Tfw was that kid in school who was addicted to video games and had no friends whatsoever

>tfw was that kid in school who was addicted to video games and had no friends whatsoever

How did others perceived you l in school anons?

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friends with everyone but no one to talk to

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>How did others perceived you l in school anons?
>Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

In all seriousness, most people avoided me because they thought of me as the school shooter type, which was pretty far from the truth, but whatever ig

That's sad. Why did they think of you as a school shooter? Did you do something?

migrant weeb who was good with everyone but frieds with no one.

I was probably a bit too edgy in middle school, and in my town there's only one high school, so the reputation just carried over. But for the most part I think people just thought that because I wore dark clothes and didn't talk much

People thought I was smart for some reason but I was just a glasses wearing, internet/game/anime addicted introvert. I also tended to say stupid shit frequently because I'm an autist. I had one good friend but we slowly stopped talking after leaving school, nobody else really liked me or just tolerated me.

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i had stupid phases in school and looked like a fucking joke, which i was, still am to be fair
at least people were scared of my because of my ethnicity and didnt want to make fun of me so theres that

I was perceived as a druggie weirdo with no ambition. I had a lot of druggie weirdo friends. Some girls kinda liked that about me.

I wish I had tried harder in school and wasnt so caught up in getting high all the time.

Why do so many girls find junkies attractive? Do they want you to give em drugs in exchange for sex?

the druggie lifestyle is kind of interesting when you're young.

Once you're older though its kind of pathetic.

Same, I graduated during the time some other school shootings were happening so I had people who I even didn't know try to talk to me and befriend me lolll.

Is it really surprising? The more unique you are the easier you are perceived as a threat to society.

I never even existed for others

I dont think they did perceive me OP

>found my school's forum years after graduating
>girls were saying that I was a nice guy but should stop being so shy

Lol same, I was afraid to talk to them because I was short and skinny, didn't want to be judged

well, I was very aloof and even though I've hardly talked most people probably saw me as pretentious and arrogant.
In reality I was actually very shy with low self esteem.

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>used to be a class clown in elementary school
>became a quiet autist in high school
what the fuck happened?

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You skipped puberty unlike other boys

>tfw was that kid in school who was addicted to video games and had no friends whatsoever

It's funny how everyone that ends up here has pretty much the same life story

gee, it's almost as if youth shouldn't be wasted on trivial shit like vidya, but yeah, you're right

mysterious and wise
too mysterious to have friends i guess

I-is that really why user? Should I be worried?