Why do girls take pictures like these? Do they know what they are doing?

Why do girls take pictures like these? Do they know what they are doing?

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My online friend kept asking me to send me pictures of my feet when I was younger, I didn't know about foot fetish yet I thought it was for fun so I set him pictures now I tink that was kind of scummy

whats up with the badly overlaid stones

and also those are fetish photographs idiot

they don't. it's definitely from some fetish photoset. based retard user

I remember i was in college library once and there was a girl sitting across for me. A nigger came up to her and asked if he could take pictures of her feet for reflexology. She looked weirded out but obliged. he told her to spread her toes and stuff. after he left one of her friends came and she started talking about it like it was the weirdest thing ever.

So im gonna say most dont know people are into feet and the ones that do dont know this guys post it online and hundreds jerkoff to it

sometimes you gotta pretend youre not into feet. best way is if a hot girl is with an ugly/fat girl. you ask both to show feet for a project. this increases chances of them showing. especially if you pay $5 each

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>tfw know a girl who posts feet/socks/stockings pictures but calls footfriends weirdos and perverts

footfags need to be rounded up and machinegunned t b h

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Stay mad, normalfaggot.
Go eat ass.

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Are your feet pretty at least?

I think they're ok. But who knows lol

Post pics and I'll give you my opinion.

I second this. Post pics and I shall judge also

No I enjoy not being banned on here

Lol reminds me of that one blackbot that would pose as a photographer and trick white whores into taking feet pics for "class"

I remember a lot of girls letting me smell and lick their feet for this reason. "You want to smell my feet? Eww, why?"

yes. they are fishing for attention.
they know (((FOKKIN JEWZZZ))) started the fuckin meme '''hurr durr le feet fetish herp derp'''

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posting feet isnt bannable...

What drugs are you on, user?
Or did you forget to take your anti-psychotics?

Yeah it is. I got banned for posting my hand once

Well could you at least tell me the size, shape and smell and how wrinkly they are?

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about 7 (US), in shape they look somewhat similar to your anime picture except a bit smaller, they usually don't smell like anything unless there's a reason for them to smell, they aren't really wrinkly at all

Thanks, the next time I fap I'm gonna think about pressing my face all over your feet after you have been walking around all day and cumming all over them.

that's really hot actually lol

Then post pics so we can get a better idea.

There is a foot thread on /soc/.

I would rather not post stuff like that on Jow Forums
We can talk more about it in private somehow

Woman, you're killing me. You've made me hard and now you're leaving me cold like that. You no-good tease!

how can I talk to you privately

ill try using a throwaway email if you want [email protected]

you can leave your discord or something I will add you. I don't know which one of you is the guy I was talking to but I'll have to figure it out


I dont use discord a lot but here Aldemotte#0844



I just want sniff, lick, massage, and cum on cute girls feet man.


Nah. I'm not good at talking to people one on one because I feel boring and tend to ghost due to anxiety.

Stop fapping so much so you stop feeling so anxious. Cut it down to once or twice a week at most.

how do I know which one is the guy I talked to?

just add all of us and talk to all of us and see who you like the most

who cares who is the original

You were talking to two. I'm the hard one. Which one do you want?

What this guy said. We are all just clones of each other. And we will kill each other to see which one remains.