My gf is mad at me

>my gf is mad at me

>im nothing without you
>i quess you're nothing now then

why are women so evil bros? i really thought she was the one

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>i quess you're nothing now then
whys she mad

Kys normal faggot

Idk shes just looking for an excuse to break up with me
Im used to it so its ok

She lives 20 mins next to the collage im going to next year, there is still hope bros

>im nothing without you
Why do you even say shit like this?
This is gay as fuck even if you say it to a girl.
No one likes overemotional and clingy faggots and you should never value yourself through women.

you know about the concept of opening up?
you're in a completely different mindstate when ur talking about that sorta shit

>opening up?
Yeah, don't do this or better don't be such a faggot on the inside.

She has no respect for you, it's obvious she is done with your bullshits and is already thinking about the future man she wants to meet and copulate with

we used to spend hours just talking
she used to open up about her fucked up childhood and how she was once raped at a party

i used to talk about how i would find my mother on heroin and cry as a child

i miss her

It was just your turn man, you can never possess a woman, the Chad mating call is too powerful

she blocked me on all places
im too "clingy"

women dont deserve us

like tf im supposte to do when she wont respond? ive got adhd you really think i have the power to just wait 6 hours for your short ass respond.
you said you wanted to cuddle with me and the next day you said you needed a break like fucking hell women make up your fucking mind.
you sent me nudes and i sent you and you said you were excited to fuck but then when im in the mood you suddenly just want me to shut up
women suck

>more excuses
And not even good ones.
>raped at a party
>I drank too much. That means he raped me
>Sorry officer for that car accident but I was drun which means it's not my fault.
Either this or she was really raped(which I doubt) and she likes it.
>find my mother on heroin
Cry more. Even more evidence that women do dumb shit all the time.

>im too "clingy" women dont deserve us
I wouldn't want you either and I'm a guy.

>rest of your post
Proof that you're a clingy faggot. That's also not how adhd works iirc

she was raped as a child. she cuts herself so i think thats more than enough proof. dont be such an asshole user or youll never get laid. yeah dont be a complete cuck either but you're way too set on making her feel like she needs to be with you rather than the opposite.

i admit the relationship wasnt "i love you you love me". i loved her more than she loved me but idc she was great. we used to spend hours just talking about shit and nobody would end the call.

i said to her (before we got together) that i was going to collage and she said she lived 20 mins next to it. it was perfect. then she started flirting with me out of nowhere and sent me a picture of her talking to her friend about me, she said "so you got a boyfriend now?"
she rsponded with "i dont know if its official yet :3" then changed my name to "hunny boo".

i was gassed, women stroke your ego and make you feel special just so they can crush you weeks after.

dont date women /robots/

also you must be brain dead cuz thats how adhd works. cant pay attention to shit i need constant attention. shut the fuck up retard i hope you fucking choke to death on whatever chad dick you're sucking, faggot.

Welcome to the incel party, you're here forever.

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im not one of you
this happens to everybody, its another day in the life. no point in crying over spilled milk.

if one girl likes me for my looks that means more will come. plus idk if its official over i think she just has a little sand in her vagina

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While you're wasting your time with this hoe, the asian woman who will love and cherish you is rotting away. Stop wasting your time with woman who doesn't love you and start your life with the good one. There is no pount on holding on a shitty relationship because meanwhile you are missing the gf you really need

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asian women are the sluts of europe.

norwegian women will always be superiour.

lenge leve kongen

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sometimes people say really mean things when theyre angry. i hope she didnt mean it even if it was a shit thing to say to you.

