She kinda cute for a murderer ngl

She kinda cute for a murderer ngl

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Anyone else share this sentiment

No. She looks like a fucking muppet

Hit the nail on the head, I was just thinking this bitch looks like Beaker.

I dont know i think she kinda cute

The eyes and his hair are the only good looking aspects about him.

he's kinda ugly for a downie boy

W-what do you mean him?

she looks like a ugly guy dude

>this bitch looks like Beaker.
top kekerino mang

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It's a guy you retard, enjoy the rest of your life spiraling down the gay abyss

Is that Corpsegrinder when he was young and blond?

desu hair is kinda cool; that's only redeemable aspect

The chick looks like a man, the 19 yo guy looks like a butch lesbian and the 16 yo guy looks like a twink.
The retard that ended up dead (let's be honest, anyone involved in this case is a fucking retard) was ugly but seemed to have big tiddies.

No you're just lonely

>seemed to have big tiddies.
She didn't "seem to".
Look at the size of those things!

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9 million $ buys a lot of plastic surgery.

this bitch looks like a fucking thumb

I thought she was trans when I first saw the picture

Care to shed a little light on the story?

>Care to shed a little light on the story?
What am I? Google?
Just reverse image search.

The blonde retard murdered her friend (who was actually a retard with huge tits) with the help of some other morons because a guy she had a long distance relationship on the internet was LARPing as a millionaire and promised her 9 million dollars or whatever it was for the murder.
Retards all around.

I tried reverse search, give me a name or a link and I'll do the rest, thanks for the other info by the way.

Stupid lazy fucking idiot. He already gave you enough information for you to be able to google this by yourself.

I'm sorry you feel that way, although this is a thread about said subject. Whats wrong with discussing it here? I mean its better than all the spam threads people bitch about, why make the thread if you don't wanna talk about something.

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Yeah, you're right. Sorry for calling you a stupid fucking lazy idiot.

She looks like she has fucking downs syndrome

Being polite is the best form of shitposting.

>I tried reverse search,
Don't BS me.
But the extra info is more than enough.
Hint: picrelated "girl murders friend million"

You are a lazy fuck.

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