Why do some women dress like this ?

why do some women dress like this ?

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so they can masturbate without undressing

Because I'm self conscious and like having my arms and most of my legs covered

Because they have uncommonly good taste.

because they were raised properly

Because theyre not whores.

Because it's modest and lady-like.

Cuz they have a lot of money.
Walmart doesn't sell satin skirts and cashmere sweaters.

It's the proper, best-looking way to dress but the jock dudebros prefer sluts in shortpants so girls do that instead

What is your deal with dressing like that OP?

You can do that in jeans too

Good taste and makes it super easy to have quickies.
Yes, I just implied they are all a bunch of sluts who get fucked by random men.

Reminds me of a beautiful girl who wore a sundress in my first day of high school. I'm glad she was not a whore.

Butch women are the most modest and least slutty, but you don't even notice women who aren't oozing sex appeal. that's why you think most women are sluts.

I have a skirt that looks quite similar to OP and it was only around 30 USD. You can find inexpensive feminine clothing just fine.

whores dress feminine. the only reason to wear a shirt that shows your boobs is to broadcast to the world you are a fertile woman.

Why not? Looks nice, plus very good in summer because tight pants set legs on fire

Thicker girls tend to wear shorts underneath to avoid thigh friction too

Yes but it's probably not satin is his point.

I never called all women whores. This one was beautiful while wearing modest clothing.

What's wrong with some girls dressing properly and not dressing up like a whore?

Are you suggesting that the shirt in OP is slutty?

There's nothing wrong with synthetic fabrics.

So you can use your imagination.

1. because it means "not a slut"
2. also, it's cute
3. plus, it's genuinely feminine

I wouldnt call myself butch, I'm just a chestlet with dumb body issues.

Yes, it's skin tight. The only reason to wear skirts is to say "Look at me, I'm female", and a tight shirt is the exact same. "I have boobs".
Just dress in a boiler suit or something equally neutral and utilitarian. That's what I do, and I'm a virgin. I don't want attention for being female so I don't broadcast my sex to the world.

Why not wear Jeans ?

Interesting. I disagree. The sweater doesn't look skin-tight to me - note the bunching around her stomach. It also looks to be made of a slightly thicker material and is textured which camouflages the curves of the body.

Preferring to dress more feminine rather than utilitarian isn't necessarily a cry for attention - some ladies just prefer a more feminine silhouette.

And if you really think wearing a skirt will draw more attention than a boiler suit... Well...

At least, that's my take on things. If it doesn't float your boat, that's cool.

>There's nothing wrong with synthetic fabrics
Didn't say there was.

Pants are for men and skirts are for women

I personally wish all clothes were gender neutral. Maybe not as dystopian as a boiler suit, but I think the existence of a feminine silhouette is a bad thing. men can't handle it.

pants are for everybody. the girl just needs to avoid skintight pants. also she just by male pants because they have pockets.

I buy pants and you can't stop me

>Im ugly

Deal with it bitch.

>Pants are for men and skirts are for women
are u posting from the middle ages? L O L

pics or it never happened, pretend fembot

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Nice digits but have you ever seen a boy in a skirt?


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can a woman be "butch" and also be straight? that is the real question.

Yes. There are masculine women who like men.

>pants are for everybody. the girl just needs to avoid skintight pants.
Lol, if she wants to look masculine I guess
>I buy pants and you can't stop me
>are u posting from the middle ages? L O L
Nah, pants make girls look masculine the same way skirts make men look feminine
>Nice digits but have you ever seen a boy in a skirt?
Ye, he looked very feminine

more women need to wear baggy pants.

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If you want women to look more masculine sure

I wear alot of dresses in that style
Because im not showing my body and its easiest to do just 1 article of clothing then 2 or more
It's the lazy but proper way out

No it is not skin tight. And there is no equality between expressing feminity in modest and vulgr way. Society is so obsessed with sex that any expression of feminity is considered wanting the dick. Also I don't think that outfit OP posted cathes much attention.

this It's peak compromise between aesthetics and functionality in female clothing. I could understand changing shoes to low, block heels though because heels look painful to walk in for extended period of time.

Only if there's pockets

to air out our vaginas
it can get pretty smelly down there

Of course. I have nothing against dress pockets and plaid shirts with breastpockets. Also belts on those long skirts for both aesthetics and potentially hanging something on them, like a knife for mushroom picking.

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whats wrong with that look? i like long skirts, i rarely ever see them now and when i do they're just very eye catching and cute as hell

Or for skinning.

>whats wrong with that look?
Nothing. They just got driven out by more practical pants and more sexual stuff. Also probably getting stale played some role in it as it was very popular in the past. The thing is, scarcity and differences matter. If everyone has something, it loses its value. If everyone gets called something, word loses its power and meaning. If everyone wear the same stuff, no one stands out.

this is way cuter than most girls' outfits

I'd take that over hoodie/lululemons/uggs anytime of the year.