horse edition

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>swn sit on your face
Why even live?

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normalfags out please

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there is a varbie for everyone desu
tell us what you like and we will find someone for you

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what does it feel to fuck an ass like this?


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>tell us what you like
kemonomimis aren't real user(at least not now), no point in telling you my taste in women

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Stop beeing a baka, baka user

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varbies are the future

tee hee the magic muscle pills you gave me are working

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now we're talking fellow user

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we will be here if you change your mind desu

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>wow user you're so much smaller than me now!

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Shay is CUTE

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What's your ultimate varbie fantasy anons?

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Is this a horse?

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If you are going to post 2D, at least post one with muscle.

Some good hammies on this one.

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Brazilian horse girl

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I just want to watch a smoll qt get swole in 8 weeks

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Never seen before/after of an Asian varbie before.
Czechmate user

Here's one. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

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ah fellow gentlemen

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Sweet, now I just need to do that to my Flip.
Cheers my patrician friend.

easy desu
azn varbies are hot af

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It looks like her boobs have been completely erased by her pecs.
It's both hot and heartbreaking at the same time.

Boobs are nice but you have to realize they are mostly fat. When women cut down they lose them.

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Damn. I hope she doesnt develop heart problems early with that HGH

pic related went from this...

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to this
how hot is that?

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It's just anavar.

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That's incredible. How is her face even cuter in the webm? That's the opposite of what one would expect.

delicious /pectiddies/ desu

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superior azn varbie genetics

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I think it's funny how these girls still paint and get their nails done while looking like this

Because they are still girls at heart.

Girly varbies are hnnnnnnnnnnng

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If you think about it bodybuilding is more feminine than masculine. It's a glorified beauty pageant.

There's already an r9gay thread

Here's a (You) getting sat on by a wheyfu

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Maybe you should go there then.

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It's like she's enticing me to show my cock then acts playfully shocked/disgusted when I actually reveal it.

It's an art. You could argue singing/dancing/painting/sculpting/etc are all feminine pursuits, despite men being superior in all of them. This particular artform is just sculpting your own body. Bodybuilding competitions are still gay as fuck though.

Yeah I know how that goes, happened a couple times to me on the bus.

Powerlifting seems far more manly than bodybuilding. There is a certain element of gayness to bodybuilding. It doesn't help that many are gay for pay.

this image gave me a new fetish.

She's such a tease.

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She has that effect on people.

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>Jessica Biel gets cast in action film
>director tells her she needs to get Jow Forums for the part like she was in Blade Trinity
>Jessica being a professional tries some var
>tfw she experiences the rapid growth and gets addicted
>she loves it
>tfw she keeps getting bigger and bigger
>tfw Marvel casts her as She-Hulk in a big budget MCU blockbuster
>tfw varbies become mainstream both in Hollywood and real life

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like man butt probably

That is super fuckin weird bro

Slava is a 10/10 varbie.

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I mean i'm mirin her physique as a Jow Forumsizen but women shouldn't completely trade away their tits

this chick is pure sex

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>tfw no t rex varbie gf

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> how strong do you think my arms are user?

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varbies are very proud of their /pectiddies/ tho

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>tfw can't find any of her before pics anywhere

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> welcome to the gun show swetie

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>tfw no stronk thicc qt gf

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iktf varbro

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she is one of the best. top tier

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None of these girls are natty
They all take T & steroids

This is a varbie thread user.

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so what?
statement is still true

Varbie means Anavar Barbie. It's about qt girls taking magic muscle growth pills to get big.

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true and irrelevant

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>implying that's not the greatest thing ever

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>tfw she stopped growing
Needs moar var

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>those veins on her neck
Holy fuck my dick.

Unf she looks so good with more muscle.

how do you even get a varbie gf?

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you get a normal gf and mix var in her food

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go back to only skinnyfat girls allowed on my r9k

Your skinnyfat girls discovered Anavar.

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>only 14
kek im a fucking dyel who benches 130 lbs and my arms are as big as hers

this is the best possible timeline, user

How about now tho? Are you bigger than her?

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>r9k is now pushing out the trannies with varbies
Jow Forums would be proud guys. Now all y'all need to do is lift.

We're doing the best we can based Jow Forumsbro.

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>tfw grill takes magic muscle growth pills and grows16.5" guns in 8-12 weeks
>tfw mine are almost 13" after a year of lifting
Unfair but extremely arousing.

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>why are you so scrawny user? I'm a girl and I'm bigger than you tee hee!

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You think they have to tuck in their clit when they were off stuff that shoes off their camel toe?

>wearing something specifically to show off pussy
>not wanting their intimidating megaclit in full view

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God I wish I was smart enough to figure out how to buy this online. My GF asked me about var and I need to figure this shit out.

just go to Jow Forumss cheating fraud thread

Did she just lick her fucking bicep

Maybe I am an idiot but I have always seen no source talk on those. Oh my god to put this in my GF so bad.

the funny thing about all these women is that i guarantee, even being a KHV no-workout NEET, that i could beat he absolute ever-living shit out of these bitches. 1 punch and they will be crying for creatine.

Honestly muscle just looks good even without the fetishtic aspect.
Even a fat chick can look much better with a bit of muscle

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No she licked her bicep while recording it a long time ago and you just watched it. Time is a tricky thing.

Haha man wouldnt suck if you were turned into her personal dildo? Like man that would suck so bad haha.

>pure cute girl you take home to mom and dad
>raging muscle monster that takes you to town at a Tough Mudder

You gotta be able to lift more than her, and be bigger. Which means being over 6 foot tall without roids

Who is this mega qt?

I unironically want this but with brie in captain marvel 2
I want her to get butthurt over people calling her weak and flatassed
I want her to take a ton of var and build huge muscles before the next movie production starts
I want her to act all smug about it on instagram and in interviews
And i want disney to make it about feminism, by showing off her muscles in trailers

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The idea that Captain Marvel will get a sequel is the least realistic thing about this.

Thats a pretty odd thing to say
Just because the russos didnt want anything to do with her, doesnt mean disney is done with her

It's got a 3.3 user rating on metacritic; I think Disney's smart enough to know she's a black hole where their profit would otherwise be.