Tfw you'll never go to japan or be japanese

>tfw you'll never go to japan or be japanese

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Why do people make Japan out to be some kind of magical fantasy world? It's literally just the West without niggers, spics, islam, open borders, jews, soci- wait, nevermind.

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You forget the decent people.

This is a meme it's barely better in shitholes like america

I just had two conversations within three days with cute japanese girl, after almost never talking to girls in 28 years of my life.
Now she went home and I'm about to do that too (to eastern europe)

I feel so empty now it almost hurts me physically

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>nobody cares about each other
>lots of men are virgins well into their 30s and marrying 2D
>dying alone in isolation and leaving a stain on the floor

You're already living that life so what's the point moving to another country to do the same thing?

Yet that still doesn't make their citizens happy. People are genuinely happier living in actual shit. Industrialized society was a mistake.

>tfw you went to japan
>tfw you went on autistic night walks through tokyo with a cute Japanese girl
>tfw you fucked her
It literally is as amazing as you thought it could be. Wish I could just go back.

>People are genuinely happier living in actual shit.
Good news you guys! We can keep the borders open forever because niggers and shitskins fucking love living their lives in actual shit! The problem is solved!

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It's so easy to go to Japan, OP. There's not much stopping you.

>nobody cares about each other
this isn't true at all, they're as nice and considerate of other people as it gets

the most incel filled country, clearly everything is going fine right user?

Ditch the tendies and save your neetbux user, it isnt a difficult place to visit other than a language barrier.

it's also degenerate as fuck but thats why i love it

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People are nice and considerate in my Western community too because it's not some city shit hole where everyone treats each other like shit. Japan is no different than any other country when it comes to city living where nobody talks to their neighbours.

>they're as nice and considerate of other people as it gets
Which I think is rather unfortunate because for the most part it's a system of obligation instead of personal readiness to help. Maybe it's just a personal thing but whenever I've been the dumb fucking gaijin in Japan and had to ask a native for directions or help I feel like I'm putting a load on people who help because they have to or they'll be the bad guys in that situation. I prefer living in a country where if you can't or just don't want to help someone out you can just say "nah sorry" and move on.

It really is, though you'll probably only want to go once.

>Japan is no different than any other country when it comes to city living where nobody talks to their neighbours.
it literally is though, i've never been in a place with nicer people in and outside of cities

honestly could just live in shibuya and go drinking every evening and night

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Really btfos the retards on /trv/ who think that Japan's a clean utopia. Their cities are absolutely covered in grime and look like a third world country and their garbage sorting system is fucking retarded. People piss in the streets no matter where you visit.

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Honestly I've been in several cities large and small around Japan and Shibuya/Akihabara are really the only areas that look like that. Everywhere else is quite clean.

Pictures are taken at around 4.40 am
at around 6am all the old people appear and start cleaning and it looks clean by the time stores open. Then people start partying at night and it looks the same again.
Happens every night of the week.