Your superpower:

>your superpower:
>the things you're going to do with it

Let us begin.

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>Light Transmutation
>The power to transform matter into light.
>May require eye-contact, touch or some other action.
Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

>Compound Fusion
>The power to fuse an object or person's parts into a whole

1. Create Frankstein tier Waifu
2. Get an assembly job and live comfortably
>The power to transform into or have a physical body made up of disease.

Sounds like a natural villain to me. Nah, I choose to be an anti-hero: punishing idiots with annoying sicknesses like flu, diarrhea and vomiting.
They'd call me the Silent Fart.

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>Fate Denial
>User can deny the effects of destiny/fate, including their own recorded fate. This allows them to shrug off the effects of their own predetermined existence, such if they were fated to die or disappear after accomplishing a certain mission or objective or possibly be separated and made to forget a loved one, they would instead be able to ignore that and live longer than they should or remember someone they were supposed to have forgotten.

rerolls i guess

>1. Create Frankstein tier Waifu


>2. Get an assembly job and live comfortably

why, though? You could literally create more frankenstein monsters to work for you

>Light Transmutation
>The user can transform matter and objects, including living beings, into light.
>including living beings

I don't know, user, but it does sound like a hardcore power, either you're a hero or a villain.

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Its less suspicious of me that way and I could support the miss and I. Plus assembly jobs pay well enough, and I'd be responsible for those worker-drones. They'd need maintanced and shelter too. Not to mention finding body parts for them and potentially assaulting randos for their parts would be difficult enough depending on how this works.

Plus I can't imagine them getting work very easily with no identity to fall upon/fake SSN's and all that complicated stuff they'd need. Especially if something happens to them. Home assembly work might be doable in that regard but again, it sounds like a lot of work.

>spatial healing
have people pay me for magical cure to all their disease, that actually works. Throw in a redevelopment as well - all my customers are pushed up to the genetic potential - no more receded chin and buck teeth ayy. Maybe even throw in a chromosome deletion, effectively destroying Down syndrome forever

I'm gonna be the ultimate doctor, and the best of all is that the pharmaceutical and medical industries will be powerless to stop me

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>Water Form Mimicry
>User is able to transform their body completely into water in all its states
Nice. But I'll probably transform into a cloud and wander the sky cause it seems pretty comfy

>Paper Armor
>The ability to create armor around the user's body from paper.

Pretty simple ability, though it looks like the armor can also grant strength and speed boosts, as well as natural weapons.

I shall train with this ability gaining new forms and honing my edge and then I shall probably fight the next guy who goes out of his way to really piss me off. I'll just generate my paper armor on the spot and punch him with my fists of paper which hit like a truck.

Then I'll dash out of there before anyone can show up, and probably use my paper airplane mode to gain some distance or something.

Hopefully it doesn't rain or there's no fire nearby. The only other thing I need to worry about is cutting edges, but I'm not to worried about getting slashed by some rando.

I don't really think there's much use outside of combat, and I don't exactly want to be an infamous villain.

>The user has or can form wings out of electricity and use them from transportation to offensive and defensive purposes such as using them as a shield to block oncoming attacks or slicing/battering the target with electrical energy.
I'd use it's flight capabilities to travel the world and for self defense, maybe I'd just go out and slaughter a whole bunch of norms while I'm at it and balance the world.

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>maybe I'd just go out and slaughter a whole bunch of norms while I'm at it and balance the world.

perfectly balanced

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>The power to take form of target by consuming them. Combination of Absorption and Shapeshifting.
take life of someone more succesful then me and live their life. best case scenerio i will me kim jong and have sex forever.

>being able to create illusions
With this I mean I can affect peoples brains.
If I can do that I can create what ever world I want.
Either I change others and my mind to create a world I want or just change my brain.
Going in to a illusion which would be as real as reality. I could make my own world to my liking I would be a god.
When you can affect people perception of reality your a God.

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>broom manipulation
>can create brooms and move them around with telekinesis

Make money as the janitor-magician, start a cleaning service, suicide by impalement

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You can do most of that with your imagination, though.

that's what I mean, but you dont have full control over it.
If you had you would be a God.

