls have freckles on their cheeks under their eyes.

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Yup. Get used to it or get out.

i'd rather die alone because i'll never be someone's ideal gf to begin with

I expect nothing less from losers

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Can I die alone with you?

why do you think that? i don't understand.

>nu-Jow Forums
it was literally always like this

i have zero value outside of superficial reasons

no one will value me for me as a person

i'm worthless

That is some pathetic shit to post as a response.

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why do you think that, though? there must be something in there. piano is really cool. what do you like to do with your time?

Yeah, no shit.
>waaahh I'm not perfect in every conceivable way
How pathetic, you really are a beta.

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okay, i'll take my leave now

sorry for being worthless

ugh. please don't go :/

Please let me be your beta bf. I will do anything.

>sorry for being worthless
fuck off with your pity party bait shit retard

Begone. Only badass hapas allowed

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>all these guys going "I'm beta please take meeee!"
>not going "I'm alpha, but with a sensitive side, give me a shot"

Goddamn this is fucking revolting to watch.

But I am a beta. Why lie?

teach me to play

>nu-Jow Forums
This used to literally be /soc/

Alphas aren't afraid to lie.

Breasts with timestamp or evacuate the premises you know the rules

Which is why I said I was beta

ill fucking love you right now bitch say i wont

Socially powerful women have always existed, just modern media allows it to be portrayed much more clearly.

>implying women got to chose who gets access to their holes in medieval stone ages/medieval times

>What if a girl is shy and socially inept but still pretty?There's no way that's alpha.
She would still be beloved by all and tons of guys would find her cute.
Its impossible to fail as a cutw girl.

Atta boy, thats how you talk to stupid bitches. Theyre like dogs, or horses. HEAY! You gotta givem a good kick everyonce in a while there.

>She would still be beloved by all and tons of guys would find her cute.
That doesn't make her an alpha

the stone age/medieval times ffs

Goodbye loser. Have fun being a pale weakling.

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This post pleases me

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Because we dont beg. Especially to larping BPD trash like this. Chicks hop on our dicks not the other way around.

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Same results.

Yes. Look up the Wellesley Effect: if two women are roommates, the more socially submissive woman's menstrual cycle will sync up with the more socially dominant female's.

Lmao what a meme gender.Literally born to be submissive.

Alpha females are the ones that can get males but dont need males.
Femahits and fattys can do without males but they cant get them anyways.