Why don't white British women like this phenotype but American ones do?

I am this phenotype and white UK women don't like me. Literally all my interest comes from Black and Muslim women.

And yet i have white women from America complimenting me telling me i am handsome. Sending me messages?

White women in Britain prefer the Prince Harry/Ed Sheeran phenotype.

Is it something to do with genetic history? they like lighter haired men while American white ones like darker looking guys?

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Because they prefer their men chinless, long schnozed, and inbred to the point of low mental acuity.

That is a feminine mouth though
Shame the jaw is wasted
Nose is aight too

Your eyebrows and child like choice of clothing/gear suggests you aren't white.
You'd probably be a hit with teenagers though

Are you talking about the darker features, like hair, eyes and skin tone
or the skull shape, strong jaw, heavy eyebrows, prominent cheekbones, etc. because that's pretty much universally what women want

There are freckled gingers who I would describe as having "that phenotype" the chad phenotype you could call it. Chads are like their own race

That's not me it's a famous male model called Mario Rodriguez. I am saying i have the same phenotype as him. And yes he's not white he's Puerto Rican, I am of Cuban heritage

Because americans are swarthy mutts, that guy looks hispanic or arab

I am talking about the darker features in general but i get women from America telling me i am handsome all the time and saying they masturbate over my pictures i put up on instagram. These white women are ALWAYS from America and Canada yet in my own country where i live UK i am invisible to white women.

>imagine unironically wanting to date a British woman
Oh dear

Do you wear a baseball cap backwards like pic related? Regardless of your 'looks' people that do this are usually immature as hell. Not to mention that ridiculous chain.
Consider that the beaners of the UK are Polish, usually much easier on the eye to a white person than your average Cuban mutt.

>i am handsome all the time and saying they masturbate over my pictures
No real female I have ever known, nor myself, has ever done this. This is a male thing and what you believe to be female are really guys masturbating to your pics

Most UK women see even the Polish as non-white here. Seriously. Greek, Italians, etc all are seen as non-white in UK so a Cuban or a Hispanic definitely would not pass as white here.

I've heard a white woman class a welshman as non-white.

Wrong. I've chatted with a few of these women over skype. One even has a daughter who also came on and said hello to me.

>the girls on the internet think im hot
well maybe youre hot in pictures but not in real life, i know i can make myself look hot in pictures but im not nearly as successful in real life as i am online, the people you tend to meet online are already devoid of people in their day to day to hook up with, hence why theyre masturbating to strangers from other countries on insta instead of having sex in their own country

Lol bullshit English girls love handsome Spanish/Italian looking men. Post face

Here's how i look

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lose some weight t b h

Brit girl here. Yeah you actually just sort of look like the average pervy brown dude more than anything. Girls would be all over op, though personally too handsome for my taste. But he looks somewhat like a guy a stacey i knew in school is marrying

you look like Chino Moreno in his younger days

I look like that except I've got blue eyes, whiter skin and fatter.

>Americans can't even post bait threads about the UK properly
Fucking hell throw yourselves off the bridge

loose some weight fatty, your tits are too big
dress a little less try hard too
sweats/jeans and a simple t shirt
or just ball about in shorts with flipflops. its english summer time even if its flooding

>White women in Britain prefer the Prince Harry/Ed Sheeran phenotype.
Feels good to be a British ginger right now

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mad facelet lol