Kek dumb roasties

kek dumb roasties

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Discharge is one of the most disgusting fucking term used by women

>compromised immune system due to chronic anxiety

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what does that mean btw

Poor guy, his gf wants to have lots of sex with him but she can't.

>from october to january I was very promiscuous

Yep I wonder why your vagina does not work as intended now

>women literally have a reddit to talk about how disgusting their vaginas are
>Men do not have or need and equivalent
>Women claim men are disgusting

Christ I wish i was gay.

this is fucking rad

>Hey friends! After every period, I get what I think is BV. There is a fishy smell that I can smell through my underwear and jeans, and it happens every month, without fail. I shower daily, wash with non-scented soap, and I wear cotton underwear. I never wear thongs, and I sometimes use powder in my underwear to keep the dampness away. I was tested for stds a month ago at my yearly exam, but at that point, I didnt have "the smell" and honestly, Ive gone so long with this that I didnt even think to mention it. Any suggestions?

Me desu just now.

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what a motherlode of content
if it were 2010 and I was my old edgy self I'd have fun trolling there

Alas, it's not and I literally do nothing now

>We are allowing vulva pics with a few restrictions: 1. Post MUST be marked NSFW. 2. Photo MUST be linked to an outside hosting site, it should not be seen directly in the post. 3. Poster MUST be over the age of 18.

just do it anyway


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Had the same reaction to that.

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>kek dumb roasties

How is this original?

>Christ I wish I was gay
Me too, friend. And yet, when I try to explain this to my friends, they all laugh. Weird how they complain about their girlfriends after, though...

>r9k is about OC

Fuck off normal shit

It's a valid point of curiosity, no?

He's talking about the filter you cretin

You fuck off retard

It's a small amount of fluid that exits the vagina to keep it clean.
Yeast infections can and often do occur in women who are not having sex at all (virgins included)

Discharge is the lubrication and cleansing fluid secreted by the vagina. It's usually white/offwhite, sometimes yellow if bacteria is present.
Discharge is a gross word though and idk why it's the word of choice. Guess vag goo isn't a much better one.
It's not pleasant for either party.

When I notice I have white discharge, I scoop it with my finger and eat it. Is this normal? Just tastes like water or a bit acidic

retard off fuck you

Whore apologists. I remember fucking my ex gf once and there was literal cheese coming out of her. I pulled out and vomited when i saw it. Needless to say after a very long along the lines 'ITS NORMAL OKAY' we stopped dating.

If it's "literal cheese", then she definitely had a yeast infection at the very least.
Discharge is normal, but it should be an extremely modest amount and not noticeable, also with no odor.
If someone is dripping cheese and it smells at all, then yeah, feel free to vomit and be incredibly grossed out.

>Christ I wish i was gay.
Well have you tried? I hear its a choice.

>I have a very high sex drive
There should be a plug-in or something that auto translates this into "I was molested"

what your ex had is not normal. That's not what discharge usually is - and you should get tested right away if you haven't already

don't talk back to me retard just fuck off now OK??
Don't respond.

Sounds like what my mom used to say.

>fucking a guys ass full of literal shit is better
Honestly I just want to be asexual

The whore probably thinks anxiety involves being torn between whether or not she should suck black or white cock.

>I was very promiscuous

I wonder how promiscuous she was, considering she got to the point of admiting to it.
Modern women think nothing of banging 10 guys in a month, it's just standard, not promiscuous, I wonder how many she did.