Would you guys date a Indian girl i would date any color women but i want check with you guys

Would you guys date a Indian girl i would date any color women but i want check with you guys

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At this point I would date anyone to showed interest in me

Whatever you do don't date Americanized ones. Huge sluts. Unbelievably so.

Almost did once but no. Who knows I might find a 10/10 indian and chance my mind but my preference is set on white and asian, maybe latina like me

Fuck yeah. The only race I wouldn't is probably a black girl, and even then if she's hot enough I still would.

The closet thing is the girl im dating right now she's Burmese

Well I am indian so yes. Leave the westernised Indian women though. Not sure what you are looking for in a woman, but they are the same as any western woman (not good)

Im datimg a Burmese girl right now can i get your opinion she barely speaks English

I mean I love Indian girls, but I fucking hate Indian families. A million fucking cousins, birthdays, culture shows, and family gatherings you have to attend. I'd only fuck around with one and never be serious.

I would date anything but white whores.

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those cousins, birthdays, culture shows, and family gatherings are what gives life meaning, otherwise you end up like lonely, atomized burgers who fill the gaping void with opiates and the barrel of shotguns in their mouths

American indian sluts are best sluts desu

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This motherfucker is wholesome pilled but the burmese girl im dating parents dont like her dating a American and my parents didn't like me spending a lot of money every 3 months on travel shit to go see her.

Love em, very sensual and love the culture (keep in mind Indian culture and religion can be different village to village and cast to cast). However, they have to be very independent to not buckle under pressure is they want to go western white guy.

I'd prefer my in-laws to speak english without an accent. I'd just get too annoyed and frustrated hearing them blather on. I dated a Pakistani chick for 5 years. Anyone over 30 in their family was annoying as fuck to have a conversation with. I'd rather wait for 3rd or 4th generation for them to be properly Americanized but still enjoy aspects of their culture. I refused to seriously date Filipino chicks for the exact reason they are way too family oriented and all the elders speak in broken english.

Of course I would. More into black girls though.

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user, I've traveled extensively in the asian subcontinent and southeast asia, including Burma, and it all depends on the girl. Last time I was in Burma, though outside investment was pouring in, the people are mostly poor, like really poor. City dwellers in slums and in the countryside in a rice field and in the mountains dusty villages that the army burns to the ground and chases them into Thailand and the Thai army chases them back across the border. If you're poor you want to stop being poor. Again this isn't western poor where the state is a safety net. This is you will probably not eat everyday and wear the same sarong, old t shirt and broken rubber sandals poor.

I seen that they live outside of rangoon but she moved in with me to US 7 months ago

I'm indian and even I hate that broken English shit. My parents were born in the west so I didn't have to hear anything like that from them but my grandparents had accents. They could never pronounce "th" that well (it would always sound like a "t"). So something like therapist would come out as "terapist"

Married one. We get along alright.

Sad thing is many Indians think they speak "proper" English in India.

Yh. I would hate to come across as one of those people who hate their own, but a lot of Indians are, quite frankly, just annoying. Indians are always right and their way of doing things is always the best. Indians really come together when there's a big event on like a cricket match or a festival but at any other time, we are always at each others throats.

I wish I lived in India, it looks so comfy and friendly.

No dude, it really isn't all that comfy. I'm an Indian myself, in the city which I was in there are frequent power cuts. Keep in mind my family is like upper-middle, and we still suffer from these power cuts like crazy.
>t. pajeet living in the US.

I don't understand how interracial relationships even became a thing. How could you genuinely relate to someone so different from you? It seems like people in interracial relationships are basing it entirely on some kind of fetish and how physically attracted they are to people of another race. Not that normalfags don't already base their relationships entirely in sex, it just seems inherent and unavoidable in interracial relationships.

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>tfw no arranged marriage gf
why is life so cruel

>there are frequent power cuts.
So? I lived with almost no electricity for years during the war, if that's the biggest issue you can think of...

I'm just saying its not that comfy of a place to live, if I'm going to be honest with you. There are a lot of issues there which can make it uncomfy.

This is only true for nigger/mudslime/kike-anything else relationships.

Im black and would live a brown gf. Its all i want tbqh

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Keep in mind how hot it is in India.

In India its pretty fucking hot, plus the region where I'm from has water cuts like crazy too.

It's pretty hot in my country too, but I just stay indoors during the summer. India just seems like it has smart hardworking common folk, all the people in that video looked like decent people to me.

>t. white guy with yellow fever
Asian/white relationships are one of the biggest examples of what I'm talking about. Asian women want white-looking children and white men just want to fuck petite Asian girls. There's not any actual substance to the relationship.

Lol, I wanted to compare Indian weather to my own city's and apparently they have "haze" right now. The fuck is haze? It sounds like fog that intoxicates you when you inhale it and makes you delirious.

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New Delhi is one of the most polluted cities in the world desu, that's fucking smog.

So I was right about my assumption?

Just because that may be true for a lot of those types of relationships doesn't mean it's true for all of them. I can relate a whole lot more to a virgin Asian fembot than a white Stacy whore.

Its just love user

Then you're the assumption rather than the rule. Or you're purposely seeking out an interracial relationship, since you could also say " I can relate a whole lot more to a virgin white fembot than an Asian Stacy whore" and still be correct.
Looking at typical relationships makes me believe normalfags are not capable of love.

Obviously meant exception.

