I worked a job for the first time in my life just for 4 hours and im extremely sore...

I worked a job for the first time in my life just for 4 hours and im extremely sore, exhausted and I couldnt handle being there. im going to end up homeless because I never knew working even a menial job took this much physical strength out of me. My back is sore my feet hurts and im mentally exhausted I hate it. I dont want to interact with anyone and stand up on my feet all day long. id be better off sleeping in a tent on the streets. I dont have any friends either and I live a very lonely life with my parents.

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I just worked for 23 hours straight yesterday.
Wasn't even the worst I've done. Worked for 27 hours straight before and I've had 3 months of 120 hour work weeks before.
Believe me when I say it gets easier. If such a major introvert as myself that spent 3 years as a NEET prior to this can do it so can you. Been doing this shit for 5 years now.

get a better job udasvudgg

Life fucking sucks, hope you get used to it
kill yourself

>I've had 3 months of 120 hour work weeks before.
Oh fuck off. You're a slave.

im a female though, we're usually he weaker sex and i'm pretty sure I'm weaker than the average female

Not gonna argue that that isn't true.
I utterly hate my job.
That being said I'm a pretty garbage person and I still manage to pull in some good money and work hard.
It sucks but it keeps me out of my normal depressed mood and anxiety attacks.

Wow and I thought I was pathetic. I am friendless loser that works 12 hours days 5 days a week and have no issues.

If you can't even do a 4 hour shift you wouldn't even be able to handle be a housewife or stay at home mother. What the fuck is wrong with you?

>implying I'd let a qtp2t fembot be homeless

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also a female here. Particularly weak physically because of a blood disorder (thalassemia) and mentally due to anxiety, depression, and maybe a hint of high functioning autism but the later hasn't been diagnosed yet.
It sucks. I understand. There are days where i want to quit because the hours suck since i work nights and my feet hurt and we're so understaffed that everyone has to work extra... only reason i still work where i do is because i'm too afraid to job search again and i need to do something or my parents will kick me out.
That said i'm still managing to hold onto this job. Two years of continual employment and my boss even says i do a damn good job, which is nice to hear. Especially feels oddly nice when men who should be stronger than me quit after a few days because being a janitor is somehow too hard for them. So believe me when i say you can do it, because if i can do it, i'm sure you can too.

It'll get easier to deal with as the days go by, don't be so hard on yourself.

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i'm a fembot with thalassemia too. i try to combat it by working out a lot but i think i actually got weaker if that's possible.

eat more foods with iron in it. I heard that's supposed to help.

if your body is not physically strong you could start doing stretches and basic body weight exercises before and after work or during breaks.
dont give up op!

>how many hours a week
>what kind of job is it

then quit. If you're an adult then no one can force you to do anything

>implying that op is anything above 1/10

Add ibuprofen to your vocabulary sweetheart. Or beer.

I can feel her inner cuteness. She is beautiful on the inside

feel lucky you're female

can always opt out and be someone's housewife/pet

It will suck the first couple of days, but you will get used to it. You won't feel that way after a week or so.

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How much does a fembot pet cost?

You can take me in for free. I dont want to wageslavery for the rest of my life

What would I have to do to make that happen

Age and state
Otherwise it might not work out

It's real shitty to give people false hope like that

im not lying id rather be someones house pet or whatever the heck that means then slave away my life and be physically and mentally exhausted all the time

If you were someone's housepet they'd still probably make you do all the chores around the house

What kind of chores? I guess I know how to wash the dishes and take out the trash. I dont know to do the laundry or cook.

>not working

Only children don't work.

What age/state are you hoping for

Pets don't do chores. They just provide you with companionship.

East coast, mid 20s

Don't forget about cleaning, too, like sweeping and dusting and keeping the toilet clean.
In ideal world yes, but if you really think about it, this is a whole person living with you that you're just magically okay with them not pulling their own weight at all.

Just tell me how old you are and where youre from.

In the city so not really redneck at all.

If a fembot allowed me to share my home with her and enjoy speaking to her every once in a while that would be more than enough to make up for the expenses.

>not knowing how to do the laundry
i don't care what your gende ror neet status is this is the easiest shit. My mom had me and my ssiter start doing our own laundry when we were in middle school. All you do in throw the clothes in with some detergent and then throw it in the other machine later. Unless all your clothes are extreme delicate that can only be hand washed it's not going to be any big challenge.

