What is your single most controversial opinion?

What is your single most controversial opinion?

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Woman cant be robots, oh wait thats fact

Everyone can be a robot. It's about your soul.

Market bull run won't end until 2030-2035

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I like Sachicko

Racism is actually not the answer

According to everyone its me believing we should strip women of rights and stick them back in houses to breed and look after husbands.
Internalised misogamy apparently.

Robots dont have souls

Every living creature has a soul

I believe that its okay to be a pedophile and that it should be legal

Shut up kristijan tard
Go back to sucking jew cock

pedophiles are the most oppressed group in western society by far, and deserve more rights
I support post-natal abortion, it's okay to end the lives of newborn if the parents want to
cannibalism is okay
incest is okay
society should help people end their lives for any reason, including lonelyness and mental illness

Nature bad
Humans bad
Pets bad
Capitalism bad
Nihilism bad
Utilitarianism good
Skepticism good

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Males having sex-drives, that start to develop and go crazy during teen years, at the same time that you really need to be focusing on school/education/choosing a career path, is actually a disability. The Male sex-drive saps a lot of concentration and energy, and with females dressing more and more provocatively males are handicapped further.

And no, I'm not saying women shouldn't dress the way they want. They can do whatever they like.

I also think that women should have (most of) their freedom taken away, ideally, after finishing primary education, any females who haven't already found or been arranged to be married to a male should be apprehended and taught child raising and wifely duties, where they will then be freed and distributed to the remaining males.

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Jews aren't all that bad.

Lost me in cannibalism

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The music industry is better now than it's ever been.

>Utilitarianism good

(You) bad

I think ideally since theres always some exceptions to rules, at the end of schooling all women take a test. Depending on how they rank, the smartest ones that are actually smart can be allowed to seek further study and advance into other jobs.
The rest go into 'college' where they're taught household duties, sewing, gardening etc.
At the end of it they have some sort of event where they meet men and court.
I just want to be a housewife with a baby on my hip, user.

-Niggers are actually subhuman.
-Mexicans should be deported.
-Women should not have the right to vote.
-Defense spending should increase.
-Welfare should be extremely limited.
-Families should get tax breaks for having white children.

i dislike jews but they are clearly the superior race.

>deserve more rights
they have the same rights as everyone else
this one is just retarded

Americn Dad is shit

Free will is a myth, most human behavior is predictable to some degree. Even me, despite pretending to be cultured, spiritual, and well read all I really like is food, sex, and violent videogames.
Maybe I'm just a sociopath but I refuse to believe others are any different.

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Blacks and whites can be friends and the race war will never happen.

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No they should not do whatever they want. Has it been for their wishes we'd all be under stalinist regime's aborting most of our children. In fact women don't know what the fuck they want and are unstable so why should one care what they think? But the rest is a good thought. I'll add it to my mgtow/mra thoughts collection

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Cool, happy my thoughts are useful/interesting to someone.

A personal example, I'm 31 and virgin myself, and I'm otherwise fairly successful (great education, good job, have friends and loving family, physically fit and healthy. I have hobbies and a busy life). All day I think about women and sex, and it's distracting as all Hell. I tried to meditate the thoughts away, but they don't go away, because there's literally chemicals and DNA in my body that go "attractive women, go sex".

State mandated GF's or slaves.

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The world isn't getting worse.

I guess you don't live in germany

when it comes to ethics and morality, I don't give a shit. I do what suits me best and it doesn't bother me. god would support me in this. that's what free will is all about, baby.

Post-natal Abortionists Unite

Anti psychiatry (except hallucinatory things)
Anti psychology
90% Estate Tax, 100% after $10 million.
Religion must be eliminated.
It is more merciful to enable suicide.
Talent is a myth.
Everyone has the potential to be intelligent and stupid people are at fault for remaining stupid.

why not make men take the same test and just take the smarter half of everyone combined? Why deskill and shrink the workforce when we've already got a social security crisis on our hands (assuming you're American)? And why are you such a 1950s faggot?
>I just want to be a housewife

Hitler did nothing wrong.


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Nothing in life is fine and the only thing that cheers me up is waiting for death
This world sucks

Race/IQ is real (I'm black btw)

I'm pro-choice with regards to suicide

Dogs and cats and all other pets are nothing more than a pain in the ass.

