Somebody talk to me while the dxm kicks in

somebody talk to me while the dxm kicks in

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Sure, user. What would you like to talk about?

Hey boss, you hear about the new club opening up near my neighborhood? Being the devilish bugger I am, me and and a couple of others from the neighborhood are planning a raid to shut the whole thing down so they don't disturb our comfy living. It's still in its preliminary but we're getting there

You're gonna have a bad trip, I promise. Good luck making it out of the rabbit hole :)

What is the meaning of this image? Is Akari a stalker or something? DXM sounds like a technical death metal band, what's it like?

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I've been thinking about a lot lately. like, I was thinking about murdering someone, becoming a drug dealer, trying to find a degenerate girlfriend to have a toxic relationship with i'd rather just be alone forever tho lolI realized I'm actually fucking racist. against my own race too. Hispanics are a fuck. i wanna show you guys an absolute banger btw but I can't find it on youtube anywhere. I was playing it on stepmania though today and I was getting all emotional and shit while I was playing it. okay ask me stuff.

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ik desu Last time I did but it was so bad ot was good. this time im taking 1400 mgs it's gonna be terrible

Well, maybe you can work through the issues on your trip if you focus on them?

When i see you, make me lose all control
Like a fire burning deep in my soul, yeah
And when i feel you it feels like i'm in heaven
It goes on forever like a dime on a roll
And when i hear you calling it's like heaven
I'll wait here forever till i'm out of the cold, yeah
And when i hear you calling i'm in heaven
We'll be there together, no i won't be alone

idek man. All I know is that i dont live alone. I live with my mother right now and she doesnt know I do this shit. I was thinking of going outside for this trip but I wanna be comfy in my bed right now

do you know what the solution is to my problem?

fuckschoolio fucshooolio fuckit
frankfurt schoolio its julio

already past the stage of needless self destruction, ive sublimated it into creative shit-posting that rises above the accepted standard. however, i wonder what would gain me more leverage: pursuing school with honest effort, for the grades or for the money.

i actually dont take dxm regularly but I have dealt with this in the past
you just drank cough medicine for fun when is it time to stop caring?

for the money. money is everything. money is the only thing in life that really matters. money money money money money

Shut up memester

yoo tho but i'm not wrong yo yo yo

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imagine getting you ass kicked at twister

how old are you? be honest. 15?

no im 18 do i sound 15 to you idot no okay then

I like this song and basically i have a crush on you

sorry but I got some actual shit going on

im already starting to feel it idk how much longer i can talk but for now im still here so see me please

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you'll probably have to change yourself significantly to find out. that's what i'm trying to do, hence why im asking my question. of course, dont just listen to anyone because you're open to everything. dxm can be a hell of a lot of fun, but its just not meant to be.
fuck ya bud i hope so

>1400 mgs
Nigga wut. How much do you weigh?

oh my fucking god OP. you're going on the grand slam fucking rainbow road tour. you're never coming back.

I don't like tripping, I slept today for real and some old ass george washington looking lady came into my bedroom looking like a barn owl and asked me who my boss was. I need to sleep

157 am I gonna die?i feel way too funny right nowso probably right

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LMAOOO fuck you're getting me all nervous and shit

yea you sound about 15

sure thing youre 18

I don't think it's physically dangerous but it's a very very high fourth plat

> (You)
>yea you sound about 15
>sure thing youre 18
bro i prooooomise

,last time i did 900 and it was like i was in a time loops or someshit idfk it was scrary but then i was like actually it waa pretty fun so im goin all the way this time buddy

oh no you think im messing with your senses. ya, no. if anything i am your spirit guide from this point, because im the only one that's done that much of that drug and never came down. i always find the dex heads because it takes me back to those days which i lived for. youre never going to be the same now. i dont think anybody here realizes just how much of a turning point this is for you. you will never experience anything more intense than this ever again.

WHATEVER im mentally illalready maybe i shoukdnt have done this no regrets though

am i gonna be ok at work tomorrow desu

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maybe. your brain will be like a concrete mixer with serotonin and then youll probably turn into a rage machine like when a pcp addict decides to fight a bunch of cops or maybe youll just feel like youre in a david lynch movie thats what happens to me god i feel high with you but thats only because i did so much dxm in the past i turned into a ditto and now im psychic so all the time i just read everyones thoughts its like second hand smoking in here dont become so psychic you lose your identity

imogen is cool so cool she is god lets all love imogen

fuck ya whos dis

hes gone boys
may he RIP

Literally how do you even have a bad DXM trip? Dissociation will make it impossible to even perceive subjective "good and bad".

another druggie zoomer normalfag
holy mackerel, will you people just shift your statistic of a life from one of the footsoldiers of the endless army to another overdose statistic?
you will never fit in here, the concept of a robot is lost to you, it's a language you're not able to understand
the idealized wizard archetype people talk about here is a polar opposite to you for a reason

Glad I'm not the only one who feels like David Lynch films are dissociative as fuck. I don't think you're psychic you just did too many drug.