Im a girl ask me something

im a girl ask me something

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what do you do for a living? origini

How grill be on Jow Forums?? If grill is not real?

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im still young (18) so im still working fast food part-time while i get on my feet, planning on quitting soon

what are your stats? height and weight?

>we live in a simulation
>anything can be real

Where are you located?

5'9 nearly 5'10, im weigh 140 pounds or 63kg

can you post a vocaroo telling me you love me :^)

born and raised in Australia

>mfw a female is taller than me
just fucking end me already

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sure, but im a bit sick and my mics bad

Do women really like sucking dick or was that prostitute lying to me?

what does period feel like

im sorry buddy, but a whores gonna lie

it depends, first few days are absolute hell. most of the time i end up crying cramps are so painful but then after that i barely notice it. mine only lasts about 4-5 days and only days 1-2 are painful

are you a tranny?

>tfw 5'3
AAAAAa origigi

Into my vocaroo fapping collection it goes.

Do you like women as friends?

I have heard they can be pretty nasty behind your back.

no, just recovering from a sickness. fair enough if i sound like a man ive been coughing my lungs out

in real life most of my friends are women, theyre lovely to be around and i enjoy hanging around them but online i have mostly male friends and only about 1 or 2 female friends. online females are twats and i hate being around them

thanks for answering. i've been genuinely curious about it.

thats fine. glad i could satisfy your curiousity :)

Same, my closest friends are all women but I can't stand discord girls.

im sure im not much different but jesus fuck theyre awful

Why arent girls attracted to white boys anymore?

So, I'm in a real mess of a friendship with my best friend (F). I'm sure she knows that I still have feelings for her and I feel like she avoids the subject in order not to hurt me, since we really are inseparable.
We've known each other for many years and both of us had feeling for the other at some point, but now I don't really know what to think.
I can only see this ending badly whether we remain friends, whether we become something more or even I get out of all this.
She's the person I care about the most and I'd lose everything.

i am, my boyfriend is white
youre probably looking at a particular group of girls

what do you do online except for browsing here

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How does pic.relatedd make you feel?

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if she stopped liking you chances are she's not gonna like you again, im sorry. if the only way you can see her and you being happy is if shes your girlfriend but the only way she wants it is to remain friends, then im sorry but thats not going to work. i think if its paining you this much and regardless you know it's gonna end badly you should admit to her your feelings. if she likes you back, great, if she doesnt and you literally cannot bare the thought of now staying friends forever, move on. do not force yourself to stay friends. you'll be unhappy and it'll be better for the both of you to move on

Will you please be my gf?
I am also Australian.

i watch youtube, im rewatching the office, i talk to some of my friends on discord, im shit at video games so i avoid that, i vc on discord a lot cuz thats fun but thats pretty much all i do

of course stranger

maybe i should be scared of frogs

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Okay cool that was easy. Where do you live so I can take you on our first date?

Why is there so few women that upholds traditionnal values?
Sure, most of the West is now very left-wing, but I feel like most women wont ever think about nationalism, cultural identity or traditions (or at least here in France)
I'm not even talking about racial matters.

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349 Colburn Ave, Victoria Point QLD 4165

Where the boobs, where dey at! Holla!

what do you mean traditional? what traditions are you talking about? i myself am not religious or anything

Welcome to the club pal organi

Is your sex drive low, average, high?

Okay sweet, I'll pick you up at 6 honey :)

sir please not right now

why are you on Jow Forums (r9k)?

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see u then

>being this sensitive about height
I'm genuinely sorry this is such a point of pain for people. If you're serious then just know it can be kind of nice to have a girl that's taller than you. softer when hugging...

I am also a female, AMA

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Fuck off cunt. Aussie slut.

low when it comes to actual sex, but i like other stuff quite a lot.

I hope you're cool with a 24 pack of chicken nuggets from Maccas btw.

are you hijacking my im a girl ask me anything post

i dont like /b/, too much porn too little interesting posts and none of the other threads i've really explored or interest me. Jow Forums is perfect, i find it interesting and funny

will any of you talk to me on discord? I have been talking to kik sluts and I can talk to girls any time but its getting demeaning and they are all typical ratchet e thots

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Attempting to kek
I'm also Australian, where abouts are you from?

course i am :-)

do you ever think it would be easier to be a guy? sometimes i think it would be nice to be a girl but i think it's just kind of a "grass is always greener" kind of thing...

also are periods actually horrible?

