Would you rather become a 11/10 alien Chad, wake up with 180 IQ, or acquire $

Would you rather become a 11/10 alien Chad, wake up with 180 IQ, or acquire $

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Am I supposed to interpret that number as ten bucks?

money. It would probably make me feel worse if I looked good or had an high iq and stayed indoors still

mooooneyyyyy money deep in my soul

I would prefer the money.
What an easy question.

Money! MANEEH! !!

Looks fade, high IQ makes people literally retarded, and that amount of money isn't that much. I'll take the money anyway.

neither. just be myself

I already have a high i.q and with 10 gorillion $ i can make myself look like alien chad

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10 Billion dollars isn't a lot of money?

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with that IQ I could make just as much money if not more

Just like monkeys see humans as retarded when they cut down trees when they pose no threat?

10 billion, yes, but $10 no.
>implying men don't age like wine

The 180 IQ sounds tempting but unless it would let me build all kinds of insane sci-fi shit, I'd just take the money.

High i.q means shit if you're too depressed or inconfidentto utilize it

I'll take literally everyone I talk to treating me significantly nicer for the rest of my life (chad looks) over any amount of money

coves are cute, cute!

Well first the money will arouse suspicion as soon as I acquire it. Will it be in a bank? Eyes will turn. In cash? Where would I put it? Even If I somehow managed to buy a warehouse the size of 5 football stadiums and nobody got suspicious, how could I spend that money? People will ask questions about your profession and relatives will start becoming more 'kind' to you.
IQ please, I actually would've taken a 7-8/10 attractiveness option but 11/10 is pushing it.

the 10 billion so I can attract chics or just buy high class hookers and drive them around in my lambo in a rich european city.

>Well first the money will arouse suspicion as soon as I acquire it.
But your body transforming into an alien chad wouldn't?

>like wine
smdh, a true incel.
are you empathizing with monkeys or something. simply pathetic.
a billion for sure wouldn't get me that excited. 10 maybe, but idk i'd probably waste too much of it and get sad

Money. I could literally buy pussy. Thing is with much wealth pussy wouldn't be a issue on your mind. Ide be too busy lobbying a right wing nationalist into the presidents seat.

Money, obviously. There's nothing you can't do with a huge pile of cash, and the other 2 options are only useful in their spacing to earn you money.

I can transfer wealth to my family after I've passed. You could argue that you could make more money if you're a giga chad with a high IQ, but that would require getting work done.

You could be an actor, but you would need to first be discovered and then start your career. Looks alone don't survive in (((holy wood))), and you would probably need some (((friends))) to jump start your career.

>11/10 alien Chad
being good looking just assures the people who matter the least will be attracted to you, something you could achieve by being fit or buying people. this would also change how people orbit you in general, i guess, but money and intelligence already do that too + a whole lot of other stuff. so looks don't have the same extra utility, unless you just like looking at yourself, which is kind of not as exciting as looking at all the things money can buy or the inner-worlds that kind of intellect must give you.
>wake up with 180 IQ
Already have a 160 IQ and most people think I'm a retard without thinking twice, so I'm sure having a 180 IQ wouldn't make me any more 'epic' than I'm already. For the merit, I couldn't give less of a damn being able to do what software can theoretically do already. iq can do no more than that, unless you combine it with drugs to get fuck-y and create your whole 'nother universe for yourself, which i couldnt do anyway because high intelligence =/= stable brain or unlimited mental energy. Consider that.
money = comedy. so sure.

>acquire $
And live as the richest neet in the history of the human race, my anime figurine collection would know no end.

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Probably Chad. The IQ would probably be depressing and the money would be a huge responsibility.

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I'd rather be a Chad.

I'd still be a NEET faggot loser but I could fuck with people more.

monet plis

>already have a 160 iq and most people think I'm a retard without thinking twice
am i witnessing the fucking mega brain in action

>high IQ makes people literally retarded

Chad can make money and you are chad
180 IQ can make money and you are 180 IQ. Just having lots of money doesnt do much past 1 million.
I would not live obnoxiously. Would be better to be chad or smart than have money to burn.

