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gib bf now or ELSE111!!!! find me a handsome boy like charls carroll

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henlo i am 5'6 (168cm) what is perfect size bf?

Im 6'8, Handsome, Deep voice and built but i was born with a micropenis i hope some day someone will love me for who i am it kind of kills me although i never have been in a relationship because of it ive been alone my entire life its a surreal feeling and i fear im going to never find someone

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Should all "people" who are 5 10 to 5 11 be put down? Who even wants them?

tfw no bf to shoot up a school with...

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OwO do you have a discord? you seem really perfect please be mine.

tfw no bf to listen to Tool with.

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>he finally responded
oh thank god i was so worried i was checking the car crash reports all morning
>he's been at the casino all night

I have no social media but i guess i could download it and gee wiz i didnt think this all the way through lol im flattered to say the least thank you

>tfw no battletoads pause menu music bf

In case your still interested my discord is kvlt#4587 and Im a cute boi who has long hair and thick thighs.

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>tfw no long haired thicc thighed bf cuz i'm twink and they want big strong men

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i want a boy to dance to Sade new orleans bounce mixes with.
do any of you fags know how to dance

kys fags go back to /lgbt/

>had another dream about hugging my dream-boyfriend for a long time
>his hoodie was so warm when he held me i thought it was real for a second

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>tfw long haired thicc thighed boi
>tfw no older thicc non twink bf who is caring and patient with my autism

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>tfw no bf to play 21 year old shooters with and duo with

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>tfw managed to get a bf
>fucked it all up
>tfw no bf

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e-bfs aren't bfs, neither are grindr hook-ups

e-bfs count

>e-bfs count
pic related

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t. Tranny/slut
Keep on saying that to justify your sluttiness, you aren't fooling anyone though

I've never had a good e-bf

5'6 for a 6'2 boy like me

>can't follow a reply tree of 2 messages
literal retard

He was way too good for me. I miss him so much.

any /colorado/ boys?

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I read the thread retard, I'm saying your idea that e-bfs can't be real is so braindead that only a tranny or a slut would state this. Go back to /lgbt/ where your normie thoughts belong

I was serious if anyone wants a bf like this I volunteer.

>purposely skips over the other half the same statement that wouldn't allow such an erroneous perception
literal retard and delusional

I'm so lonely, what's even the point of doing anything, I just don't understand

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Same here, I come to this thread sometimes in hopes of meeting someone kind but it never happens or I just don't get any replies which in turn makes me even more sad.

I honestly wouldn't feel too bad about it. Even though it fills some kind of emotional void it really doesn't compare to something real that you can actual touch.

Same same same and worst thing about it is I am getting too old for this general.

>I am getting too old for this general
Yeah, me too. I just hit 20.

>tfw tall bottom

we're days off my birthday and around a month from our planned meetup.
I was so close to getting to hold him

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>this user thinks I am joking
We're 9 years apart

Does your walking corpse grow mushrooms? Are they psychedelic?

>>tfw tall bottom
How tall are you?

Is it bad to think that's not a bad thing?

What is your Discord, cutie?

how long was it leading up to the meetup?

Hold on I can't just let someone add me so randomly, at least tell me a little bit about who you are!

No but might be in a year.
No idea, depends what do you expect.

>tfw moving in with bf just in time for classic wow

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I'm shy. It's easier to get to know someone in private. uwu If you change your mind, mine is //#6364

But I'm not really into femme boys and you sound like one!

I wish. I'm just trying to fit in. Guess I'll tone it down.

I'm 6'1"
You should find yourself a fellow old fag before zoomers take over the whole general.

Most guys who are within my age are normal guys who slutted out, guys who already have someone. So I am doomed, being modest and trying to find a fellow robot for wholesome relationship seems like a sad meme now.

>tfw when you're a bottom boomer getting hit on by zoomers

>tfw no overwhelmingly clingy bf to talk with constantly.

There are also some who just happen to be alone and have it as hard to find someone as you do, so you are definitely not the only one. We are just a minority.

>tfw no bf to listen to punk music with and share a cigarette with

You all like clingy until you get bored a week later and ghost me.

That is untrue as I have not sought out any clingy people until now.

Why now? And why clingy?

>tfw I wanna snuggle with a cute boy who smells nice, but all my friends are straight and my family is hardcore catholic

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You dont want clingy. It doesnt work long term

I want someone.
I myself am pretty clingy and obsessive. I'm mostly just hoping that clingy + clingy works.
I'd to like to think it could.

is being a rape victim hot?

My nigga I liked the idea too but then I tried it and it after 5 months it just doesnt work

is expecting your e-bf to write to you at least a short message everyday too clingy?

being too clingy is never going to work

No. I think thats expected in any relationship

Post discord and obsess over me. Let's cling to each other!

>balls feel hot when i see my crush
is this what love feels like?

Too clingy is expecting something you know isn't likely to happen, but a short message once a day isn't too hard for someone to do unless there's a lot going on that day.

>There are also some who just happen to be alone and have it as hard to find someone as you do, so you are definitely not the only one. We are just a minority.

I am the only one here that is old and alone right now. Been lurking here quite some time.

It's probably just jock itch

I'm old and alone, too. I just don't go around posting my age.

Why don't you two become a couple?

Stop forcing me to message you EVERY SINGLE DAY.

>20+ people still posting in this general

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>still posting this
please kys

>replying to avatarfags
uh oh.

>newfags don't know what an avatarfag is
color me surprised

Everything is so boring
Every day is the exact same as the last
I want any sort of big and interesting event to happen, I don't care if it's positive or negative
Everything in my life is average and dull
I want an adventure that I can never have

only you can make something happen
if you don't try, you have no right to complain

>not lopping in fags that use the exact same image multiple times a thread with the avatarfags

this, except i dont want anything to happen because itd probably suck

>I want an adventure that I can never have
Will tell you what I told most robots, get grindr and be adventures, fuck around get fuck buddies, who will eventually invite you for drug/fuckparties or someone who will be your sugardaddy and pay you for good trips around places you never been to.

>tfw no bored and empty bf to live a mundane life with

>mfw I realize men are disgusting

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I'd be fine with this.

I need a boyfriend to cum to and eat his ass every day and fuel my hypofrontality and porn addiction until I get off this autistic train wreck of a life and an hero in less than 5 years,
leaving him with no particular feelings or affection toward me as I only ever used him for sex and had a disgusting personality

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organically sucks to be you desu

somewhere down the line you'd realize you rely on him more than he relies on you, and then you'd realize you love him, and then you'd want to take it all back

Maybe so, but would he even love me back?
I'm not the type to carefully shape myself to optimize my relationship with my partner and curb my libido. He'd eventually hate me.
I'd be like a deadbeat parasite to him, constantly tugging his shirt going, "hey! I love you! please give me sex though!" And he'll very quickly want me gone.
Of course, we're already talking about the most willing and submissive gayboys out there. Noone else would take such a detrimental offer, not for me.

he would love you at the start, but it would slowly die out and even the most submissive gayboy would end up leaving you

>tfw no bf who wants a 5'11" twink bottom bf

I would but
That's a dropped from me.

>tfw no bf who wants an ugly 5'11" twink bottom bf

>tfw no bf who isn't delusional and calls himself a twink

>tfw no one wants a 179cm average top bf

hot take: it's impossible to be ugly if you aren't fat

that is actualy my height but i am average bot kinky bot instead

Trust me, honey. I have had plenty of uggo twinks come looking for a piece of me. It happens.