Does your pussy smell worse than your ass hole?

NSW, you?

its not really THAT much of a problem, im a spic living in a spic country so everyone is smaller than the average european or american, but i went to miami and orlando some months ago and everyone was taller than me, left me a little scared of moving to the US because i know some people are really autistic when it comes to height, specially americans

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i cant smell it so its probably fine

I wish you'd actually be my gf, I'm so damn lonely all the time.

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Talk? Absolutely.
Edate or anything of the sort? Negative user.
If you're just seeking conversation I am happy to chat.

i wouldnt mind being a guy for a day but in the end i prefer being a girl. mine are awful for the first two days but then its fine and it only happens once a month

I'll talk to you user, I guess I'll give you my discord since you didn't post yours you thought nigger

im sorry user. you should go out and talk to some girls, it's not as scary as you may build it up to be in your mind. or maybe you dont even need a gf, friends can help fill that void too

Liking your country, feeling proud of its former glories, having a certain sense of self-sacrifice for the greater good, wanting to protect it at all cost.

Most of the girls I've talked to have a deep desire to study abroad, and will instantely love anything as long as it sounds exotic, while having no interest whatsoever for the gigantic ammount of culture our country produced for the last centuries.
Another example is that any fundraising campain to help build whatever bridge they need in a random eastern African country will be 10 time more attractive that a campain to feed our homeless.

I feel like at best, women don't care about their country, and at worst despise it.
Well at least it's the case for rich white french Parisian girls desu.

>tfw you're in Perth and still have no aussie gf to ride kangaroos with you


i lived in queensland for a while, much preferred it.

What does that mean? You're not interested in sex but masturbate a lot?

Sounds gay, give me one reason why you shouldn't just be my gf?

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but your not a robot, tits or gtfo

im not gonna lie, i love my country and i want to spend my life here but its super fucking boring. id love to study abroad myself and travel around Europe, im in love with France and would love to travel and even live there for a month one day. but id like to come back to australia obviously. i understand where you're coming from, and there are girls out there like that but i personally am just bored right now of what my country has to offer

kind of, i prefer foreplay

I havent lived else where so I cant comment about queensland being better then other places, but I like where I live

what if you dont like me then thatll be awkward

I am very easy to please, all I want is someone who won't leave me.

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send me tits. right now. RIGHT now. or get OUT.

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I get what you mean. Sure, travelling is fantastic, and even studying abroad is an interesting thing to do -hell,I've done it myself-. I just find it sad that people where I live don't seem to realize how fortunate they are to live where they do.

Btw, when you go to France, you should limit yourself to Paris.

i have to leave the house at least once a day user

Stop trying to be funny and just be my goddamn gf already AAAAAAAAAAA

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oh im beyond aware of the fact im extremely lucky and privileged to be born in the place i was. and really, why paris? id love to go to some of the surrounding towns

Imagine living anywhere down under besides Perth, get a grip ladies...

im sorry user is my sense of humour not good enough I can be funnier p-pwease

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u like my chad bubs?

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Do you like steak? I can cook very good steak. When you're my gf I will cook you lots of steak I promise.

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looking good brad

i really like burgers, can you cook a mean burger user?

**Fuck I meant you should NOT limit yourself to Paris.
Lot of tourists do this, and it's the best way to feel like my country is in decay.
Sure it's by far the most splendid and culturaly-concentred town, but Bordeaux, Lyon or Toulouse are all beautiful cities, while being more chill, cleaner, and with way less tourists.

And you could spend a lifetime in the different countrysides without knowing it all.


yeah i'd love to go to some of the other cities. paris definitely isnt my main goal, but i would like to visit it. going to other places in europe like italy, greece, amsterdam etc would be amazing

Are you going to find a sugar daddy to pay for your eurotrip?

I make the best burgers, here are some bacon cheeseburgers I made with potato buns.

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no sir, im saving up as we speak. i have a part-time fast food job as well as i get paid to help out at the place i ride my horse at

god damnit i love burgers user. and those look good.

Doubleplus ungood

If you be my gf I will cook you burgers whenever you want please it's a good deal.

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that is a really good deal.... is there anything else you can cook

Fuck if I got my step sister to do an AMA it'll probably get 1,000 replies. This fucking board...

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