Hey robots,tell me how you guys are holding up

Hey robots,tell me how you guys are holding up

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I'm doing pretty good, Fren. Thanks for asking! Hows about yourself?

I'm not.
>have mental breakdown at work
>made friend cry
>someone at work thinks I'm a danger to her
>gets police involved
>they force her to have a restraining order against me
>she's not sure how to make it go away
>I can't help her
>she was my crutch in life
>and I was hers
One of us is going to an hero, and it's going to be this fucker's fault.

Dude you can figure things out you're smart you can do it and restraining order can repealed i have good faith you

My first gf broke up with me i dont feel great but if i can't feel great i can help you guys feel great

I've had a similar thing happen to me. We got back together after two months of being apart. Feels good man, just wait a lil bit. Then tell her you miss her.

Everything I find is for the states. I'm in Canada. She called me on the phone in fucking tears, the day it happened.

I'm trying to get into fps games again but I feel so slow compared to everyone else, my reflexes aren't what they were like when I was 15/16.
I'm not even that old (19), it's just that I've been doing nothing but play 4x and similar 'slower' genres for years now. It sucks been beaten by kids that I know aren't even a fraction as good as I once was, but I just don't have the energy to step up my game.

This speaks for more than just gaming, I'm just tired of life in general. The only way I will enjoy anything again is if I get my shit together and motivate myself to reach for higher things once more.

Then get your shit together motivate yourself you can do it i know you can and while you're at you get can get yourself a qt3.14 gf

There was alot of drama surrounding our relationship it was long distance at first she is Burmese and can bearly speak English so i always have to figure out what she was saying my family didn't approve of me spending so much my money every 3 months to go see her. Her parents didn't like her dating a American she moved over to US still couldn't speak good English so when she went out i had go with her to help her my friends who are Jow Forums fags didn't approve because muh race mixing. She didn't have any friends all my friends hated us our family hated us and i had to always help i love her she couldn't handle it and i hope to get the relationship back together

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All I can think about is suicide, got so bad I've decided to go back on anti depressants even though they didn't work for the 10 years I was on them before.
I won't kill myself, but I damn well want to.
Thank fuck I get my NEET cash tomorrow so I can get drunk again.

I think you need to see a professional about that

I sorta want to move out of my parents house but I'm hesitant. My life as it stands now is just go to work, go home, go on computer, repeat and it'd be a change at least, but I don't have it bad as it is now or anything.

>gain experience living alone, maybe be more confident doing adult things
>don't have to worry about some OCD related problems like when living with other people
>able to walk around with my balls out and put my anime stuff where I please

>i'm a manchild that doesnt know how many things really work out there in the world
>i'm also a subhuman hoarder
>i'm scared

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user how about you save or use those neet bux on a therapist plus if you want a gf they don't want a depressed one and when you do get a gf they don't want to see you depressed your friends don't want see you depressed get help your friends and family love you

deleted my post out of mental caution
thanks, will do, just needed someone else's opinion that wasn't close friends or family

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Dude you have to make time for other things in life also you have to make the decision yourself maybe you make too little maybe you are saving money maybe you are just ready yet i don't know you have to make that decision yourself

Life has no meaning.
what is the point in living if only what we do is to endure pain without any joy in return.

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> (OP)
>Life has no meaning.
>what is the point in living if only what we do is to endure pain without any joy in return.
There is joy you just have to find it do what makes you happy and to keep on the sunny side maybe you just haven't found it

Finished this year of college with pretty good results but now I feel very empty
I made a lot of great friends but I can't talk with any of them now since they're all doing their own stuff and I'm just here sitting at home feeling lonely
Also still don't have a gf despite people telling me it will happen "for sure"

user alot of life is just figuring it out yourself do want you want and will learn

I see
Thanks for the kind words friend

xanax is really what's keeping me going desu

Try your friends and people who love you stop taking drugs and get a shower shave and enjoy life and if want try for a gf

Got a Japanese driver's license today!!!!! Celebrating by getting piss drunk!

Therapy is free in England, tried it, didn't work.
I don't want a girlfriend, I don't need one.
I've tried all aspects of getting help and none of them have worked.
I'm used to being depressed and suicidal, I've been this way for 16 years and I've still not killed myself.

Try talking to friends and family and people who love you

Vodka and coke, barkeep

>failed uni
>lost my friends
>feel like crying whenever im at work

Not good desu

>haven't had a friend in 15 years
>haven't left the house by myself in 3
>khv at 27
>don't really give a shit and had the best year of my adult life thanks to exercise, weight loss, and rediscovering writing
Surely I have some sort of disorder, but it seems like I'm cool with it as long as people leave me the fuck alone. Have to get a job soon to stay on health insurance so I'm stressing out and trying to find something I can do from home.

Tried, friends all abandoned me as soon as I made my mental health issues public knowledge.
Family makes me feel like shit for many reasons.
Just went and bought a litre of vodka, got my knife out, pretty much decided tonight is the night, just need some of that old Dutch courage because I'm a massive pussy.

Trust me in 16 years I've done and tried everything to combat it, I've held on this long and I honestly don't have the strength in me to fight it any longer.
I'm honestly fine with it, it's actually an insanely liberating feeling deciding when your time is up.
I've not felt this calm in a long time.

I do appreciate what you're trying to do, I really do, I've been you for so many years trying to get others to get help and feel less shit about life even though I'm dead inside.

In fact I am not
I am just waiting for death since I have failed as a Male and couldn't get a gf till this age

Still alone, still hopeless and still a totally inept at social interactions. But it's okay, I'm starting to feel a bit better because I drown those in vidya and my archiving obsession of useful files. I am also waiting for hunting season in october to start working on getting a license.

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Not great.

I'm consistently terrified that I'm never going to meet someone like her again, and anyone that I do won't be able to fill her shoes. I know that this is an irrational fear, but that doesnt make it any less of a fear.

Great, I've been coming out of my shell and applying for jobs left and right as well as going to some house parties. Last night I made up with my waifu as well and she lets me pet her fluffy tail again >:)

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Started drinking again
I'm under a shitton of stress and I feel like I wasted my youth studying.
Granted the things I learned are important and I feel like I'm doing good work, but at the same time I feel underappreciated in what I'm doing and I'm wondering if I shouldn't have just learned a trade and tried to meet more people.

>crush posted selfie with her new boyfriend on instagram
let it end already

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Nah dude don't worry, I wasted my youth playing video games so at least you did something productive

In the exact same position mate. Just a case of waiting innit?

I don't feel much energy to even do things. I used to do things and hate them, but could try. Now I find that even if I could enjoy it, I wouldn't want to do it. Too tiresome mentally. Despair as I find more and more I hate. I just want something I can embrace, something that can make me happy, even as a diversion.

I dropped out of school for the 2nd time a few months ago. Now I'm trying to get a job, sent 7 applications last week but haven't gotten an answer yet. To be honest, I don't even expect to get accepted. I'm an absolute loser.

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I'm thinking about what my ex told me when she broke up with me. She sent me a text at 135 in the morning saying that she never loved me, and was in love with the person that she wanted to make me into. She said didn't want to break up with me because my OCD was very bad then and was going through a lot of rough stuff. Family issues, cat passed away from cancer unexpectedly, I was a mess on the inside. she stayed with me for a year, hating me.

It still hurts. Any day that I feel alone or lonely I think about her.