>making her feel like she needs to be with you
No, she's free to do what she wants but I'm not pretending that she's my all and everything.
>youll never get laid
Yes, you surely know how things work
>i loved her more than she loved me
That's the biggest issue here. She can smell that and then she thinks that she "can do better"
>i was gassed, women stroke your ego and make you feel special just so they can crush you weeks after.
That only happens because you let yourself influence by her by valuing her opinion about yourself over your own. Just don't give a shit dude.
>cant pay attention to shit i need constant attention
Then do something.
It's the old
>it's not my fault because you see, "reasons"
Adhd is a meme anyway.

thanks man, thats excatly how i look at it.
i know the "women are evil" is a memea and all but really i think she was just a bit tired of me, so im not completely bumped out because its just a little break. everybody needs a break.

>wojak with ears
don't ever post again
delete the thread

No doubt she is saying that, thinking of you, so that you can hate her and move on with your life. Truly a good person OP, treasure her.

What? Wojak always had ears dummy

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The fuck? Get out, retard.

wow...for the first time Jow Forums has actually helped me cope. ive done so thinking and ive come to this:

ill try to contact her and explain to her that i think we both need a break. im currently on holiday in spain and shes home back in norway.

im moving out in august to the collage (where she lives near) so ill just tell her there isnt really any point in rushing this relationship untill august comes.

thanks robots.


it is a meme but youre right that sometimes, if people are tired of you enough, they just stop caring and try and hurt you instead.
ive done it before, even though its shit.
you can get through this man, itll be alright.
maybe you can find out if she really is tired of you for good? sometimes staying calm and talking about things forces the other person to talk about them in a serious manner too and takes away most of the shitty passive aggressive insults.

>women are evil is a meme
you retarded cretin, you have evidence right in front of you backing up facts, get cucked by your gf, and still want to whiteknight?

Pls stop being mean to me you bully

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fuck off normie fag
I hope your nothing then, and that you kill yourself

Lifes not a bitch
life is a beautiful woman

You only call her a bitch 'cause she won't let you get that pussy

Maybe she didn't feel y'all shared any similar interests

Or maybe you're just an asshole
Who couldn't sweet talk the princess

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Based aesop user, daylight is a fucking great album

yeah. easily most slept on rapper alive. but yeah this isnt /mu/ but respect my brother!

Yeah, i hate to say this but ive done this before too. I knew a college girl who started to crush on me after we started being FWB, but she was just really not someone i could see myself being around long term and regularly. she was just kind of grating and abrasive (don't project this onto yourself though) and i could tell she was wanting more than we agreed on. So, like an asshole, i started purposely ignoring her and acting douchey to push her away emotionally instead of just communicating like an actual decent person and breaking it off. She cut it off, found another dude who treated her well, and felt much better for having been the one to cut it off. It's still a really shitty thing to do imo and i wish i had just told her how i felt, but the situation also turned out much nicer than if i had broken it off and made her constantly wonder if i was the one that got away.

INB4 robots start spamming "get off my board normie" bullshit

you did the right thing user

you're not a normie you're just a loser with social skills.

Same dude as the college girl post. Reading what you've said a bit more, i honestly think that you're overvaluing this girl a little bit as well (or my inner douchebag is talking, who knows). It sounds like being able to share your experiences with her was valuable, but that was a horrible thing for her to say. I understand because i fell head over heels for the first girl that i shared my childhood trauma with, but then realized she didn't really care too much about me because that's about the only common ground we shared. Make sure that whoever you date next has more common ground than just PTSD. Sharing that comes later, once you've built a really solid framework.

I'm also sorry to hear about your mom, and I hope you're doing alright. I'd reccomend a therapist if you can afford it

ive done therapy. they diagnosed me with all sort of shit so i get to take anxiety pills, adhd pills, and all other shit.

apperently they said i had some "abandonment issues" but like who doesnt. never had a father growing up so he didnt teach me how he met my mom and so on. but yeah i appericiate the support and im sure ill find a better one some day.

im still only 19 so im not gonna go hang myself over some pussy if you feel me. just sorta suck because im tired of being alone.

but i agree on the whole solid framework thing. you're right i cant be thinking a girl is the one just because we share some deep things together.
i love you guys.

