Kinkshaming thread

Get in here faggot, it's time for a good ol' kinkshaming thread. tell your kink/fetish and others will give you shit for it. there's not enough banter on this board nowadays.
>your kink
>shit talk another user's kink

I'll start:
>cosplayer girls

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You fucking faggot you like the character, not the girl. Without the costume there is no love

do you also shit in a diaper?
>straight shota

I like nekos

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>straight shota
You probably self insert as the kid because you're a fucking micro dicked beta. grow some balls on your balls nerd.

>Anything that reminds me of myself.

>Consensual missionary sex in wedlock for the purposes of procreation and expressing our ultimate love
Based degenerate

ddlg and gettin pee'd on

>domination (d/m s/f)
>giant manmade tits
Really hard to find bbw bdsm but trannies with huge bolt-ons are pretty common

Pls be a girl and single

I'm pretty vanilla :(

Am a gril however I'm not seeking companionship, my apologies user

Not looking for xompanionship either. Just want to pee on someone

"Accidentally" being seen naked or masturbating by strangers/friends
Being bratty and put in my place
Being a princess taken into slavery and forced to entertain my captors naked
Being my master's obedient house maid
Any form of restraint, immobilizing
Primal rape (whatever you can call it, where I'm a prey who's just chilling in the woods and jumped on by a strong male predator who pins me down and wants to rape me following his primal instincts)

On a more dom side:
Feet worship

Does this mean you don't want someone to come over and pee on you right now?

I only like it when daddy pee's on me

Can't I be your daddy who will pee on you?

Why is it always trannies and never girls who want this?

My daddy is my partner, it isnt the same if its a stranger I have no feelings for, sorry user!

Mine is
>when people watch porn and fuck/masturbate

Like, the fuck is wrong with you? Basically, any pregnancy-fag is a half of inflation-degenerate.

Are you saying I'm a tranny?

The likelihood is quite high

Those are literally one of the most common fetishes that girls have though

and trannies

Whatever you say

Yes but they aren't so forthcoming about then unlike trannies and gays

>tfw no girl to consensually enslave

This is an anonymous forum so why would I care

Because everyone will want to help you indulge in your fantasies if you are a girl

That doesn't mean I will agree to do that it's a thread for sharing your fetishes not to hook up and perform those fetishes

That's too bad, I'm sure I would be pretty good at giving you those fantasies.

I love eating pussy more than anything, always have. My sort-of-potential-girlfriend-i-think/woman i am putting my dick into currently embarrasses me a lot and something about it makes me blush and get really hard suddenly. Normally super dominant in bed but something about her makes me want to just be a little boy for her desu. Guess I'm a switch who's into emotional dominance now lol

They do, believe me.

I don't do that kind of stuff with strangers sorry


Fancy word for a borderline pedo, if not actually a pedophile. Genuinely fucking disgusting

I just wanna bury my face in a nice fat ass

We wouldn't be strangers after meeting though.

The idea of meeting someone for the purpose of doing some fetishes is dumb and scary, and no better than tinder


That's the whole point of tinder. Or fetlife.

stop trying to pick up a tranny on arkanine you fucking autist. even he's completely ininterested in your beta shit.

Mommy GFs. Not really though. I just want the nearly unconditional love part. Trying to keep a girls interest and having to fight to keep her around in the face of all the other guys as if she's a prize to be won and sold to the highest bidder is exhausting. Women just aren't worth it.