Tfw mommy and daddy have amped up the "we're thinking of kicking you out" rhetoric

>tfw mommy and daddy have amped up the "we're thinking of kicking you out" rhetoric
wtf do I do I'm a neet with very little money, I don't want to be homeless!!!

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sell your boi cunt to some robot for survival.

lel are you the same smug neet aquaposter of past threads?

It's an Israeli in a corporate office working under the acronym JIDF. This thread is meant to push you to work for a Hebrew organization.

please be serious I need advice, I am scared within a couple of weeks I am gonna be homeless, and no I don't want to whore my ass to some fat dude that wants to keep me as a sex slave.
(and no I just post aqua because she is cool I don't remember smugposting with her b4 tho)

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Look for a job, and prove them that you are looking for it. Perhaps they will give you more time.

Get a job, make your own money, get a shitty apartment, buy your own food.

Oh, you mean, like an easy way out? Yeah, sorry dude, this is real life. Being a kid is over.

are they coming at you hard with the "you need to get out" talk or are they just passing suggestions in conversation?

I'll help an aqua poster. Go secure neetbux in any form you can. Failing that, reconnect with extended family - both a fallback for if they kick you out.

Start putting in more of an effort at home, get on your parents good side so theyre more inclined to support you later and delay kicking you out.

Education is a good intermediate that you could convince your family to continue supporting you through, like a community college - but don't come out and declare that as your intention as a response to kicking you out. Make them think you've came to this desire independently of this situation.

Join the military and prepare to fight IRAN

Americans are so insane. It's like they actively try to avoid building generational wealth. In any case try to find a job is what you obviously should be doing. Security guards and stocking are good choices for robot type people.

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This, I'm in the Navy, you could be like me and be an actually good sailor, or you could be a rate like ABF or QM and not actually do anything the entire time you're in, and skate like a motherfucker for four years.

3 words OP.
Gay for pay

This is too much too fast I'm thinking off somehow convincing my parents to let me live here a bit longer maybe I could get a shit job or something like said

It's more like "oh, I don't know if I can afford to take care of you much longer" and like "you know when I was your age I already had a full time job and left my parents house, don't you want to do that?" or like "why aren't you looking for a job so you can get your own place?" and it just sounds like they want me out

I signed up for community college already and they know that, but I have no idea why they think I just plan on being lazy forever (I graduated high school last year and I spent one year being a neet, thats it now I'm going back to school) yet they still seem to want me gone

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don't mean to hit you with cruel reality but try to get yourself a job if you have a employable skill that would be awesome but the last thing you should be doing panicking about being homeless when you can remedy the solution easily if you get a part-time job then maybe they can see you are responsible and instead of kicking you out you still live with mommy and daddy but pay a kind of rent at a reduced price
hopefully, your parents' ar not that heartless to leave you out on the street from one day to the next

I don't think I qualify for the military because I have autism though...

Dude if you keep trying to skate on life, you're never going to actually do anything. As stupid as it sounds, you actually have to actively engage in society in order to actually have anything good happen to you.

Stop being a leech, bro. Grow up.

They want to do anal in the living room but you're always to close and at their age the risk doesn't outweigh the reward.

Either assert your dominance and fuck them both or submit and write them a heartfelt letter explaining how sweet you think it is that after all these years they still have the fiery passion to engage in anal sex.

I'll provide you with your own room and a 300$ monthly allowance and all you have to do is suck my dick daily and start transitioning

Just join the military desu

how about I just cook for you and clean and provide conversation but I don't have to do any icky stuff

Lmao, I don't care about your dumbass conversation. You're obviously meant to be someone's sexpet so just embrace it

if that does not work out I can have you live in my house and ill give you $500 a month and food and the occasional gift all you have to do is take care of my desires and begin transitioning all expenses in transitioning paid as well. I will even bump it up to $1000 a month after I start seeing results from the transition
( just giving you some options you know(; )

How often do you cum from prostate stimulation?

Also, to piggyback off this user's post, you'll cook and clean for him regardless because you'll be his sub

I don't want to be a sex toy... I guess I have to work harder to convince my parents to keep me
for the record Im already transitioning but I will always keep my dignity nobody can buy that

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Hahaha oh wow oregonally

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I suggest you buy a tent and necessary shit cuz your ass gonna be homeless.

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You already sold that away long ago, user

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The though of being homeless is scary, but honestly I prefer living in a tent versus ever contributing anything towards society. Fuck working shitty minimum wage jobs the rest of my life.

I'm in a similar situation in usa
I live with mom and I'm 25, she said if I want to keep living with her I have to pay $550 a month rent, which is basically $50 less than getting an apartment, I can't tell if she chose that amount because she knows I'm cheap or she wants me to move out by offering basically the same deal

tl;dr for payment I just applied to college and scholarships until I got 20k over 2 semesters which by my math is enough to live on in an apartment and save money
if I was OP and had very little money I would I apply for a college I know I could get accepted into and see what the fafsa would give me if I only declared my own income

write a suicide letter saying that your thankfull for everything and that you'll see them on the other side. they'll rethink about kicking you out.

look at the big picture if worst comes to worst dignity will be the last thing on your mind being homeless can fuck you up

Keep mocking me, someday I'm gonna do big things, just you watch. I-I'll start looking for a job, tomorrow! After I finish playing video games though, then I'll do it. And I'm gonna do good in school and get an awesome job too!
I just need to get over this hurdle, and convince my parents that I'm more than a useless neet tranny, that I'm a good investment to keep, ok? I'm destined for great things, I promise, you'll see...