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It's not necessary, I can take care of her laundry for her

You sound like a gigantic pushover. If someone is throwing themselves at your mercy you should at least do a little with that.

how the heck do you not know how to wash clothes also cooking is ez pz
chores are easy tho and since I have my own system that someone else would fuck up i'd want them to make some cutesy wootsy shit that they can sell on etsy and smell really nice so that when I get home there's a cute girl who smells nice waiting for me to lift up her skirt and eat her pussy until she pisses in my mouth

yea she'll never need to wash her panties because I'll eat them and provide her with an unlimited supply of new ones to make crusty and smelly

>when I get home there's a cute girl who smells nice waiting for me to lift up her skirt and eat her pussy until she pisses in my mouth
This is all I want in life. She doesn't even need to smell nice, actually.

op post face pics

Maybe I am a pushover. I just feel like being able to provide for someone is already enough of a reward.

smelling nice is mostly a byproduct of where she'll be living with and her owner's peculiar habits, but I'll want her to feel like she at least has to do something to deserve three dozen orgasms a night

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Girls deserve orgasms just for being girls

You are a gigantic cuck. You sound like one of those faggots that give female streamers hundreds of dollars just for being female.

I wouldn't do that, I need to save that money for my fembot

op here. sadly I cant be your fembot because you live too far away

But you don't know where I live

Lemme guess, west coast?

youre not one of these people?

No, I'm not. Where would you consider close enough to be? Are you hoping for someone in the same neighborhood?

her orgasms are a byproduct of me doing what I like so whatever. fuck I need to eat pussy soon.

>Are you hoping for someone in the same neighborhood?
That would be an impossible standard to meet because all my neighbors are middle aged and married.
Ideally I'm hoping the same county. Then I'm hoping the same region. Then I'm hoping the same state. The coast is where I cut it off.

if it's oregon I'll lel

Sucks for you, get a better job. I'm working as a pool guard at an indoor pool at a hotel. This basically translates to I sit around doing nothing for 6 hours a day and get paid. Also i can bring my laptop to work since no one minds

Well no, but at least it meets the same coast threshold.

i'd be rather surprised if it's Oregon since
I live in Oregon and i'm this fembot:

It's like exercising, your body will get used to it and in 2 months you don't even feel it.
Work is an excellent escape to loneliness too, at least for the shitty anecdotes and the status.

So you wouldn't be willing to leave the coast?

What do you mean? Oregon is right above California which is where I live.

I thought that every girl in this gay state gets an automatic barista job or something. Then again there's this one girl who works at the Safeway down the street from me (usually night shift) and I swear to fug she is a total fembot. She's ridiculously cute and I want to take her home with my groceries.
>mfw I make a stupid joke while trying to chat with her and she totally doesn't get it due to being a sperg

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You took the easy road in life and now it will be painful. Good luck!

i wish i could get an automatic anything job. Only reason i got the job i have is because i found a non-profit that specifically hires disabled people, be their disabilities be mental or physical.

as for help with your safeway girl, just fucking ask for her number or something. You gotta be direct with those on the spectrum.

I'm a floor finisher by trade and cover myself with carcinogenic epoxy all day, I'll be dead before I'm 25 but the boys are a laugh so its all good

Get fucked you roastie cunt.

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I've made it a rule to not ask girls out at their place of employment, because it's too uncomfortable for them and doesn't get good results. I can only imagine how the context shift would fry her, too. I figure that if it's meant to be, we'll cross paths elsewhere. Then I'll take her home and decorate her. Or whatever you do with girls.

Thalassemia sounds like total hell for people stuck in the grind. Does it also affect your mental acuity for less physical stuff like studying and doing office work?

That sounds miserable. I'm glad there are retards like you out there I can leach tax money off of while I play video games

You'll get used to it.
I hate my job too, but it sure beats the fuck out of being broke and homeless.

at first glance this sounds like hell torture, but at the same time it sounds like it can be extremely comfy (depending on if you are lifting 50 ton logs or what not etc)

to be fair i have a minor form of it so the only symptoms i really see are i get fatigued really easily,

>tfw no NEET gf to be comfy NEETs with

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