A very comfy Thursday morning /britfeel/ thread edition

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This is a bit early lad

forgot to put the bins out

fuck sake

I really like how the blonde girls head fits perfectly into the missing poster behind her, I wonder if that was intentional

Would be even more comfier if all the anime nonces fucked off and died.

Liking anime doesn't make you a nonce.

If you don't like anime you're on the wrong website pal.

Fuck off back to your anime boards, nonces.

hello nonce
yes it does

The utter fucking state of car insurance

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Yes it does

Fuck off to an anime board you nonce.

no but all nonces like anime

how old are u m8? That would cost be about 250 quid a year full comp about 250 excess

your insurance alone cost more than my bike plus tax,insurance and fule for a year

22 years old but I'm a new driver. Will be passing my test soon. I live in a city so I'm fucked.

have you put that as having passed your test or provisional? Also why get a 1.6 turbo diesel as first car? Get a 1.2 shitter and build up no claims m8

>be me
>1 claim last year
>Insurance only 300 quid still on a 2600cc gtr

feels good man

i'm 29, I can't drive and I'm a virgin

don't worry about it lad no ones judging you

I'm German, just moved to the UK, feeling pretty lost and idiotic. Hold me

Some lad suggested I try a focus/atra. I've been looking at 1.0 peogeot 107-108's 1.2 micras and generally less powerful/desirable cars. All expect 3k with a black box

Which city? Bradford? Shouldn't be as high as that for a 22 year old

Under no circumstances get the insurance cuck-box. Exceeding 70 is necessary on motorways to escape retards and you will get your shit pushed in for it

don't worry my little schmetterling I'll protect you

>Also why get a 1.6 turbo diesel
They are slow as fuck lad, probably not far off a 1.2 shitter. Not sure if it is the same now, but you used to be able to insure bigger cars that young drivers didn't smash as much for less than corsas and fiestas. my first car was a 2.0 Mondeo and it was 1200 a year when I was 17. That was 7 years ago mind

i speed all the time on blackbox, doesnt work like that.

>hasn't passed the test
>wonders why his insurance is so high
Utter retard

two worId wars and one world cup

where you located lad, looking for friends?

dont get a black box mate whatever you do. Cant believe how fucking expensive it is. my first car was a 1litre VW lupo and was 2700 full comp

Sophie Turner's american accent is so fucking shite

I moved to London, not sure if I'm able to befriend people, I'm really shy


protect me

where in London, how do you afford it?

things will be okay m8. We are a great bunch. Were u living

its more expensive when you pass your test than on a provisional ya simp

I'm Au Pair with a family near Morden

No it isn't. You can't even drive.

>hiring a German dude as an au pair instead of a qt French girl

What the fuck were they thinking

for some reason there's loads of italians in my town. every time i go out its like ey giovanni wheresa the pizza eh

But I'm not a dude... not qt either though

>he hasn't taken the motorbike pill

120 bong per year insurance even though I only just passed my test

fucken wops
send em back

oh my god, let's meet up in London
you into concerts?

I'm pretty shy and don't like crowds. It's nice of you to try to make me feel welcome, but I'd probably just disappoint you desu

er, yes it is? most insurance premiums will increase when you go from a provisional license to a full one if you are the policyholder

what do you ride lad?

You know the deal fraulein, post tits or gtfo

well you best get used to crowds
ill protect you

german lady don't trust this man he is a well known nonce

Pls be 16

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>post tits or gtfo
brings back memories that does

I'm still on a little Honda CG125 but I've got my eye on one of those Herald bikes. I know they're rebranded chink shit but they look so cool

What's wrong with you that you ended up on r9k

Ok how about we just watch movies at mine? I have a big family home in Surrey and a cute dog.

>all these lads falling for yet another larp

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How would you know?

I cannot do that even if I wanted to

What kind of concert would it be? But I'm probably not up for it... Maybe if we get along we could go out for milkshakes first

Not 16

That sounds creepy ngl. I would like to walk your dog with you though. My host family only has a cat and he hates me.