With lots of money one could buy power. Also invest it and make an even larger fortune. But could you buy harems if women to have chad sons?

my IQ is unironically 163 already(though its probably less now because of the amount I drink), so I'll take the money

I already am pretty good looking and my IQ is like 135 so the money for sure. 135 IQ with 10 billion dollars is gonna get way more cool shit done than 180 IQ with 0 dollars.

>theres a catch.

I was being sarcastic holy moses my guy what would it take you to SEE that

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>are you empathizing with monkeys or something. simply pathetic.
its a good thing youre choosing the money, you wouldnt use your iq anyway

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If that's 10 billion dollars, then the money. If it's 10 dollars, then probably 11/10 alien chad.

If your IQ is so high why aren't you making Jow Forums better? It sucks

The money, is there a catch? Do taxes get taken out leaving me with 30 percent of it?

KEK gave me a good laugh that'll last the week

I'll take the ten billion dollars in an offshore account yes

People with high iq are less affected by depression than the ones with low iq. Low iq people cope with drugs and "money doesn't make you happy" bullshit. Just look at ghettos, they are all depressed low iq individuald who gave up on life.

It has a reason why anons on more positive boards like fit make more on average than the depressed losers on r9k and pol who call themselves "redpilled" to cope with the fact that they never achieved anything.

If I had 10,000,000,000 bucks, I'd just buy a tank and drive it around handing presents and candy out to poor kids and drink myself to sleep at night.

the money is an easy answer since i dont give a shit about women, so why would i need good looks? im not a faggot either no gf just doesnt affect me like it does these other fags on this fucking board with that money i could get a house, tons of vidya, anime figures, guns, and pay for college so i could get a career and make money on the regular

That dude is almost too perfect. There's something creepy about him. He is like an alien.

I'd prefer 1,000,000,000 as long as looks like I made it a legit way i.e. starting/owning a business

Making money is midwit-ish.
High IQ know the real pleasure comes from knowledge and only a little part of the population can access that kind of pleasure.
Have fun with your midwit-ism.

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High IQ -> get monies -> spend monies on becoming Chad

He looks like a freak with his bug eyes. Gay men like you find him attractive, most girls don't.

Money money, dolla dolla!
Money can buy you everything.

Definitely $10 billion. I'm already relatively good looking and intelligent as I care to be.

Money but god damn am i gonna get one hell of a headache trying to launder all that cash

11/10 Chad alien would be my second choice just for the fun of it

180 IQ is shit tier cause it's too high and i'd most likely go crazy and kill myself eventually.

What is so appealing with the money?

Becoming a Chad will be detrimental to my cause (I'm not a forbicating hedonist and being orbited by thot will be difficult).
I already have an IQ grand enough for what I've planned to do in my life so I'll take the money, send it over OP.

brainlet detected, most retarded shit i've heard all day.

Take the money and get a shit ton of plastic surgery. I won't become a 10/10, but I'm sure going under the knife will make me decently attractive.

because you are retarded and low quality

explain why all higher IQ people are billionaires then. literally anyone with an IQ above 110 makes a lot of money.

>30 extra iq points
>some money
>the possibility of experiencing genuine fulfillment in my life.
I'll take be Chad please.

Alien Chad please

10 billion, at that amount you can just invest a bit, bank a some and you'll be able to live obscenely lavishly off just your interest alone, you're totally set for life. The only thing is you pretty much can't get married with this much wealth, you'll be golddiggered to shit unless you purposefully live a normal life around everyone else


Most high IQ people are not billionaires, but most billionaires have high IQ. Assuming a standard deviation of 15, an IQ of 160 or above is around one in 33000. A billionaire is far rarer than that and the average billionaire likely has an IQ noticeably lower than that.

Yes there is a correlation between IQ and income, but most studies show that past 120, the correlation breaks down significantly. It takes other factors besides intelligence to succeed, in fact there is some evidence which show that having an IQ too high can be just as maladaptive as an iq that is too low. A person with and IQ above 150 is just as likely to drop out of high school as a person with an IQ of 90; they become depressed because they are unable to relate to anyone.

