Does anyone here have a Youtube channel?

Does anyone here have a Youtube channel?

Why do some people get so much views, even if they don't have as many subscribers? While some channels (mine) have more subscribers than views?

This is so annoying

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It's all about the algorithm

Yeah, got any tips on how to make the algorithm promote your videos?

I do, no one would watch my stuff though because they're just unedited streams. I don't wanna put forth the effort if not whole lot watch me stream

I've been making YouTube videos of various kinds off and on for about a decade. When I was younger, it was basically my dream to become a YouTube sensation. Now I don't care as much about getting a bunch of views/fans, I just want to make things that have artistic merit and have somewhere to post them. It's been a few years since I really made a go of it doing something on YouTube but last month I came up with an idea for an ARG that I think, longer term, is something I'd really like to make.

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my channel is 2 yrs old and I have 6 subscribers, kek. it's trail camera videos of wildlife. I think I would probably have at least 100 subscribers, but jewtube knows I read breitbart, gateway pundit, pol, etc and are fucking me for it

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Starting in 2014, it pretty much became all or nothing in regard to getting YouTube fame. Before that, if you posted a video and did nothing with it, it would get a few hundred views over time, but in eventually, it got to a point where advertising was essential and if you just left a video up without having any subscribers, it could sit at zero views pretty much indefinitely.

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Yeah totally not because your videos are boring and you can't seo. It's the Jews!!!!!

Not him but I've watched many hours of "how to SEO" videos over the years, used tons of keyword search tools, basically done everything I can to optimize the videos I've made over the years, and there was never any rhyme or reason to which videos got the most views. I think SEO is largely a meme.

Be as kid friendly as possible.
You have to be ultra clean.
Anyone who isnt clean has the subs to push past the algorithm censorship and hasnt been black listed by youtube personally.
When I say clean I mean cleaner than the FCC.
You cant say poop, gun, sandy hook, conservative,hunting, fight, explosion, etc.

everything else gets shadow banned and your account gets labeled mature adult and will never see the light of day again.

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I'm serious, is there any video sharing website that provides a decent possibility for people to migrate to it? It can be in smaller numbers at first, but then more and more over the next few years. I feel like this shouldn't be too hard - tens of thousands of people are jaded with new YouTube and want to go somewhere else, so it's not a matter of garnering support it's just a matter of letting everyone know where we're going.

The problem is sites like that haemorrhage cash now, even Youtube does. There isn't any way anyone can compete with Youtube, they have the audience and are able to simply not care that they lose money. It would require a shit ton of people, the host of the new site and youtubers moving over, to take a big financial hit for even the slightest chance to compete.

youtube is losing money? how so?

Imagine livestreaming when you don't even have an audience.

Oh boy time to whore myself out again.

I've been making little shorts for the past year, and I'm currently in the process of making more. I want to get good enough that I'm able to actually sell my skills someday, maybe direct a feature (I have one in mind based on the small town nigger-user), so I refer to this as my practice channel. I'm getting to a point where I understand what my style is, even if it's not fully developed, and this last short is proof that the style can theoretically work.

There's years worth of footage uploaded onto YouTube every minute, and servers that can:
1.) Host all that data
2.) Host all that data uploading at once all day every day without the site slowing down
Cost a shitload of money.
The ads aren't even there to make a profit, they're there to make the amount of money lost slightly smaller (Since the amount of money lost is still massive)

The reason why YouTube can lose all this money without worrying is because they're owned by Google, which is one of the richest companies in the world and (Mostly) everyone uses their browser.

You can say nobody uses Google Music, Stadia, etc. but I guarantee most of the people you know use Chrome.

I personally prefer leaving them unedited. I feel like the less content to experience, the worse it is. I get highly upset with gaming streams since they cut out portions of what they did, which feels like I am therefore missing a part of the experience that I can never recover. So I upload things with the mentality that if you want to see a shorter version, just jump around, while allowing those that want to see the journey from part A to B to do such. I guess in my case I care more about the game experience than in me having a personality.

I have no viewers on my average video due to this and due to my OCD forcing me to do things I hate whereby I rant and get miserable about doing them. People don't like misery and autism. It doesn't matter much, I make them for myself, and at this point I can't even record much due to too much noise around me and sperging out with distractions.

google has never confirmed that youtube turned profit

Started uploading again after a year. 71 subscribers, only about 30 views for each new video.

It's really just either luck (your video gets more views than usual for coinciding with a trendy topic) or algorithm bullshit (random video from 10 years ago gets recommended to literally everyone).
The real make-or-break for YouTubers is when their channel gets its first relatively viral video (>1000 views when average views are

I made a new channel a few weeks ago

please subscribe frens

I got to 1600 subs but i gave up on it when i saw the way the wind was blowing on censorship

left side? england?

did you hit enough view hours to get monetized? make any money?

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