You can't talk about God and Free Will at the same time. Those are mutually exclusive concepts.

I think what you're saying is "I'm an asshole, and I use the concept of a God as an unverifiable but indisputable scapegoat to justify my assholery"

Kaczynski did nothing wrong and we are surpassing the point of no return.

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Women can have basic service jobs then, until they meet a husband or until they have children.
Because men are superior to women

The eternal problem of the human being is how to structure his waking hours.

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Nah, killing people is wrong but he did write the best manifesto of any terrorist. I'll give him that.

that's a great argument and one I completely back from personal experience.

without god and the 10 commandments as a foundation of what is good or bad, I couldn't be legitimately considered an asshole.

Completely agree with ya chief

>as if the Christian God and his 10 commandments are the only God and compass of Good and Bad
>as if Good and Bad couldn't possibly predate religion
>as if social contracts can't discern good and bad without a religious backing
>as if being an asshole can't be a separate concept from good and bad

Eugenism is a good thing

The world is under demonic influence and domination, and technology is their tool towards the goal to give demons a body free of soul to possess

good job you found an * to monkey wrench my gearbox

Abortion should be legal but should require a doctor working at a public hospital having the final say and a period of at least a week of waiting, every test that is necessary to decide if it has developed enough and should only be performed during the first 4 months of pregnancy

Being a pedophile is not illegal, raping children is illegal. Either way, it's a mental deviation and should not be considered normal under any circumstances.

It's getting better in third worlds and worse in first worlds, eventually it will turn to shit.

BLACKED is a boring meme

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I actually agree and those who believe otherwise are just run by their hormones that make them believe they actually can make their own choices.

*best manifesto of all time

>only idiots should breed because I'm an idiot and I want to breed.
kys fucking mong.

Absolute antinatalism. Breeding of any kind should be outright banned. All babies born after X date should be sterilized.

I think OwO and UwU are underrated! :3

I agree with everything exept suicide, If you are depressed you're tecnically mentally unstable and your decision is only derived by your illness. If you suffer from a grave illness or you want to kill yourself within your full mental capabilities then yes, the State should provide you assistance.

Women can be wonderful human beings if allowed to

Nothing that you want to improve or change will as long as you keep being a good little slave and buying whatever product the advertisement tells you to buy

Demeny voting
world government
my constitutional design in general

the human race should collectively try and reduce the world's population. we should have a genocide of vegetables, terminally ill folk, retards who don't have a job, and murderers (by extension, those who commit various crimes repeatedly). branching off of this, abortion should be legal, and first world countries should all have a two child limit per family. the human race should be focused on sustaining our existence and our planet.

You can do it humanely, you don't have to kill anyone.
Just sterilize babies as they are born and promote free birth control and abortion. In sex-ed teach kids that babies ruin your life and only idiots have them.

this seems like a good idea on paper, but if all newborns are sterilized, there will be no generations to help carry our workforce later on which will just lead to an economic plummet. there will always be a need for new generations of workers and children.

The puppet is real and doesn't love me. The puppet is real and doesn't care. I want the puppet to love me. But the puppet is then not really there. I keep drawing pictures. I gave her a chair. But the puppet just wanted to die. The puppet could have their plastic removed. But the soul still exists. Puppets are suffering. Puppets are never happy. And there is no way to save them. You just have to stare at them, lamenting as they are mocked by society, by people-things with their humor being whatever is different. "He has three toes" is not funny, nor is laughing because "he got his toe ripped off". Why laugh at the puppets expense? I want puppets to be headpatted. I want puppets to be happy. And yet I cannot do it alone.

We must stop groping puppets. We must start properly loving our puppets. We must cry for the puppets since they cannot. We must die for the puppets since they cannot.

The goal actually is that no more people are born ever. No economy will even exist.

Your family is no better than any other person you meet.

Being wealthy is an explicitly immoral act. Owning more than you need directly harms others and should be criminalized.

what. but why user

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You are absolutely right and you should say it.
>bootlickers will be angry about this post

Imagine jungles enveloping skyscrapers and raccoons and possums living in abandoned houses.

if you don't want the planet to die then you should kill as many people as you possibly can.
the average person contributes to pollution so if you keep killing people the pollution will go down.

so you want to experience a dystopia?