THat's a big fucking ear m8t

Northern women are crazy for black men you delusional dumbass

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thats because of the disgrace to scandinavia thats sweden.

literally rest of us hate black ppl

not bein racist just dont loik em

this is really important. i met someone when both of us were going through a shitty time and we talked to each other a lot about our problems. we had a lot of problems so of course we thought we hit it off. when things started to get better though, we realised we didnt have a lot in common and they couldnt make me laugh at all, which seemed to be a problem to them. we were completely different people with completely different interests, it was hard to keep talking. its really special if you get to talk about bad experiences with someone who cares and understands, there can be a lot of sentiment and happiness that comes from it but it doesnt help if theres nothing there apart from that. i still talk to them and things are really bad with this person, have been for a very long time. point is, vulnerability is cool and good but a relationship can only be good if you have a mixture of that and everything else, it shouldnt be based on that itself.

You have stats to back that up you fucking cuck

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That's what we all said when we broke up with our gf's. lmao

that family is adorable

Fucking leave. I'm serious. Relationships just require honesty and effort. Also stop with the doomer meme summerfag.

You maybe but wolen have a natural tendency to be sexually drawn to foreigners.
Blacks in Europe fuck white girls like crazy, I have black friends and I can confirm my statement

the fuck why does wojak have ears now itl ooks wrong

larping cuck

Damage control cuck, just walk 10minutes in any European city and see all the 15/18 young whites girls with their black bf

(op, i had to refresh the site and a bunch so idk if i get the OP tag or not)

i think i should mention this too, the girls has this detatchment disorder. basically she doesnt really feel too emotionally attracted to someone unless she sees them in person or can feel them.

so she made me send her some hoodies and stuff (not expensive at all so dont come at me with the "shes using you" shit).

and she is also a bit "asexual" (which would be understandeble because she has been raped, molested and had a really troubling childhood, she basically feels no pleasure down there). but she said she would still make love to me but i just had to keep in mind that if she didnt cum it wasnt because of me, its because of her.

call me a fool if you want but thats believeble because she told me about this long before we got together. we started talking one day and she said he ex had never made her cum, i said maybe he didnt do the right thing or have the right size. she then made me send her a dick pic (she seemed happy about the size)

so its safe to say sex is not the main goal here. but its still something to keep in mind. once she recieve the clothes i sent her we'll see how things go.

shes mental why bother, and stop with the reddit spacing faggot

Its pakis theyre with not blacks. Lmao
Confirmed larp.

this is like therapy to me bro, leave me alone already. reddit is filled with virgin faggots, even more so here.

Kys you fuckin cuck, wasting your energy on a dead end relationship.
Stop being bullied like a cuck and find peace of mind in the arms of a sweet asian girl

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I couldn't care less, I've finally accepted asian women as superior

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Once girls sniff desperation or fragility (especially when you make it so obvious like a faggot) there's a 0% chance they'll take you seriously as a man. Nothing dries a pussy faster.

>"send me a dick pic!"

She's using you for your emotional labor and stringing you along with sex. You can do better

shes really into "roleplaying" (shes a furry laugh all you want) so we would often just spend hours roleplaying sex. she seemed to be genuinely intrested in it.

i once said i was gonna fap and she said "can i watch uwu". that shit right there made me blush...i fucking miss her, she said she was with me to lend me a hand and that i had to visit her some time in august so we could go to a con together...i miss you vilde

The fuck outta here you larper

I learned this hard way, take notes op

we would constantly spend hours just playing the forest

the way she would giggle when i said some shit and how i would chuckle when she did the same

if i we we're bantering i would say "fuck you" and she would reply "you would" and we would both laugh

whenever some scary shit happened she would make the cutest scream noise ever
i just want her back

