God, reading is just so freaking fun!

God, reading is just so freaking fun!

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>don't read anything for like two months
>suddenly become interested in something
>devour several books in a day or two
>return to literary hibernation

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>reading past the age of 18

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I have only read after I have been 18, user.

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it definitely can be. a good book is a great way to spend some time.

How do you have patience for it? I can't concentrate and get lost in thoughts after 5 minutes. Reading ain't for me.

i have an extremely active imagination, so when i read, it's like a movie in my head. it's breddy gud.

Then read in 5 minute intervals? Reading isnt a race.

Stopped reading books for a period of a few years but I'm getting back into it now. It's a different kind of enjoyable than video games, movies, youtube and whatnot.

Just finished reading Confessions of a Mask by Yukio Mishima, interesting read for sure, but I feel like a brainlet while reading at times. I had to keep a tablet + pen & paper to look up words I don't know the meaning of fairly often. I try committing them to memory, have some of them down pretty well by now. Reading The Great Gatsby currently.
Finished Slaughterhouse-Five recently too. And Animal Farm before that, Catcher in the Rye before that, and Fahrenheit 451 before that.

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Do you guys subvocalize when you read? I hear you can double your reading speed if you don't.

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Slaughterhouse Five was a surprising treat for me. I know Vonnegut is a lauded writer, but I had no idea what to expect when I picked up one of his books. Definitely have to read more by him.

I'm currently reading "Ireland: Awakening" by Rutherfurd. I'm on a bit of a historical fiction kick recently.

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Not really. I may at times move my tongue very very slightly to form the words I'm reading.
I enjoyed it a lot too. Read it in 4 days or something, but it's not as if that's super impressive as it's not that long of a book. After Gatsby I don't really know, I have a backlog of books on my e-reader but I tend to be more intimidated by real lengthy books. Pic related are the ones I've read in recent years, as you can see most of these are not that lengthy of reads.

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I do, I subvocalize when I think as well, isn't it normal?

Lucky. I want to suppress it and just read "visually".

It is normal. It's the way most people read.

update: I just tried reading a part of the book i'm in actively trying to not subvocalize, and I end up sometimes reading the same line twice to fucking comprehend it. Not for me

damn bros.. why must reading books make me feel so illiterate? lugubrious? dereliction? scruple? ephemeral? privy? garrulity? sanguine? I wasn't raised by that articulate of folks. There is so much complexity to the English language, so many synonyms of words, so many words period.

Not that the average person would ever need to know these words to survive day-to-day life but damn, really makes me feel like somewhat of a brainlet when a word is used in film or literature and I'm clueless to what it means without a search engine. Even then it's an overload of words written down that I don't know so that I may remember them and add them to an anki flashcard deck or whatever. It's a bit overwhelming. I guess I just have to pick which words seem the most practical to know and tell myself "it's alright if I don't know what that random outdated 3-4-letter or highly situational word means."

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>"it's alright if I don't know what that random outdated 3-4-letter or highly situational word means."
Or that it's fine that I don't remember its meaning, anyway.

Oh, it is!

I do a lot, though I find speed-reading to be inefficient in the long term as details are lost over a much smaller degree of time and more intricate figures and statistics may be skimmed over entirely, thereby restricting one's knowledge especially where economic and history textbooks are concerned. Scientific textbooks may be read quicker albeit with frequent recaps and centering my focus on more relevant or specialized topics.

I know how you feel, though eventually you find the ability to force it and learn not to take EVERYTHING in.

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You will always be a readinglet

I really want the information that's in the books, but holy shit reading books is such a pain in the aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssssss.

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Read "Outsider" Camus, real shit

>not having made a decent dent in the Western canon by 18