What games are you currently playing robot? im playing dragon's dogma, rimworld...

what games are you currently playing robot? im playing dragon's dogma, rimworld, custom hotline miami 2 levels and sometimes i play gta online with a mod menu to fuck around with other people

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(we living in a vault)

8-1 as posiedon in ranked'

hunt showdown
made 18 episodes so far

still need loud heists and scarface on death sentence

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bloodstained, I waited four years for it
worth it

I'm doing an honor mode playthrough on divinity 2.

I finished the game on honor mode for divinity 1. Everyone says 2 is easier but I find it more challenging unless I'm missing something.

Currently still on Fort joy so early days

You're cute, hope you're enjoying DD:DA

I'm playing Path of Exile and a bunch of fighting games, stuck on MK11 and DBFZ currently

Replaying Fallout again.

Please god, if you're out there, let me enjoy playing new games again. Please, I beg you.

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thank you user, im really enjoying it, already in ng+, focusing on bitterblack isle right now

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lately i've been playing rogue legacy

I got really far and dropped the game sadly, maybe you should add me if you have it on steam and use my pawn!

fixed mypurple science on factorio and made it copy pastable
I really wanted to join my internet frens in the wow stress test but im totally broke

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i feel im almost done with kingdoms of alumar. im not sure if i should play bioshock after this or mgs 5
money problems? also what system you playin on

I'm currently playing 7th continent. It's solo exploration board game. It's pretty fun, if a bit difficult.

i still need to buy the dragons dogma dlc. dogma is probably the 3rd best fantasy game for the last gen console
im having a huge dilemma atm. since i got fired money is super tight. i can either
>buy splatoon 2
>xenoblade 2
>buncha 360 games
>buy none and just save up for a 3ds xl and enjoy cheaper 3ds titles on a big screen, an investment if you will
i literally lost sleep over this

Start playing VTMB for the first time as a Tremere, it's alright so far, just relaxing with some civ5 for now though.

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Been obsessed with pic related lately, it feels like a skyrim/path of exile/dark souls hybrid. But you can also build an outpost/town if you so wish and control multiple characters.
It's just the sort of game the devs very clearly poured all their effort and heart into.

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>download kenshi
>put graphics on max low
>get lag

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I'm assuming potato pc?

strongest slavic technology

For the past couple months i've just been playing osu!, it's seriously thrilling when you feel your skill level increase

Hello user, my two favorite games happen to be poe and ddda, what a coincidence :)
What are you playing this league? Or are you a standard player?

Currently playing nioh and sometimes the division but it gets boring really fast without friends to play with

The division 2

Ive been playing Final Fantasy XIV and just got to Ishgard.

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i feel you, gta online is also really boring without friends, i really miss the 360/ps3 era of the game, but oh well at least i go on power trips with the mod meu

literally all the console games ever made are available

Mushihimesama, Garou: MOTW