Dumbest argument

>you'd still be ooga booga people if it wasn't for us
Yeah and? I'm sure the Africans that were brought over here would have rather been ooga booga people than fucking livestock.

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The difference is that they would still be livestock if it wasn't for us

its not like the people who were invaded didnt have proper forms of living anyway. they had a pretty good understanding of medicine and infrastructure, often better than the people invading them. they just had guns and small dicks.

Not to mention that's a false choice: there were more options than "slavery" and "ignoring completely." There's was also the possibility of, you know, actually helping them: teaching them farming techniques and introducing new technologies to help them develop into trading partners and allies. That's sort of like saying "yeah we enslaved masses of people and robbed them of their culture and identity and humanity, but at least we didn't commit genocide against them." It's setting a pretty fucking low bar.

The reason a lot of Africans were imported to America was because west Africa had agricultural societies and were thus more resistant to disease caught from livestock, which was killing indians that didn't have these resistances by the millions because they didn't usually have farming societies, making em hard to enslave. Human history is sad and dark (no pun intended). Africa was at least "ooga booga i have plant and goat" at the very least

Nope not true. Turning slaves into livestock was a uniquely American thing and was only done because slave owners needed a justification to treat other human beings so inhumanely. When non slaveowning whites saw what the rich whites were doing, a lot of them weren't cool with it at all.

Noone would have ate Africans, they would have been terrible livestock. Slaves only

>There's was also the possibility of, you know, actually helping them: teaching them farming techniques and introducing new technologies to help them develop into trading partners and allies.

Uhhhh. You cant teach retarded people. You can only train them. Once they got potty trained, we gradually MADE them teachable.

So once again, white people saved black people from themselves. Where's my teaching reparations?

God I wish the Indians never taught you Neanderthals how to survive in America. They should've let you psychos starve.

>be slaves
>be ooga booga slaves

Not a hard choice, that is, if you're not a stupid nigger.

not true, the Arabic slave trade was arguably worse

And that's why nobody tries to help you incels. You aren't even potty trained. You shit everywhere you go.

Thank you for being a voice of reason.

seethe and dilate negroid
you and your people can live the rest of your lives in eternal bitterness, killing eachother and sapping off social security blaming wypipo while i shall be securing generational wealth for my family eating the big dinner

Maybe but the only devil is a white devil

I'm serious. White people wasted a lot of time changing black peoples diapers and dressing them up in fancy suits for playtime. We didnt have to do that.

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Ooga booga slaves were at least still seen and treated as humans and their children and grandchildren and great grandchildren weren't doomed to slavery as well. Rather be an ooga booga slave.

It was worse but it would only last one generation since they would castrate the men. So it wasn't generations of people stuck in the cycle of slavery.

Not an excuse for acting absolutely retarded

Just start a gangbanger extermination program and then wipe out the bottom of the society regardless of race as well, literally everyone will be happy

>There's was also the possibility of, you know, actually helping them
And what would they gain out of it?
People are selfish, they don't act according to moral values but according to their needs and desires.

>teaching them farming techniques
Africans already had this.

Yes, and you shouldn't have. Your fancy suit comes with a fedora you tip to m'ladys.

If Europeans wouldnt have enslaved Africans they would have eventually been enslaved by Africans themselves. It was not cruelty that made Europeans do what they did it was the will to survive. Calling Europeans evil for doing something as natural as ensuring their survival is incredibly naive

>Africans knew things

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>thinks a continental Bantu expansion could happen without knowledge of agriculture and farming
This is what happens when you take Jow Forums as an educational source.

>we wuz farmers and shiet
Meanwhile starving african children. lmao

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>Nope not true.
True actually
white people didnt enslave blacks
They bought already enslaved blacks from black slavers

Black americans are on average the best off blacks in the world

Keep whining faggot. Go to haiti or something

>seethe and dilate
>and dilate

>Africans are at fault for malaria mosquitoes and droughts

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>Invade foreign places
>Burn their knowledge and fill their heads with this thin bearded poof that came down from heaven
To then later brag
>We invented everything

The Black Death(75 to 200 million deaths) was way more worse than malaria(445,000 to 731,000 deaths).
And don't talk about droughts when they didn't even build any aqueducts to redirect water from rivers to the fields.

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