I'm looking for a good rts to play. Something with oldschool mechanics. Do you bots have any suggestions?

I'm looking for a good rts to play. Something with oldschool mechanics. Do you bots have any suggestions?

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I can't read your mind so I don't know what you've played or consider "old school", you could be like 18 and think WC3 is "old school".

You can't? I thought everyone.. Nevermind, I'm old enough to be the father of about 80% of this board's userbase. I've played all the Blizzard titles, the c&c's, the AoE's... Basically anything that was worth a damn back in the day. Looking for a modern game with the same gameplay style.

play runescape u old phaggot


Never have and never will. Like a homeless man's Diablo 2.

I would but it requires Microsoft's mobile app operating system. That's a no go for me.

Im replaying homeworld right now. Pretty comfy.

That was a really comfy game I'll give you that, though I'm trying to look ahead. There must be a modern decent RTS that doesn't require win10. I played Grey Goo a few months back. Although not entirely oldschool, it had it's own charm and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Didn't stack up against the greats, but a good game no less. It's a shame the devs gave up on it entirely.

Well you can try Perimeter
Russian RTS with cool mechanics
Or just become a basedgoi and play Vic 2

Can't say I'm interested in either of those titles. The first is essentially as old as war3 and the 2nd isn't quite what I'm looking for. Thanks for the suggestions though.

You could play command and conquer

Company of Heroes 2?

I like it.

play they are billions if you like wow3 and poe if you like diablo 2

Looking for something a bit more modern.

I've tried it multiple times. Although I don't dislike the game it definitely differs greatly from the oldschool rts system of resource management and base building. It's take, although appealing just isn't my style or what I'm looking for.Thanks for the suggestion though.

Maybe something from the Warhammer 40k series?

I tried TAB today and it was actually somewhat enjoyable. Everything felt very basic and featureless. I can't quite put a finger on what it was about the game, but it's just missing a spark of some sort. Was fun, and might continue it sometime but for now I can't get over how simple the game is.

I tried the original DoW years ago and found myself completely uninterested. I'm not big on the Warhammer lore or anything in relation so to me all the characters and setting made absolutely no sense to me. It all felt very grey and dull, with an unappealing storyline. That's just my opinion of course, but yeah. As for their turn based games, not really looking for anything like that. Thanks for the suggestion though. If I end up not finding anything I might try Dawn of War 3.

Maybe try Dawn of War 1? It's a solid rts and got me into warhammer 40K. If you can, get the winter assault expansion and look up the ultimate apocalypse mod.

Shit, didn't see this before I posted. DO NOT PLAY DOW 3!!! Seriously, it's not even close to a real time strategy game. It plays just like a moba and not even a good one. Coupled with ungodly micro management just makes it an absolute dumpster fire.

Starcraft 2 dude

Stronghold Crusader
Age of empires II
Rise of Nations

Noted, thank you. I've always hated rts games that play like mobas.

Overplayed at this point.

Old, and played the hell out of them when they were new

Tiberean sun expansion as nod. good times with that mega go fuck your self cannon.

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heard of sudden strike?

C&C generals
Cant get more classical than that

ya. try this gaem

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Sudden Strike 4 for ps4

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Not oldschool, but I think Supreme Commander Forged Alliance is pretty good. My favourite is probably Sins of a Solar Empire, but that's completely different.

Sudden strike 2 with the real warfare mod is superior to everything else.

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just do something useful dont play video games

if you HAVE to sit around on a computer and do something just grow social media accounts or learn to photoshop and do gigs on fiverrr

I probably should of clarified what I was after a bit more. I'm looking for a modern game with oldschool mechanics. Although all those suggestions are very solid, I'm looking to try something new. Thanks for the suggestions nonetheless.

I never tried Supreme Commander. The massive scale of things always threw me off. I guess it couldn't hurt to at least give the game a shot.

I appreciate the sentiment but I'm just looking to have a little fun and I thoroughly enjoy rts games.

Homeworld 2R with complex mod

Command and Conquer: Generals is GOAT rts

Upon doing a little research, from what I've gathered this mod makes the game a lot more in-depth and adds a bunch of things such as races and whatnot? Checked out the patreon page of the mod dev and apparently they're working on a whole new gamemode, a new campaign of sorts. This sounds really exciting, though the complexity worries me. It's not that I don't love games with that much detail, I'm just worried that it'll go overboard with requirements and take away from the fun. What's your take on the mod?

I played C&C Generals. One of my all time favorites to be honest. Had I not played it as thoroughly as I have I'd definitely go back to it.

>I'm looking for a modern game with oldschool mechanics.
C&C Red Alert 3:Uprising
That is the only one I can think of

I don't recall ever playing that. Thanks user, I'll look into it.

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