>Peak Human Intelligence
>use my newfound affinity to learning to learn all the nuances of the highest paying job in the world and learn it all in a week allowing myself to become rich and be free to do whatever I want in life

see ya suckers im gonna go to the sea and get a dolphin gf

>nigh complete arsenal
So I am basically one of those insanely overpowered edgy donut steel OCs? Fucking A.

>Damage Distribution
>User can distribute any damage received, spreading it over a large group or area. This allows the target to convert what would normally be fatal blows to harmless or near-harmless attacks.
So I can walk into a city with a bomb strapped to myself, blow myself up and take no damage?! I'm fucking Suicide Man. I would shoot myself in the head and direct it at my enemies constantly. I'd get into bar fights and people would marvel at the fact that a glass bottle being broken on my head does fucking nothing. This power is broken. I'm invincible

>Path manipulation
>"User can create, shape and manipulate different kinds of pathways, including trails, roads, streets, highways, sidewalks, passages, rails, ways, etc. They can alter the path's direction, change its destination, or make surface changes to them."
You know those movies where people get lost in the woods or some shit and no matter what they do they can't escape? I'd just walk around the woods and fuck with people.

Or you could be like pic related

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>Tfw making my waifu real

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I guess I would change anything and everything to be the way that I want it to be. Starting with my appearance.

>Ability to:
Become vulnerable to injuries and death

useless power I think we already have.

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Roll again, user. I'm a generous god.
>The user can create a whimsical dimension that is stuck in-between the real world and the fantasy where they transform into divine beings and have complete control over their dominion.
>The user is also capable of inviting others into their dimension as long as the targets are unconscious or sleeping.
At long last...

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>Aurora Beam Emission
>can project beams of destructive aurora

sounds cool desu

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>Neon Bullet Projection
>The power to fire bullets of neon
i dunno, maybe kill people i hate

And so, the infamous Dream Raper was born!
Nice, there are a few people I'd like to char.

The user can augment attacks and/or powers of with vocal commands, such as declaring the name of an attack.

Normie af

what the fuck is sex appeal combat

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>rob banks and touch titties

>cabon manipulation
>User can move, shape and otherwise manipulate all forms of carbon, a naturally abundant (fourth most abundant by mass) non-metallic element that occurs in many inorganic and in all organic compounds, exists freely as graphite and diamond and as a constituent of coal, limestone and petroleum, and is capable of chemical self-bonding to form an enormous number of chemically, biologically, and commercially important molecules. The user can control carbon, forming constructs, changing it into various physical states and altering properties, including color, density, texture and flammability.

There's nothing I really wanna do so it wouldn't matter. I wouldn't even be smart enough to utilize a power like this properly, I guess I'd make diamonds out of peanut butter or some shit.

convert shit into oils and fuels make your own fuel service make big bucks and help people out in the process

This is probably the most boring power you could get. I can do everything a normal human can do, but somewhat faster, but still limited by human physique. I'll go win some races or something.

Meta Gravity Manipulation
The power to have absolute control over gravity.
My power is multiversal and can effect anything.
Crazy op

Yeah and then the government and jews decide they wanna stick their hand in my pocket and take my money that I worked for and use my oil that mined myself to blow up shanty towns in the middle of some godforsaken desert. No thanks.

Cosmic Fire Manipulation
Damage Amplification
Drought Creation
Eclipse Manipulation (solar)
Firestorm Creation (solar winds)
Pain Inducement
Radiation Generation
Solar Energy Manipulation
Supernova Inducement
Ultimate Burning
Chaotic-evil supervillian it is then. I once heard the whole mass shooter phenomenom described as the ultimate expression of nihilism and desperation - a chance to strike back at Being for the suffering and malevolence one has experienced (without any perceptible meaning behind it). That sounds about right to me and I would rain down one apocalyptic hellstorm on various cities as the whim took me.

Cool thread OP - nice to see something other than tranny shit and tfwnogf

>I can do everything a normal human can do, but somewhat faster, but still limited by human physique

Literally Captain America, Daredevil or Batman.