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This isn't cute, user. Stop larping as an anime girl an taking hrt. Get a job and get your own place

if this is actually OP, do your parents know you're transitioning?

I can't really tell if you're shitposting or not, but I'm a former NEET (of two years) tranny. Just wanted to say that if you put your mind to it, you can make it work. I'd personally recommend you focus on getting a bachelor's degree in a subject you don't hate. You've got this!

I believe in you user!!! go for the gold!!
but if it doesn't work out plenty of sugar daddies out there (;

Imagine being this much of a bootlicker.
Do you think they want to kick you out because of that?

I casually told them I was taking hrt so I could be a girl someday a couple months ago when they found my hormones and I think they barely cared I'm still boymoding and I haven't really changed a thing about myself except grow out my hair and grow boobs they still call me by my boy name and I don't care enough to say anything I'm just gald they haven't killed me over it, they still think I'm useless though.

I'm only half-shitposting, that's my plan for now, to go to school. I was a neet for a year though so I think they slowly got annoyed about it, I still don't know if they want to kick me out or want me to just stop playing video games all day and do something.
thank u but also no thanks I'm not ready for sex yet because I'm scared of it because I am mentally like 12 years old

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> I was taking hrt so I could be a girl someday
>I am mentally like 12 years old

Don't turn me on like this OP, or do you want me to rail your boi cunt?

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I was serious, as long as you are submissive and give up the ass whenever you are assked most people would take you on, provided you also do chores

You deserve to be kicked out, you'll man up and get a job once you realize your situation don't worry.

I want you to leave and never speak to me again because you are a weirdo pervert

give me your address so I can prove how much of a weirdo pervert I am...

i believe you anonette. you big brain boi :)

ik you dont believe me but I will help you hurt them for money
I am 30 and the minute you faggot rats turn on me for being "boomer" I'll cook you and eat you
I had to deal with real boomers fuck you

My dad is pushing me to get a driver's license and study somewhere. I don't want to be an adult, it's too depressing.

don your fedora and utter "You think you're lighting a fire under my ass, but in reality you're burning a bridge."

is it possible to join the military without you're parents knowing and sneaking off into basic training one night?

If you refuse to find a job and a roommate at a garbage apartment you could get diagnosed mentally ill, get a check, abuse food banks, and fuck the system. Make a gamer pad with some shitty roommate in a 2 bedroom hole-in-the-wall. 2 bedrooms so you can still be socially avoidant.

Imagine living in someones house for free, eating their food, using their utilities and then NOT sucking their dick.
The only people who would allow this arrangement are family members.

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unrelated but nice akagi pic fellow fkmtbro

Technically, as a NEET you provide nothing but a strain on your families limited resources. The reason why your parent's are kicking you out is their way of motivating you to "do something with your life" in terms of contributing to the family/society and not yourself.

Now here's the kicker, if you were to be working out, getting lean and developing muscles, you wouldn't be in this mess. You could still be a NEET, but a super strong and physically beautiful NEET.

In western society, people value beauty and physical bodies. That holds value to them. You don't need a job or friends or money if you were muscle bound. Your parents would still keep you around because you could be a "guard dog" in a sense.

Getting into education or work takes time. The only thing you can do immediately is make yourself more useful around the house. Start cooking and cleaning, mow the lawn, scrape the mold off the windowsills, do the jobs that nobody else wants to do. At the very least cook your own meals and do your own laundry so you aren't a burden. Start doing this shit TODAY.

who are all these piece of shit parents? jesus, live with your poor kids and treat them like equals and human beings
boomers are absolute scum

>(I graduated high school last year and I spent one year being a neet, thats it now I'm going back to school)
You don't know what a neet is, so stop pretending to be one.

Hope my kids never leave

I'm probably going to be kicked out for being trans too, user.
I'm going to try and get a job and find some small apartment where I can live, alone
that's my plan

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you have two options
kill yourself
be homeless

>NEET: Not in Employment Education or Training
Learn you acronyms fuckhead, neets arent exclusively shut in basement dwelling 500+ lbs man children

Not op but not at all, my parents still allow me to stay and even after they die I'll inherit like 100k euros

>generational wealth
Why would you make me google this concept just to understand your post? You could have just said: "Why do Americans actively avoid taking care of their kids and securing their future?" God I fucking hate you people, fuck you!

get the fuck off my bord tranny cuck REEEEEEE

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Play jewish games, win jewish prizes op. Thanks for contributing to the end of your gene pool. Your prize is a cold street curb!

>Gaslighting your parents like this
Wow, NEETs are truly altruistic and not completely narcissistic

Yeah you are going to do big dicks lmao

you should be scared and afraid, thats the whole point for life. Its how you get off your ass, if anything you should want them to throw you out. That way they might do atleas one good parenting decision in their life and youll be suddenly out of your little holeyhole the little grave youve dug yourself in your own head. Raising children with a limp wrist only produces more Jow Forums illness.

I hope a hobo bashes your head in with a rock

I was homeless for a while after a fight my parents. It's not too bad, you mostly hang out in a library all day. If you have a car you're set

Get a job.

Literally just get a job don't get Neetbux like a worthless piece of shit actually go out there and do something. Hell your parents will probably let you stay longer if you're doing anything more useful than taking up space.

Honestly I would be glad to work for the JIDF if all I had to do was larp as a Zionist on Jow Forums.

You're a waste of life, OP. Go do something useful.

Unironically join the military. Air force, if possible

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Go get a job you lazy faggot