How do we stop W*MEN MENACE?

How do we stop W*MEN MENACE?
They will ruin our Civilization !!!

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We men suck as much as spamming threads.

No roasties allowed here, whore. Go away.

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Post your gay spam on /lgbt/, not here.

Trannie faggots cucks jump againt to defend maiden.

I wish your whole family and extended family dies

Fuck off whore. Its your fault for fucking alphas.

Gays like you belong on /lgbt/.

>lets all be gay!
Why though. I have a good relationship already, gay boy

Nobody mentioning being gay you faggot?
Your faggot is so corrupted you can't think about assholes and dick 2 minutes.
We just need to enslave women and take their rights and make them property

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You said in your opening post that everyone should be gay like you.

>gay retard backpedaling
Nice. How much porn you watch today, fudge packer?

>If you hate gays must mean you are closet gay
Typical faggot mental gymnastics shit

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Is this post made by the guy in the picture?
If so, I wish I had his fortitude when it comes to absorbing mockery.

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>this guy
Mate you are illiterate, dumb, a loser, and yet you come to this place to mock others? Consider packing your own fudge. With a shotgun.

OP is a gay homosexual who spams his gay crush on Jow Forums every day.

Calm your gay faggot ass down, boy lover


You sure love to repeat this Gay words

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Check your gay mans blood pressure, too much dick in your ass making you irritable. We get it, you prefer guys

To play devil's advocate, if there was a 10/10 girl on Tinder you and I both know we wouldn't give a fuck what was on her profile, what she thinks, or what she says if we are just trying to fuck her.

What would truly be pretty shitty is if a lot of those women would seriously consider dating that guy, but I mean, even then, that would just mean consistent sex. Again, I'd absolutely date a 10/10 if she was a bad, stupid person if I could get away with it and you guys probably would too. Again, even if I don't actually like her.

I think you are giving yourself too little credit if you think you'd willingly and voluntarily spend time with an abhorrent person for the sake of sex.
Her personality would have to at least be in the ballpark of tolerable to do that.

That said, what people are bothered by is women being told to act like men, specifically in dating and sexuality. Being aggressive, direct, fucking many dudes, literally asking for it, etc. What used to be prostitute behavior, and a niche fetish for degenerates.
Not that I'd know, I'm just reading what other people say. I've never even asked anyone on a date in my whole life. I couldn't imagine myself on a date, what would I say, how do I even react if she puts her hand on my thigh? I have an easier time imagining myself as the emperor of the Roman Empire than I do as someone loved. Let women be women, and let society shift and change, let natural selection take its course. Eat good food, drink good booze, watch good movies and shows, read good books, play good vidya, listen to good music. If you are into it, travel, see the world. If you can, create art, be it fanfic, indie games, bad music. Just do asocial things, because you clearly aren't part of society, and society doesn't want to make you a part of itself.
Much like putting the bottles in the garbage bin for glass, and putting the paper in the other garbage bin for paper, won't solve the climate change situation, improving yourself won't change society. Don't bother, have fun, as much as you can, outside it.

Don't you think that what you just wrote may be an indication that you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about regarding this subject?

Don't you think that I've put quite a few safety valves in that post, and you are lashing out against my words emotionally, rather than reasonably?

If you misunderstood and assumed my post had any anger or emotional investment in it, it didn't. It was a serious, unironic question. Now that you know where I'm coming from, I'll ask again, do you not see how what you wrote above may be an indication that you do not have the skills or experience to give any useful or insightful information or opinion on the subject of relations between the sexes?

Keep in mind I'm saying this as a sexually unsuccessful man who dislikes women myself.

I was hoping this thread would be a thread of entertainment and laughing at shallow tinder hoes like the old days but it appears I have been misled and this thread is low quality. For shame op!

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1. I don't dislike women. Women are what society makes them, same as us.
2. My post includes "i think" and "i read others say" and so on. I am not posting axioms and theorems, nor claim to.
3. 99% of straight men probably don't know what they are talking about, because they just do the thing, without thinking about it. Its taboo to talk about it as well. Men talk about pickup, maybe rarely about how to fuck, mostly about who to fuck. Nobody discusses the actual dynamic, only losers, so I doubt there is much better informed views even among those that participate. You can argue if their practiced wisdom is better than our abstract intelligence (tips fedora), and maybe I can even agree, but at least its comparable.

Why dont you contribute to thread you little faggot?

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>be unique by doing exactly as everyone else
>everyone else
>posts a list of things maybe 5% of people do, if that

bad form