What feeling does this image evoke in you, fembots?

What feeling does this image evoke in you, fembots?

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very original disgust

Absolutely nothing

Confusion. It makes me wonder why his traps arent very big

having big traps is unaesthetic and makes your shoulders look narrow. only an idiot would want big traps

people who look like him are unattractive desu

Doesn't suit his youthful face. He should've stopped a bit above ottermode and not roided.

Nothing. Vague distaste for that kind of shirt.

roid users btfo

Also ftr is full of shit
>not wanting big traps
What a faggot. Big traps are like big calfs, only a small percentage of men can attain them.

Cringe and copepilled


I know that he's actually small, after having seen his other pics.

looks like the ass end of a himbofication project.

He looks weird, did he skip leg day and shoulders day? Wth

Face looks too immature and boyish for me.

My pussy got moist, hes hot, i want him inside me.

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Like hes about to make fun of me. Also dont find him remotely attractive which is a blessing really given im a solid 4/10

Honestly, I don't like it. He has dead eyes and an absolutely expressionless face when someone is taking his picture. I also don't like his jawline and how completely absent any body fat he is.

Looks more like an incel's idea of Chad.

Why do females have to do this? Virtue Signaling? They themselves know very well if this guy nicely approached them they would cream themselves on the spot

>every girl has the exact same taste, says virgin expert on women

Didn't he start transitioning? I remember seeing someone like him actually turn into a very passable and cute fem

this guy is top tier attractive in a sea of average males, you would be hardpressed to find a girl his age that doesn't find him attractive

yeah, I laugh seeing guys in shirts like this

>when you finish as Leon so you play the game as Claire

I wasnt saying he is ugly, but im realistic and if he approached me i would feel intimidated because he is not my equal. Also i genuinely find his body to be fairly repellant. There is a point of "hot" that becomes cold. Boring. I like people with flaws

He looks to fake. Beautiful, belongs as a poster on a wall but realistically not great to date irl. He would most likely cheat and draws to much attention. Would rather date a plain looking qt

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This is true
Some guys can look too perfect/model like that it becomes uncanny/boring


based honest femanon, kudos for not being ashamed of your own instincts

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All of those you replied with cope are real females, and that one faggot is a larping tranny

How is this coping? Im being honest. He is TOO attractive which is unattractive in its own way

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Just be honest and say that you'll feel insecure and inadequate with him.

I'm a real female he labeled cope and that simply isn't true. Yes he is good looking and has a nice body (I guess from his arms) but I promise those shirts are just stupid looking. I know you guys think they look good and like showing off among yourselves but for me a turn off, just like seeing some white guy with baggy pants like a black guy wears or a ball cap turned backwards or 30 yo guys dressing like a skater. Just no.

Not her but I wouldn't. I haven't met a man yet that makes me feel like that.

Thats asking to much from a female. lmao

>He is TOO attractive which is unattractive
Female logic never ceases to amaze me.

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No. It would just be weird. He is plastic

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Exactly. I think just handsome enough for me is something like young jeremy irons. A handsome face but something more warm and soulful about it. Op guy just gives off bully vibes to me.

I can smell the 80 IQ from here

>Op guy just gives off bully vibes to me.
>implying that isn't exactly what you want.

I wouldn't mind him taking me by force and raping me in some side alley. Got wet just thinking about it... :(

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trannies are too easy to spot

Stop slut posting while using Onodera you nigger

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Not me personally no. I like sweet gentle guys who love their mums and bring home stray animals. I spent my life being bullied by chads in school, and beaten up at home . Gentle is best. This reads like the cope of a of proclaimed nice guy

As said previously. Handsome with flaws is best. Like jeremy irons here. Op dude looks freakish and cruel. A cariacture

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Just because you think he's hot doesn't mean a female must. I realize shirts like that are worn by guys to show off for guys though they want to pretend we like them. NOPE

Nothing wrong with it but maybe you're gay user.

>implying my reply was because i found the guy attracted

Idk if you're the same user, but I can tell you're not very bright

then you must be the guy or fancy yourself similar and your ego cannot handle reality.

Call me stupid all you want but you're delusional

Tbh he looks like the type of hyper masculinity only gays are attracted to. Women like somethimg a bit softer usually

I wouldn't mind a BBC either, one that streches me out and breeds my sluty pussy.

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Idk the op guy has a boyish face and kind eyes

Its the extreme jaw and ridiculous arms combined with fuckboy styling. He just doesnt look approachable. Id prefer a normal jaw, skinnyfat body and nicer clothing. Maybe a bit of facial hair.

>Skinnyfat body
Fuck off. Guys with those bodies dont give a fuck about improving themselves

I dont mind if a guy is healthy or even a little muscled but im not alone in thinking bodies like op are repulsive. Id even prefer chubby. Same as some men dislike massive tits or really skinny girls. Doesnt mean shit. Its a preference. But i dont think its very manly or secure to obsess over getting a body like that. Gross

I just so happen to be a bbc. Post contact if female

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i'd buy drugs from him desu

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chads don't sell drugs

well then i would ask him where he buys his drugs. i need some mdma.

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Sure, but you have to wear whiteface, cause niggers are ugly.

a smile. followed immediately by sadness, knowing i'll never date such a Chad.

you're fucking retarded nigger in that pose the traps aren't really visible

that's a twink head stacked on a chad bod

very weird, not at all sexy.

thats the type of guy who used to bully and beat me in school

FUUUUCK why god why
why the fuck does ever girl go after men like this? every damn party I go, even the ugliest fucking chick chats up to dudes like this.

a tingling feeling in the loins. but im a boy