Don't get me started

that a cool little bike I'm on a small honda aswell as I haven't passed my full testimonial do you computer or do you just ride for fun

>this post
femoids make me sick

fuck off shes mine
if we go to a concert in London, it'll probably be at night. so can i crash at your place for the night, and get a train home in the morn? i live just outside London, commuter town.
milkshake sounds good. the concert was just an idea, since it's the only reason i go into London.

is this the beginning of a new arc, britfeel writers? let me guess, it turns out it's a tranny

>Claims to be a woman
>Doesn't have tits

Wir haben enough trannies here as it is, we don't need anymore from europe

Heading to toil again

I'm very tired

There's some extreme family drama going on at home but I'm unsure of the details

Yes it does. Youre either baiting or an idiot.

britnormie at it again probably

>I cannot do that even if I wanted to
are you just flat, or some weird nipple-removal surgery?

You should leave, this is my turf and there isn't room for another woman here

>German woman

Makes it even more likely, he can ask her for info on things only German women would know

Yeah I have no complaints about my Honda it's great but its slow and struggles up hills. I don't commute because I live very close to work, I only use it for travelling because I hate using buses

Walking the dog sounds nice, we'll do that then. She loves meeting new people.

based knowledge poster

You absolutely cannot crash here, I wouldn't know how to even ask my host family that. "Hey can this guy I met on a polynesian threadcounting forum please spend the night in my room, I promise he won't molest your daughters :^)"

Neither wtf I just can't post my bare tits

cranky because you can't get the moni monopoly anymore now aren't ya
jk lets get along :(

What's her name?

Can I penetrate your submarine pen with my tallboy?

>You absolutely cannot crash here
how are supposed to have sex then?

I think he meant birtnormie IS the german woman.

Fucking newfags.


We won't

idk who britnormie is but I'm not larping, I'm just retarded

You blew it so early, apparently new here then being aware of moni

Is does beg the question of why BritNormie likes roleplaying as a woman though, Gordon tranny arc when?

ah go home everyone, this women doesnt want to have sex.
what a looser.

If you're not prepared to have sex with us, why are you even here?

State of you horny fuckers

You turned down a moni gf, you have no right to complain

Nobody wants your disgusting shit skinned body anywhere near them, fuck off

>being aware of moni
I just read her trip, wasn't aware there was any lore about her other than wanting to be the only girl in these threads

how would i know if i want to have sex with someone based on a handful of lines on a mongolian poultry farm? wouldn't that make me a whore


so you are prepared to have sex? you made it sound like it was off the cards entirely.
not being able to go round yours is a bit of a problem, though.

Her name is Jessica.
I'm spoken for by the way so please don't think I'm romantically interested, to save you any embarrassment down the line.
There are lots of nice parks nearby, Bushy, Richmond for instance are great for dog walking. If it's a nice day there might be ice cream too.

You'd have to be prepared to wait for a good while and also I'd have to really like you and connect emotionally but I guess??

>got a gf
normie gtfo but for real that sounds like a nice plan.


Just give me a chance, I'll blow your world

If you're a woman on r9k, you're almost certainly a whore anyway

What are you doing here then? If you're not up for a shag you're of no use to us

>polynesian threadcounting forum
>mongolian poultry farm?

I can assure you lads that this tranny is a fat one.

>Just give me a chance, I'll blow your world

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Birmingham, it's absolutely fucked.
Can't find any quote without a blackbox. Seems like it's mandatory for new drivers nowdays.

>the desperation in this thread

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I don't have a gf but I have my eye on somebody.
What's your work week like? And perhaps this is better discussed outside Jow Forums.

I haven't been to the thread in 6 months what have I missed, my ps4 is broken nd i've stopped drinking so i'm bored lads

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It's sad isn't it. I like to consider some of you my mates but most of you are pathetic virgins that just disappoint me.

I'm not a tranny, I won't post pics in public but if anyone REALLY wants to meet, I'll make sure to prove you're not leaving your incel abodes for a troon.

Good luck with your oneitis user :) Where else?

please fuck off
you are a man, an ugly one at that.
stop trying to delude yourself and convince others; start fixing yourself
shall we get a date organised then? and not to be crude, but can you proove that you're a girl? take a timestamp of your hair.
it's just that 99.9% of the posters here are male.

Old pic

Add me on PSN

Main change is that I'm regularly being called cute now

Denies being a tranny but not being fat.

Stay clear of this one lads. Just picture the mold and dead skin under its inflated fat rolls where the sweat can't escape.

It's mental isn't it? Here I am stuck in Birmingham while prime kraut puss is getting taken away right in front of my eyes.
I don't even care that it's a bloke larping, I'm mad.