It's your favorite time of the week, anons!

It's your favorite time of the week, anons!

Bully time!

Abuse me, or just say mean things in general! Let it alllllll out!

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but why, mister alphabet? you wouldnt be laying a trap or anything, right? that would be entrapment, and unconstitutional!

I wonder whats going through your head user

Don't be so hard on yourself user. You are a good person and I like you. *pet* *pet*

I want to punch you in the face you faggot

No tricks, snares, or hijinks of any kind, sir! Just straight free form bullying!

"Damn, I hope someone says something that really hurts. I can't wait!"

Aw, thanks! But your opinion is really wrong, user. If you knew me, you'd be bullying me too!

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How little do you value yourself that you'l would seek negative attention on Jow Forums?

Thanks user! Go as hard as you can!

Can I use negatives?

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You can, but I don't believe it. You value yourself a tiny bit, you just want to be told you're completely worthless.

I want to bully your asshole with my tongue!

Is this like your fetish or something?

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Well, I guess I don't value myself that low. Just lower than everyone else.

What makes a man so pathetic? Where did it go wrong for you?


Sometimes, but not right now!

The moment I had my first social interaction, my guess.

You seem like a nice person user, i bet you're also handsome and have a good heart.
Take better care of yourself and have a nice day.

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God I wish someone would bully me

You too user! Thank you for the kind words, but mean words would have been nicer.

Join the club! We have plenty of space, and hot cocoa!

Why do you people always type like this!
Why the exclamation points!

ur a dumdum butthead lel

Well, it's just me, and because it's fun! I can stop if you want, though.

No it's not bother for me i just always wondered why.
You're not the only one who does that.

That's right, I'll eat your ass and play with your dick, and right when you're on the edge, I'll give you a titty twister and smack you right in the fucking gob!
Why not!

Huh, I have no clue actually. Maybe someone else in the thread can answer.

Now maybe a little too hot for me.