Are you quiet at work?

Are you quiet at work?

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yep, I work alone in a filing room in the back of a dealership, so there is no one to talk to.

Yeah until they made me the manager because I demonstrated "leadership qualities" at my office. I would literally come into work and not say a word to anyone the whole day but somehow I am leader apparently. Now I have to go talk to people ine their cubicles and attend meetings. Although I seem to get extremely high reviews from my employees during the yearly anonymous survey.

I work to make money to pay bills. Im not there for friends. So yes.

I'm mute

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I'm loud as fuck. I turned my autistic spaghetti personality into a social battering ram somehow and strongarm my way into random conversations.
I imagine you don't really get up in your employees' business often, right?

Sort of. I am a cashier so I spend a lot of my time away from the other employees who are in the kitchen. When we do have time, they try to strike up a conversation and I try to be good and participate.


where do you think we are

I tried talking to coworkers but they ended up hating me.

Once i learned the workplace's mute has the record of 12 years not a single word said, who the fuck would care if I don't say anything for a couple months

>Are you quiet at work?
No, I'm not quiet or shy around the office I talk to much probably

i make certain people, usually girls, so uncomfortable it hurts and it's all because i don't talk. I'm still really cool with about 50% other people because they're patient enough with me.

>yearly anonymous survey

Wtf is this?

>12 years not a single word said
No way this can be true.

Work in places normies won't intend in going and you'll find these people

me too
but im a librarian

Nah I like bullshitting with the cooks and the other waitresses when we're working together. Makes the day go by way faster.

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One week I was really depressed and didnt say a word to anybody. Everyone kept asking me what was wrong and it was annoying as shit. I basically have to be happy and lively at work or else someone will comment on it and think im going to kill myself

me too, its makes me more depressed having a fake smile or a constant pokerface at work

usually working alone but i do chat with some of my co-workers during breaks and before the shift starts. There's a couple other weebs so we have common ground at least.

is that chick the blackberrycosplay girl?

i work with a fat mexican, a nu-male flamboyant manchild, an east coast boomer lady, and a native chick who's boyfriend/baby daddy killed himself 3 years ago. i get along with all of them alright. we talk a lot of shit and pass the days away. im closest with the native chick, but our walks of life are too different to ever be anything more than coworkers. im quiet much of the time, but we all sort of are. im gonna miss them after i leave this winter.

david, you could at least say hi man. i know shit's rough, but alienating us wont help any. idc if you smile or not. sorry for saying you looked like a baby richard dawkins, youre not ok?

nope. i have a friend who's just as weird as me and we make very loud noises at each other for shits and giggles.

Well i'm a 6-figure a year entrepreneur from my own bedroom so most my talking is done via messaging

LMAO just speak up nigga

>I turned my autistic spaghetti personality into a social battering ram somehow and strongarm my way into random conversations.

I've tried this multiple times when I've entered brand new social situations, it's not a good idea. Your real personality will eventually be exposed and people will subconsciously resent you big time for it.

In my job I mostly communicate with emails and messages. My record is 12 days without saying a word, then I had to go for groceries, I wonder if there is a case of someone who forgot how to talk, because after 12 days the words don't come out easy, kind of freaky.

Yeah, I just say hello to people and I don't mind talking when people engage with me, but an ideal shift at work would be me clocking in and then just getting my work done without anyone bothering me. Women can be really annoying without realising it.

>listed his co-workers as emergency contacts

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>Women can be really annoying without realising it.

Fucking this. I mean I don't work atm but I'm trying my best to. Anyways at the job centre there is always the same guy there with two different women that alternate on the reception and I eavesdrop on their convos out of curiosity (just because I'm preparing for work and these are the kinds of social interactions I'd have to deal with), and holy fuck women are irritating. In about 20 minutes they talk 99% of the time and they're jabbering on about something 'funny' their little dog did, something 'crazy' they did on holiday once and the worst, being self-deprecating about their shitty stories.

Funnily enough I'm going for a job at that reception, I'm probably taking the guy's job if I get it