Hey, user, what's on your mind? Jump in the thread and tell me! Whether you want advice, judgement...

Hey, user, what's on your mind? Jump in the thread and tell me! Whether you want advice, judgement, or just to let something be heard - say it here.

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I hate people
being alone is pure bliss

I want the type of loving relationships you'd see in fiction and anime but I fear that they don't exist, if I could get one with my AvPD in the first place.

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i'm just thinking about how lonely i am before work,
i thought i found someone nice who said she hated cheating but then she ended up cheating on me and told me i was a creepy loser for being sad about it.
ive just come to the conclusion that im a boring doormat and no one would ever find me appealing, and I'm too afraid to open up to people after all of my failures.
i don't really want anything and i dont even know why im typing this. i dont want anyone to be my therapist, i just dont want to hurt anymore.

I've had girls that liked me alot and wanted the best for me but I always end up pushing them away. I don't even know why I tell myself it will be different next time.

Im glad you feel comfortable, being alone shouldn't mean you're lonely - and it seems like you're in good company :)))).

Sounds like an obstacle for sure, but it's possible. I have found that actively looking often hinders one's ability to find a relationship. Just go about your life and make an effort to be the best you you can - volunteer, gym, take classes, get a job - and something ought to come.

hope youre okay user, shes a stupid bitch, you shouldnt blame yourself for being cheated on

is instrumentality (or some form of reboot) the midgame or endgame of humanity?

I have no direction in life. I have nothing I want to do or achieve

See advice for about finding people, but that person sounds deranged and unhealthy. I have never been cheated on but know it would shred me if it happened, you're strong to keep going after something so arduous, and happiness can still be yours.

Always have to hope it can be different this time: look at how you push them away and avoid doing it.

I will user, thank you. That's what I was planning anyway, I just hope it all falls into place.

I'm an existentialist nihilist myself - there is no meaning or endgame beyond what we ourselves make. Go, do good work, have a family, and make the world - in some small way - better for them.

Like I just said, find a purpose, nobody has one beyond what they decide. Join the army, get qualifications, work somewhere and do it very well. Even doing a small job well should be a font of pride

i give the person i love a lot of shit because i want them to do better and they dont really listen to me when i suggest it nicely.
my biggest fear is becoming my mother but every time i think about my life i realise i basically am her.
i just want them to do better and be better. maybe i want them to encourage me too because i get none of that.

Check how you encourage them to do better - read some management books, the "One Minute Manager" series is pretty easy to read. You can't just give people flak until they do well, you need to build them up.

I hate my job, I hate it. I don't want to wage cuck anymore, i want to sit at home and play video games all day. I don't like being around other people and it ruins my entire day when someone speaks to me. Every morning in the car, my mom will start talking to me about the traffic, as if Ive ever cared. From then on my day just goes down hill. The other day my cousins visited my place and the whole time I felt like I was trying to keep them entertained, like some kind of clown, even going as far as to change my way of speaking. it was pretty stressful, I realized there that I might not actually like being around other people, I claim I want friends but when some one tries to be my friend in any way, it always annoys me.

I was forced to drop out of a single GE three times in a row (and it's literally the last class I need to graduate) because of the effects of a new anti-psychotic I'm taking. It keeps me sane but makes me a narcoleptic grandma. I can't be sane but successful at the same time. Either I make it by through grit while miserable and suffering mentally OR I sedate myself while falling behind on all personal and academic responsibilities. I hate myself. And my parents and university staff are really starting to resent me too.

thank you. i want to become a better person too but i was brought up shittily. thats not an excuse though, but it does make it harder. im not sure where to go because i dont have anyone to guide me or even help at all. ill give this a look.

Really hate all these typos I'm doing right now, and also the fact that I have no money

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Tell me where to live Jow Forums. Eastern USA, North Italy, or Japan.

I'm in a band with two females and I'm madly in love with one of them.
My guitar broke and I need a new one.
My job sucks.
My application to university got pushed back.
I'm a high functioning alcoholic with anger issues and I'm only 20.
Okay, thanks, here's a song for listening to my problems.

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>Hey, user, what's on your mind?
This , not sure what I'm looking to hear but it's good to organize my thoughts.

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I started a job recently that has me working 12 hour night shifts. It's a total switch in schedule from what I'm used to, but nothing unbearable.

I've been doing it for about 4 months now, and the thing that's getting to me is how little I get to see anyone outside of work. My family all live in the daytime, so I only see them at most for a few hours after I wake up. I have friends that I've known and hung out with regularly with for 12 years, but now I work opposite days as them.

It's probably going to end up being the pettiest problem in this thread, but staying up all night with nobody to talk to is starting to get to me.