>buy luxury trailer in the middle of nowhere
>learn how to install my own internet, water, electricity, etc
>buy chickens
>cook meth
>fight birds and shoot meth until i die

How can a man be so wrong?
The most eminent philosophers and scientists were the people with the highest IQ, and they didn't make that much money.
Once again, money is midwit-tier, and the purpose of life does not belong there; and of course highers IQ know about this.

if i get to keep being myself i'll take the 10 billion dollars

plastic surgery

Philosophy is for retards and you arent high IQ if you dont make a lot of money. You might have just got lucky on a shitty test

The money. That amount is enough for me to support a middle class lifestyle for about four hundred years, i.e. ten times longer than I want to live.

10 billion for sure

be a chad, my life would finally have a happy ending with a loving wife and beautiful children
god i wanna die

How many women did you talk to today with the intent of getting a date?

0 but im ugly so nobody would give me attention, its fine though because i already accepted that this will be "it"
ill throw myself off a building one day(within next 5 years) i promise

>Be Chad with 180IQ
>Or have $10
Geez OP hardest choice in my life

>alien chad
>make instagram account
>wait for the followers
>message Belle Dolphin
>fuck her good
>manage to manipulate her so we become a couple and she lets me manage her income becuase she loves me so much
>take the 75% percent of it and put it in another bank account wich i only know about
>fuck jailbaits and qt shy girls on my free time
>wait for the bitch to die from drugs or something

fucking easy man

You can predict the future and you dont have a billion dollars already? Wow thats gay bro. If I had your powers I would have ten girlfriends

>choose the money
>only get 10 dollars

I want off this ride

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It's okay user. Some are chosen to reach the world of Idea, some aren't. You may can't reach the greatness of our pleasure, and the rich also can't, but you are still needed in the society..

180 IQ is a 1/20,000,000 intelligence. There are more than 15 decabilllionaires in the united states and way more than 15 10/10 superchads. At that level I can literally just ply the stock market and be guaranteed to make money off the sheer fact that there are less than fifteen people as smart or smarter than me in the entire united states.


With that much I can fucking dominate the science world as the next fucking einstein

or atleast get a god level job

or program a game

Im pretty average looking, so somewhere down the line I would eventually be enough of a smooth talker to become someones husbando

If I'm being honest with myself I'd probably just sit in a dark room behind a computer regardless of any of those scenarios

180 IQ, I'm already in the right industry to make a lot of money, with the IQ that high I'd definitely make it to the top. So i would end rich AND with an high IQ

end up*

IQ is the good play here. These people who are talking about how high IQ is not a guarantor of success don't understand how high an IQ 180 is. You are superhuman to most people at that point and can make whatever money you want in tech/finance if it holds enough interest for you.

>It's believed that both Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein only had an IQ of 160.
Imagine being smarter than them

>acquire $10,000,000,000
Then I could just neet around all day in a mansion

You're actually completely wrong. Intelligent people are more prone to depression and are much more self destructive than their counterparts

You'd still be a lazy piece of shit and post on Jow Forums

t. 195 IQ poster

You'd get bored. if you picked the IQ you would be able to become rich eventually. There would be so much more stuff for you to do though, the world would be a playground for you. That's almost like taking NZT

Online tests don't count, user

10 billion. never have to work again.

Nope. 180 probably means you end up homeless and retarded

Probably take the IQ.

I got certified it from quizrocket for $9.99 brainlet

Honestly I don't hate my appearance, only need some self discipline to gain some weight and get in proper shape.
I'm also a bit smarter than average and don't feel the need to be an absolute super brain, I can achieve the education I want with my current intellect.
Money would be the absolute best thing, I could build confidence (which is the main thing I need) with it and just do the shit I want. Travel the world, buy various houses and be set for life

Wouldn't that much money cause inflation and make it worthless?
I'd happy with just one billion

Choosing IQ would probably just isolate you further. Imagine trying to talk to people with 80 less IQ everyday. It would be like hanging out with actual fucking retards everyday for your entire life. Give me the money.

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Stock market is almost all luck, brainlet. There have been many studies that show no correlation between the skill of a trader and their performance on the market. The bar for making the best decisions on stocks is set very low, you only need an IQ of 70

Stephen king is a pleb in the literary world. With 180 IQ you would be an good/excellent writer but still not the smartest. Pynchon, for example, have 190 IQ.

>Uses USD for currency but uses periods instead of commas
But I choose money