He had enough problems already but now you have him swimmer's ear. Fuck you

Don't be mean, I won't repeat myself again

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first off if you told her "im nothing without you" youre either
1. a fucking child with no genuine feelings who is just regurgitating shit from movies thinking this is how youre supposed to do life
2. a manipulative asshole who is one step away from blaming the other person and making threats (IE: "i'll kill myself without you")

your relationship is garbage
your gf isnt evil
youre both just fucking stupid, or you're evil

>I am nothing without you

You biggest mistake, pal. Never admit this to women, they only want you if they think you are already something, something the can leech off, be it socially or financially

every single post of yours is blaming every fault on something else

its not MY fault that she couldnt stand being harassed and pressured all the time, it's ADHD's fault! it's HER fault! i shouldnt take any responsibility for myself and try to alter my behavior to be less socially repulsive! its something or someone else's fault! i refuse to put in any effort! i refuse to experience discomfort!

no, they understand this is EMOTIONALLY MANIPULATIVE BEHAVIOR and it is a huge red flag for a partner who will become increasingly abusive when faced with any amount of stress

you guys are fucking stupid
"its just women they want like, good people. you know. those assholes. wanting good people. wanting chad. wanting an emotionally stable man who wont take out his anger on them. how entitled can stacy fucking be?"

yall are fucking stupid. grow up. take accountability for yourself.

if only you knew.
my friend always said "reconsider every case from every side". i constantly feel paranoid i did something wrong, i look at it from every fucking point of view. reason im not taking full blame is because last time i did that i felt into a deep depression where nothing was meaningful because i knew in the end i wouldnt end up happy.
if you think someone is to blame other than me you're completely wrong. i didnt go on here to defend myself or to blame it on me, i came here to vent. im a fucking idiot and i know it. i didnt deserve her she was way too good for me, we're all doomed to die alone. the sooner you accept that the better. my father didnt stay, my mother didnt stay, friends didnt stay, even my grandparents are gonna be gone soon.
im done taking the blame, ive been doing that for 19 years now. you're turning me into a fucking incel, fuck you. do you think i enjoy being self aware to the point of paranoid episodes and anxiety constantly looking over my shoulder. idc if its gay or "corny". the fucking man on my back is a maniac

They're not evil, it's all smoke and mirrors, and you're just oversensitive

Treat them like a child, or a dog, and you get infinite pussy because you show their little act is absolutely irrelevant

>trying to lecture anyone here about women when he comes crying about his gf being a big meanie head

i dont want to end up like my friend marius, hanging from a tree. the kid was only 18 thats how fucked his mind went after the breakup with the girl he thought was the love of his wife. its all a fucking play untill you start thinking you're not worth it anymore.

Confirmation bias is a hell of a drug, and all the "women are evil" being a meme is cause its the majority. You just need to know how to appeal to that and you can get laid, not that it means shit anyway hopefully you find a comfy way to spend your days before dying user.

>reason im not taking full blame
> because last time i did that i felt into a deep depression where nothing was

excuses wow
"last time i did that it made me experience discomfort. i refuse to experience discomfort."

>if you think someone is to blame other than me you're completely wrong
ok be delusional.

>im a fucking idiot and i know it.
then halfheartedly admit it elsewhere.

you are fucked. you have so little self awareness and your ego is so fragile you cant take ownership of literally anything. you are a coward and a child.

>my father didnt stay, my mother didnt stay, friends didnt stay, even my grandparents are gonna be gone soon.

no one cares. i can absolutely without a doubt tell you i have had more wild and fucked up shit happen to me. it is not an excuse to wallow and remain there.

>you're turning me into a fucking incel, fuck you.
wow now youre blaming ME. that was fucking fast. YOURE turning you into an incel by being INSUFFERABLY IMMATURE. you are expecting someone else to take ownership of your problems like someone who still has a parent to do so for them.

> i enjoy being self aware to the point of paranoid
paranoia isn't self-awareness. paranoia is an overreactive imagination that distracts you from reality. paranoia prevents self awareness.