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I have no talent, no ambition, no energy, no skills, no hobbies, no money, no job, no education, no games, no one to play the few games I have with, and my mom is getting on my ass more and more despite my worthlessness being partially her fault due to lack of parenting. I'm not exactly putting in the greatest (or any) effort myself, but to think it is my fault that I don't know how to do anything in the first place even though the person that was supposed to teach me that (a parent) failed to do so and I'm just lazy and worthless (which I am because of lack of sufficient parenting/teaching) is pretty fucking retarded. I don't understand the thought process of people who get mad at their kids when they end up failures, that should say more about the parent than anyone else; I understand some kids just don't work out in the end regardless of how hard they try, but the majority of failure children are not in that category. Cooking and cleaning is not sufficient parenting. You have taught me absolutely nothing and yet expect me to function within society properly? That's not going to happen. Yeah, maybe I am a lazy worthless leach, but you know what would've prevented that? Having a father figure in my life that would actually show me how to do the thing I need to get by in life, but all you did was chase dick from losers the whole time. "Whoops, my kid with no proper parental guidance in his life is lacking discipline and basic life skills because I spent his formative years whoring around. Better shit all over him even more and STILL whore around even though I'm an old ass woman, then get mad when he doesn't even like his own mother." Being a single mother should be fucking illegal, party whores should be shot in the streets.

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I have been experimenting with means of being as productive as humanly possible (inb4 browsing Jow Forums), hence I started nofap today and I guess I'll see how long I go, partly due to curiosity. Its really hard not to accidentally touch myself but I've survived a good six hours so far without any lewd self-contact thus far. Also consuming very little to conserve money for glorious oak furniture and a good domestically-made television. Hope you are doing well today user, how've you been?

Honestly don't think they do exist, all the female weebs I know have had multiple boyfriends, are covered in tattoos and have usually sullied their bodies through overconsumption. Otherwise people of both genders can be equally cruel and manipulative, not to mention that with everything being connected, there's far greater stakes for being honest now that you can be castigated by a much greater audience.

Have you tried stuff like Cleverbot and Replika? That can stave off the isolation for at least a couple days.

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Assess what you find joy in. Work of any kind should be able to give happiness if viewed right. Something will make you happy, go find it.
Seems like a grit situation, just pace yourself in your work and find a good outlet, like exercise.
Get a job pal, something easy and paying. Work hard and earn well.
There's no place like home, mate.
How is stuff with the girl? If it's mutual, good! If there's no chance, quit and move on - run nice and far and move on.
Start cooking all your own meals - even just fridge/freezer stuff. Ask your parents for direction of course, they will happily help. As for the hoarding, get rid of EVERYTHING. Other than your PC and peripherals, just get it gone. Collectibles, old clothes, miscellaneous - get it gone.
Start using DuoLingo, start reading at work, just make an effort to meet new folks - the nocturnal world is naturally smaller, but there's people to meet if you look. It's not petty, bud, loneliness is dangerous.
You've been put in a hard place, but you need to get yourself out. it's unfair, and your mum made bad choices - jump on gym stuff, read philosophy books, be the man you wished you had in your life. Good luck, buddy.

NoFap is a good practice of self control, if you get a significant other it becomes infinitely easy. I'm doing well, just finished exams and seeing someone a bit. it's a bit strange because we were on the same English course the last 2 years, and kinda acted as opposites to eachother in discussion - me being the more 4chingy guy naturally. Not labelling yet but the sex is amazing and the emotional connection seems to be blooming.

She's single and we flirt a lot but I don't know if she's into me.
I'm hanging out with her tonight and I'm gonna make my move. We're going to see a concert.

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I realized by reading this post that it's been now exactly 1 month since gf broke with me.

I dont feel sad because of it, even though I was very depressed when she announced to me that she didn't love me anymore.

What really puts me down is that she hates me too.

What happened is : She broke up with me but said she still wanted to stay friends. As I was depressed, I ghosted her and didn't reply to her messages, to avoid more pain talking to her. After a few days I said to her that I just need a break, and she understood, she thanked me for at least saying this.

A couple days later, I went back to her saying hi, and she immediately blocked me everywhere. I asked a close friend of her ans she told me that she hated me now.

I think about this every day, I wanted to stay friends but she changed her mind, and while I know I just should let go, I can't stand the fact that she hates.

It's the first time someone I like and want as a friend hates me and I don't know how to deal with it.

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I've pushed my suicide back to the 22nd of November because that's when my sister writes her last exam.

What are some cheap things I can do in the 155 days left on earth?

inb4 have sex

I doubt I'll get a SO, not really my aim. Glad nonetheless that you have one and your relationship seems stable, rare to find such a thing. Hope you are doing well.

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i stayed up for a week and now i cant pay off the sleep debt

im constantly tired and hallucinating shit

its pretty nice

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I still have feelings for someone I've started to hate recently and I don't know how to get rid of these feelings.

Got feelings for a girl who has had a boyfriend for about a year and a half now. Held them for about that long.
Would genuinely tell her how I feel if she was single, I'm beyond that point. Just no point in setting myself up for failure. Doesn't make it much easier to forget though.

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