Would you sniff a German grill's butt?

Would you sniff a German grill's butt?

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I am a german girl. so no.


I'd prefer to conquer her germanic barbarian booty.

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You shouldn't have mentioned that. Now you're going to have to describe your long blonde braided hair to us.

So is that going to go like the Roman attempts to conquer Germania? Gonna march in with fanfare making a big deal about how great you are, then get humiliated and run away crying and pretend like she wasn't even that hot and not worth conquering anyway?

do you have a smelly fembot asshole?

>Roman attempts to conquer Germania
bro, it was like a drunk Saturday night, nothing serious.
nothing in germania except for trees and blonde wenches
Besides, did you ever bother to read what happened after Teutoburg forest?

>no thigh gap

VARUS! Where are the legions?

I want to suck on her big teutonic titties

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Who is she an whats the name of the video?

That is the most visually appelaing pussy I've ever seen.. like this I can cop DOB yet can't ever get a girl to bend the fuck over and drop them.. dude..

That looks very edible, I wouldn't waste the chance to shove my tongue deep in it.

Well, I am German. So, essentially you're asking if I'd sniff my mom and sisters' butts. And the answer is an emphatic "no."

I have a kind of short pixie cut because I like to run.

Holy shit you are SO lucky DM me if you wanna have step brother

can i run next to you and occasionally glance at your boobies jiggling around?

is asshole the next vagina in this, the year of our lord 2019?

You would make many people very very very very very happy, me included, if you would please please please marry and have children with a German woman and have a family like this. Pic related.

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We're brunettes, user.

why is your hand so swarthy, bro?

I absolutely love female German accents, and LOVE hearing a German woman speaking German. It is pure divinity, like a taste of heaven that was sadly lost...how I strongly wish I could hear you speak.
t. Orbiter in the blitzkrieg

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post short pixie cut

I would tongue punch that asshole with the furry of 1k suns.

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wanna suck poop from that butthole.