>im done taking the blame
you will take the blame for your own actions for the rest of your life or no one else will and it will become dysfunctional

that wasnt the OP

>wanting chad. wanting an emotionally stable man who wont take out his anger on them.
Chad is on roids. Do you know what he does when he doesn't get his way?

But I guess that makes you wet for him in the first place.

i am the op you brainlet.

your reading comprehension is terrible
read the whole post

fuck off and die normalfag no one cares about your girlfriend

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wtf, you're still here?
i told you to delete this thread hours ago

>>my gf

this is not /normie/, you edgy summerfag.

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I did. What did you not understand in mine? Let me try again:

You're a fucking retard if you don't think Chad is equally as manipulative, except even more unstable when his roid rage kicks in. You're falling for the halo effect because you're dumb as shit. And women literally accuse guys who are being honest and direct of being "manipulative" just because they don't like how they look. So fuck off.


you still arent comprehending what you've read

try again

i think i should give context.

during our relationship i always felt she was the better looking, i was the one who needed her more than she needed me, so i felt like she was going to leave me constantly. i tried being open and honest with her because to be honest i cant be bothered with trying to fake it til i make it. she didnt seem to be turned off at first, we actually had chemistry.
my mindstate isnt healthy, i have too much self awarness but im too lazy to do anything about it, i know nobody else would want me but i still know thats just bullshit. im not blaming her, i was the happiest ive ever been when i was with her. ive taken the blame for everything, ive never given her shit for the stuff she did. she probably cheated, lost interest and everything else before i got the chance to tell her i dont feel like she wants to be with me. so i said one bad thing and suddenly she says its over, she was looking for an excuse. i was always paranoid she was cheating on me because i know im not worth being with, im too chatty, i cant keep up a conversation on just one subject. i constantly talk. i never shut up. im always needy. i constantly need validation im worth her time. quess she couldnt take it so i cant blame her for leaving me. but the way she did it fucked me up. she just said "i dont want to date you, dont contact me. goodbye" and im stuck here literally countries away from her for 2 weeks because im on holiday.

if you unironically think chad is real you are a fucking hollow, blamign everybody else on your bad looks or lack of personality. girls find everything about everyone intresting so saying "oh you are to emotional" is bullshit. everybody is different and i just want to fucking talk to her again...

Playing stupid only works IRL when people can see your retarded face.

>if you unironically think chad is real you are a fucking hollow, blamign everybody else on your bad looks or lack of personality. girls find everything about everyone intresting so saying "oh you are to emotional" is bullshit.

>he fell for the women are romantic meme

They hate cheesy men with passion. To show your "affect" you have to fuck her so hard that is borderline rape and buy her expensive clothes

>Playing stupid only works IRL when people can see your retarded face.

I'm not playing stupid. You have repeated back to me something that does not align with what I said at all. You are having an argument with an imaginary person who is not me.
I am not engaging in an argument against a point I never made.
If you cannot comprehend that initial comment and react this way, I am not very motivated to have a discussion with you.

>>im nothing without you
Why would you say such weak words?
They aren't going to make her like you more.

when she is literally second from blocking you, you dont have time to write a original line to make her like you again.

>during our relationship i always felt she was the better looking, i was the one who needed her more than she needed me, so i felt like she was going to leave me constantly.

These are classic issues associated with things like BPD. Cluster B disorders in general are where you will find descriptions of a lot of behaviors that influence RELATIONSHIPS negatively more so than anxiety/depression type symptoms.

This does not mean you have these disorders. Please do not think of psychological disorders as a clearcut unchangeable box and trait about yourself like being 5'10" or something. They are just a list of dysfunctional behavior patterns people sometimes take on. There is a lot of overlap between them. Do not make a personality disorder what/who you are.

> ive taken the blame for everything
you contradict yourself with this constantly. on one hand you say you will, then in another minute you say you wont, you werent at fault, there is no blame, etc. its chaotic af.

