Roll for your jailfu. Maybe you'll get laid today

Roll for your jailfu. Maybe you'll get laid today.

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Mods usually delete roll threads so I'm glad I saw this early

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Oh wow I think I really hit the jackpot with her. A minir caught drinking alcohol is like nothing conpared to some of those other charges

>mfw these are the girls my sister's trying to imitate

rolling for russ

Rolling for not 00

roll it fuck it

Well, I'm not laid, but I'm gonna learn ebin tricks to spook the /x/enophiles

Roll with them epic memes, son


Will she murder me?
Wow, this comment was unoriginal

Rollin for my jailfu


Toot tootoot toot I'M GOING TO JAIL


This is my indigual roll

You know what im gonna roll again

rolling around at the speed of sound isnt original

Rollin' for Ronald desu

I doubt it but cant hurt to try

No fuck this I'm re-rolling

Gimme 34 plz.

Niggachu in the eeeeee hj

Don't mind me. Just rolling on through.

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op is a fucking retard, this thread doesn't belong here

Might as well roll while the mods don't delete the thread...

Please 34, please.

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Niggers smell unpleasant

Rolling for a waifu to end well waifus.
Ready to be disappointed

Gimme something good please. No degeneracy is ideal.


Oh just go park in front of the women's detention center and wait, as they release groups of women they'll come to you.

rolling for christie

i suppose I'll make a roll.
is this orignal?

Come on Russell

Rolling bolling

Rolling for either Linda or Russ.

gimme one that would kill for me

fug shid :DD

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I am the rolling

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This sick roll

gib victoria gf

ill roll, aimin for 97 or 98

Rolelek rolley

rolling in a very originalsdasd manner

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rolling for 13-15 McVeighfu

Drugs are degenerate, rolling for a murderer.

Rollolooo orgynal


43 to 45 lmao


gimme some good shit

Better be good, better be nice to me roll

wonder whos my jailfu baka

Rollan. Let's see who I'll have to pay a conjucal visit.