No, there won't be anybody there to experience it so it won't be a dystopia. Including me.
Imagine manicured lawns giving way to brush and saplings. Imagine the rains slowly breaking down the roofs of the identical houses in a subdivision. Imagine moss and rust and deer running across the overgrown and cracked highways. Appealing as fuck.

you would make an excellent apocalyptic author you know, that's a rather creative idea.

I honestly believe that straight white men will be the marginalised group in the near future.
I also hold the opinion that racism for the most part can be fully justified, but the actions of the racist individual should be the reason for disliking them. For example, seeing all the crime and violence caused by blacks can make someone hate blacks, but going out and shooting them because of it is the individual's decision.

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I would be extremely dissapointed/depressed/angry if when I have a kid they turn out to be anything but straight

Why? For blood-line reasons?

yes mainly, i also dont want my grandkids being raised without a mother and father

OOP is for fags. It is not bad but using it everywhere is just stupid.

I stupid to believe in God and still have children, then you're just risking that they go to hell.

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This is mine as well.

Specifically, we should give tax breaks to rich people for every child they have. Wealth is heritable, and if every rich couple could have like 10 children, then we would have a larger number of rich people to tax every generation. (Also as a side benefit they'd be doing all the productive things that rich people do).

Even more controversial than that, I also believe we should give violent criminals the option of sterilization in exchange for reduced prison sentences. That way every generation there is less violence, and therefore fewer resources spent policing them.

>Beastiality is ok, but only if the animal initiates it. Only problem is that it would be difficult to prove that a female animal initiated intercourse, since animals cant6 talk
>incest is ok as long as you're not having kids
>black people commit more crime. However, individuals should be judged as individuals

I don't give a fuck about unknown people suffering

Not a single human being deserves to suffer, no matter how bad of a person they may be, or how much suffering they have caused. Every person I've ever interacted with or observed is completely devoid of empathy, and will wish suffering upon those around them for no reason at all, feigning empathy only when it benefits them. I feel as though I'm the only one alive with real empathy. However despite this, I'd still like to save them all from suffering, and the thought of people going through any kind of pain is deeply upsetting.

15-16 years old girls should be legal

These are all ones I have as well, actually. Good observations. Tangentially related to the bestiality one, we should have special prostitutes trained to get consent from the severely retarded. Even though they have the mental capacity of children, they have reached adulthood and usually have adult levels of horniness. It's cruel to let them go their whole lives without satisfaction. Even though animals can't speak, we usually let them fuck each other and don't consider it rape, as long as they aren't crying out in pain or something. We should do the same with the severely retarded.

Nice satan trips. It would be easy to get consent from male tards, as they would just start dicking if they were interested. Pretty interesting concept, though.

>Only problem is that it would be difficult to prove that a female animal initiated intercourse, since animals cant6 talk
Wouldn't they just try to walk away?

There is nothing objectively wrong with women and minorities and they deserves to be judged as individuals

That's actually pretty cool

They are, 13 should be the aoc imo

Yeah. You would maybe need special training to deal with the females though, and also just to be prepared for the amount of unusual/non-verbal behavior (I mean you wouldn't just want a prostitute off the street who had no idea what she was getting into). Also this whole concept obviously implies that I think prostitution should be legal in the first place, which I don't really regard as controversial but for some reason it hasn't happened yet.

>Every living creature has a soul
>christian teahing

You are too dumb to deliver any meaningful critique of christianity if you think that this is christian belief.

Monarchy is superior to democracy
Jews exploit Holocaust for political profit
Inquisition did nothing wrong
Crusades were justified

Post-natal abortion yes, cannibalism yes, incest yes

Pedophiles shouldn't be allowed to fuck kids but if their attraction to pre-pubescent bodies is legitimately out of their control they shouldn't be persecuted for it, as long as they don't act on their urges

Suicide I maybe agree with but only for culling the population, it would probably be too widespread and would fuck society up so probably couldn't do this one

Arranged marriages are healthy for society.

You dont belong here you fucking cunt

Children are terrible human beings. You can't fuck them, you can't eat them, and yet you are expected to pay for them.

Do you think women are incapable of freely choosing housewifery for themselves? I understand how it could be seen as the superior option, but you two seem to be advocating forcing women into it (or at least a subset of women who don't get top scores on a test).

Aren't women's decision-making faculties about the same as those of men?

>I know the exact doujin that this is from

Fucking hell when did I get this degenerate

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