>Or you're purposely seeking out an interracial relationship, since you could also say " I can relate a whole lot more to a virgin white fembot than an Asian Stacy whore" and still be correct.
It's just that the other way around is usually more common. Plus hapa kids are cute.

They are cute! CUTE!
Originally ofc

>Plus hapa kids are cute

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As a pajeet not really desu, I'm not attracted to them and a lot of them act like thots/roasties, at least in the US. Personally I prefer East Asian and White girls, and I somewhat like Latinas.
>t. American-Born Pajeet.

yes, pajeetas can be very cute. bit smelly but it doesn't bother me too much

Keanu Reeves and many other successful people are also hapa. That pic of St. Elliot doesn't prove anything.

Keanu Reeves isn't even a real person. He's an actor playing a character.

They're sort of funny looking but sure.

I wish I had a really hairy Indian gf that doesn't shave anything (maybe facial hair if it bothers her too much, but nothing else).

Race isn't the only feature that defines people retard. You can be compatible with a girl that's not the same race as you.

Yes, he's a successful actor. What is this, some new memetic shit? Whatever it is it goes right over my head. Please explain user.

I really do hope this is bait but whatever. I'm a white guy who is engaged to a black Caribbean girl. She is very religious, left leaning and is very traditional for the most part at home which I'm sure will fade over the years to some degree. She works super hard, does very well and I know shes a workaholic even though she denies it. Meanwhile I'm relatively right leaning, not religious, not really cultured or have any family values due to a fucked up childhood. I dont work too hard and certainly dont put in extra hours for free. She enjoys going out, socialising, clubbing sometimes but definitely drinking with lots of friends/colleagues. My enjoyment is drinking bourbon and smoking cigars either alone or with a small group of friends over quiet music. If you asked me what similarities me and my soon to be wife had, I wouldn't be able to answer right away. As ridiculous as it sounds, it's just love.

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I dont see why I wouldnt, aside from the fact that I dont really want to date anyone.
>unironically thinking there is ever a difference
They are all sluts m8, doesnt matter what chunk of land they happen to come from. Some just hide it better than others.

"Keanu Reeves" is a character played by an actor. What's not to get? Like how "Neo" isn't a real person.

>Some just hide it better than others.
Yes, that's the cultural aspect of it. People on different chunks of land practice different cultures that have certain values attached to them.

>She is very religious, left leaning

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All sources say he's a real person. Can I get proof that Keanu Reeves doesn't exist irl? Or are you just saying that he puts on a persona in public for the fans? Be more clear user.

When kids have Spider-Man at their birthday parties, it's not really Spider-Man and just a guy in a costume, even though they're meeting "Spider-Man" in real life. It's not like it's impossible to see Keanu Reeves in real life.

Probably going to fall out of love and divorce in 3 years.

Jesus Christ helped the poor. The left usually enacts policies that help the poor. The right contributes more to charity because they don't like to get the government involved in economic policy that much. But the left is still usually seen as the party that favors the poor and middle class economically.

It sounds like you're going to get a divorce in a few years and realize your relationship was based entirely on sex. There's a reason why divorce is so common these days. Normalfags seem to think lust is love.

I know you're probably trolling but if you aren't then you're crazy from the neck up. He is a real person, not someone hired by the illuminati or da joos to play a part kek. Do you have no object permanence? So far you have given absolutely no proof for your assertions.

Believe what you want to believe dude. I'm not here to argue about Keanu Reeves.

I assume you think all lefties are baby killing atheists
I feel confident we won't. The "honeymoon" stage of dating ended after the first year and we've helped and supported each other through the worst so far. If it was all about lust or sex or whatever, we wouldn't have made it this far

My point is that it is all the same regardless, and the whole cultural thing only goes so much. To act like one is vastly superior to the other is retarded, especially if you are some random fatass Westerner who for all intents and purposes is nothing more than free food and an ATM with legs.

Sure, Indian girls are Goddess tier.
I would honestly believe I am in a dream if one suddenly decided to show interest on me

Acting like Jesus would support either party takes some serious mental gymnastics, but the right is definitely more aligned with his message.

How do we know you're real and not just someone playing a part user? Don't tell me you don't at least have your own Wikipedia article.

But when talking about this subject, isn't it better to repress your base urges rather than just giving in to them?

Ironically, "economically liberal and socially conservative" is the position most aligned with traditional Christianity. That's like Fascism or Soviet Communism isn't it (only when taken to the extreme ofc)?

Not the guy that you replied to, but I share his sentiments. Additionally, I am incapable of feeling love for others

>Says he's incapable of feeling love at this point in his life
>Gives advice on relationships anyway

No because dating implies wanting to get engaged and married somewhere down the line. FwB or something, sure, but not date or marry. Life is about preservation of the genes which are of course effect of years of adaptation to the environment. Besides what is the point of it all if you aren't leaving a legacy after yourself in form of a children you can pass your stuff and knowledge to? I want my children to look like me and share my values at least to some extent. The only girls I consider dating material are my nationals and I'm not indian, all the other girls are either random humans I feel just plain neutrality to, or walking vaginas if they're so insufferable that they're only good for a comfortable, warm, moist hole for a cock and pair of boobs to squeeze.
Sure, fucking black, asian or whatever girl could be fuel for some fantasies, thus hot, but life isn't all about hedonistic fun as lot of good feelings some from accomplishment that ties to responsibility.