>i have too much self awarness but im too lazy to do anything
this isnt true. your self awareness is not good. you do not posses that knowledge.

> i know nobody else would want me but i still know thats just bullshit.
more cluster B/BPD type stuff

> im always needy. i constantly need validation im worth her time
again more BPD/cluster B stuff. NPD.

you were also constantly paranoid of her leaving/abandoning you with no real evidence. that is also another trait (fear of abandonment, delusions).

you need to really really check yourself, your mind, your thoughts, your impulses, and your honesty with yourself if you want any relationship to work.

you don't need to share anything with a woman, if you are alpha enough she will follow. Same with politics, I don't give a fuck if she is a leftist unless she is very damaged. Also a woman is not your best friend, you shouldn't act weak around her. If you need a woman to hear you cry go to a therapist or something. What a fuckin fag

>if you are alpha enough she will follow
if you refuse to compromise with your wife and make her constantly feel like a second class, disrespected citizen she is not going to be happy

you guys are fucking doomed

Why do you think everything is about you? Facts are facts.

>if you refuse to compromise with your wife and make her constantly feel like a second class, disrespected citizen she is not going to be happy

They're dumb because they're young, they don't get that Alpha just means "being the exact kind of man a woman wants in the exact emotional situation she's in and then changing into another kind of man when she wants that kind of man, but doing it in a way that makes her think that you're "forcing her" to go along with all the things that she really secretly desired, and doing this perpetually until she gets bored anyway".

wow...holy shit
idk what to even fucking type like legit.ive never been so open about how i felt. you're right,..i ned to go to therapy again because im starting to think you're right with that bpd, its just i cant really point out what i feel when i felt it if that makes sense. so im constantly feeling either sad, mad, happy or overwhelmed but i need to say that when i feel it, and not later, because then i cant put on words how i feel.

its been years since ive been to the therapist, i think i need to pay him a visit. good thing social welfare is a thing here so its not gonna cost me that much. im sorry if i contridict myself, its just like i said i cant point out how i feel many times. i appericiate you guys.

is there a way i can see if im NPD or BPD or Cluster B online? i dont trust those buzzfeed quizes because quirky girls constantly take them to "feel edgy and different, yeah im a psycho bitch!!11".

no one wants to feel forced
normal women do not want to revert to being second class
the goddamn vatican voted on if women had souls and youre like "lets uphold that stuff, thats what women want"

then women tell you "we dont want that" and youre right back to "women dont have souls"

how predictable and childish and mildly sociopathic

>no one wants to feel forced
I think you misunderstood me, they do when it's being "forced" into the exact thing they wanted in the first place, it's just a dumb game.

i dont know if this thing is legit or not
i dont wanna seem like i want to be bipolar but or npd because i know some people enjoy the feeling of being a psycho but like...does this look bad?

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no. this is what i said to NOT do.
do not try to diagnosis yourself with a disorder.
it is not a thing to have.

it is a category or label used for a box.
the box contains a list of dysfunctional symptoms you may or may not have. you can have half the symptoms "of BPD" without having half the other ones.

the label is not important. the label is a keyword to search to find information about the disordered behaviors you are exhibiting. use the information about the disordered behaviors to become aware of your own thought processes, chains, and impulses. address yourself and alter yourself from there.

obvious ones would be things related to abandonment fears, emotional regulation, splitting (idealizing your gf, then trash talking her the next type stuff - hard to explain in depth), histrionic/threat type behavior used for emotional manipulation, poor self-esteem and the need to be seen by others in order to convince self that their self-image of "im bad" is actually wrong because other people say so (core mechanic of NPD), etc.

no i understood you
you are saying "they do when its being forced"
after i literally said no one wants to be forced
youre not saying i misunderstood
youre saying i disagreed with you because you have some fucked up image of women loving to be dragged around and dominated you weird pseudo rapist