Can u explain this Twitter post?

Can u explain this Twitter post?

I'm confused. Is this real or some kind of larping?

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as soon as i saw the name i stopped readin

kun t'nyuget

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Chris Chan is very unique.

Lurk moar, person.

>cunt nugget

He's trolling us.

its chad-speak user
no wonder you don't get what it means you virgin

I'm a psychology student not familiar with Chris-Chan.
I'm trying to understand his ramblings as someone who is not familiar with his antics and speech.

I have a few questions.
>What is "everypony" and "everybot"?
>What does he mean by "my Sonichus and Rosechus"?
>What is his "CWCville counterpart"?
>The fuck is a Kun T'Nuyget?

Larp. our chrissy is learning!

Lurk moar, ya dip.
Or wait around for a couple of moments for a newfag to come spoonfeed you.

Imagine Chris-Chan going to therapy one day. The therapist would need years of education to understand what the fuck Chris is even talking about.
50% of Chris' speech is some meme he has come up or stolen from some anime/MLP subculture.
He literally lives in his own world. Christorians are more like translators between his world and ours.

Cool to see that Chris can finally admit that he's gay and that he want to fug his mom.
Only took him what, 12 years?

How did people figure that out 12 years ago? Chris was pretty clear about being straight.

au contra air, i kept reading and also became slightly aroused

>psych student cant use Google

probably hacked or someone blackmailing Chris again. This isn't his usual autistic writing style

>uses corporate Google instead of DuckDuckGo

Enjoy selling your soul

It's thelemite whistleblowing.

Lmao get a load of this fignewton

>turn me loose you silly goose


Enjoy your no search results.


Fuckin' hate Google. They have zero respect for their users. They know they don't have to give a shit about you since everyone else uses their products anyway.
I contacted Google once or twice a few years ago about privacy issues. First off it was nearly impossible to get a hold of anyone at Google. Second, the service was the worst I've ever recieved. It was just a "fuck you" that took them a week to send.

Google thinks the Internet is a product that they own, and you owe them money for having used the Internet through their sites. Thus, they have the right to collect the debt by profiling you and your life and selling it off. Making you their product.

Honestly, just consider yourself lucky that you can't make heads or tails shit, I hate that i know exactly what he's talking about.

>I hate that i know exactly what he's talking about

Good point. Isn't it disturbing and a bad sign that you speak Chris' language?

>admits to having a fetish for himself
I love when the less socially-cunning trannies reveal that AGP is at the heart of what they do even if the others insist otherwise.

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>had my surgery done with a reputable surgeon in Thailand
>surgeon in Thailand
There you go

Boys, who was in the wrong? Did Chris really deserve all the shit we put him through? I know he mostly brought it upon himself but as I get older I start to feel bad for him.

ddg is not better, they are also jews. Host your own searx instance.

chris was always a bad person and deserved a lot of what he got but he never deserved things like the bluespike shit

He acknowledges us robots.