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That's literally just Gold Experience Requiem.

apparently batman is also a extraordinary genius so there's that I guess

>Cool thread OP - nice to see something other than tranny shit and tfwnogf

He's the hero Jow Forums needs, but not the one it deserves right now.
Well that's a decent roll.
>Become immune to bullets, explosions, radiation, etc. etc.
>Become a test subject of experimental weaponry and gradually become the Ubermensch
>Die from old age/ organ failure
>Be able to live forever
>Continue to learn and gain knowledge in order to improve the world and develop weapons and inventions for both the world and my own purposes
>Basically just become Sotha Sil

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how the fuck is this supposed to work

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>User can handle anything and everything, regardless of the problem, situation or conflict, and have the needed skill, knowledge, experience, etc, for any purpose, and will know what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. They will never lose a fight, conflict, etc, because they will always be able to see a way to win or escape any situation, thus they just knows what the needed steps to succeed at any task or overcome any obstacle, by making the most out of any/all circumstances, and turning it to their optimal benefit, enable them to make the right/best decisions in any situation.
Guess I've become the chad among chads

>you can create a whip
>whip can affect gravitation

There. It's a nice weapon for psychopats.

i would erase every living thing

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does it work like the gravitational gun from half life?

>not destroying only normies

Why, user? Why?!

>how the fuck is this supposed to work

Let's see:
Create whips out of gravitons


User can create gravitational/gravity whips either from nothing or by shaping existing gravitons.


Attraction & Repulsion
Gravitational Slash
Gravity Generation


Durability of the whips may depend on the user's will.
May may be unable to create gravitons, being limited to manipulating already existing sources.
How long the whip lasts depends on the users skill and power, some may need near constant attention, others are effectively permanent.
May have a limit on range.

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>Definition intuition
>User knows intuitively the definition to anything/any word. They can be told the words that they have never heard before, and if the words have any meaning at all, the user will be able to determine what they mean.

I track down and kill this guy
>The user can have the traits and abilities of an Archdemon, the demonic counterparts of heaven's archangels. While beings similar to archdemons are found in a number of religious traditions (including Zoroastrianism), they are usually associated with the Abrahamic religions, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.
There are different kinds of Archdemons with different powers, if my powers were not random (a mixture of different Archdemons) i would choose the same power set of Lucifer.
As for what i would do... I don't know, the sky's the limit. I wouldn't be evil that's for sure, probably 100% neutral.

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>Lease my powers to governments, private companies, celebrities, or whoever will pay for clones
>Live a leisurely and reclusive life making sure that it's only my clones that ever come into contact with people

You'd definitely get assassinated by big pharma.

Probably a useless power to a robot as most have zero sex appeal.
First things first I'd kill god, usurp its throne, and rewrite reality from the beginning to give all robots happy and fulfilling lives desu

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Can do a fuck ton of stuff with that. Prob just let girls think I'm hot so I can fuck them, but the sky is the limit

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>the sky's the limit
>I wouldn't be evil


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I think I'd use that to create mischief.

>Go to a church
>Make everyone think they're seeing God
>Make them see God getting gang-banged by a group of dudes

>Pick out a target in a crowd
>Make them see everyone else as themselves
>See how they react

>Go to dog park
>Convince dog walkers their pets are talking to them
>The dogs only speak in Chinese
disgust empowerment
id let a dog jizz on my face and then id be the most powerful being in the universe

>rewrite reality from the beginning to give all robots happy and fulfilling lives desu


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>I always wanted to do the funny dragon ball move
>thanks op

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>omnipotence without omniscience
Ill go and sit in my room playing vidya, ill prolly just neet it up

>Not using peak intellect to amass handouts n gib me dats by manipulating the system

>the ability to have an unending, massive erection


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Also, technically yes

11,725 pages and you randomly got the best power conceivable?

>Artisan Mode
>Power to be really good at crafts
I'm gonna draw furry porn and make sculptures and stuff

>The power to transform into or have a physical body made up of malleable living metal.
Kill as many roasties and normalfags as I can before I get bored while also destroying all sorts of shit just to make this degenerate society pay.

>furry porn

Goddamit, son!

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>Bubble Bomb Generation
Looks like i got Killer Queen as a power

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>User is able to maneuver well in the air, whether by aerobatics or leaping or other forms of aerial movement.
Pretty fucking useless

you can be parkour god at least

>Planetary Reshaping
>The power to reshape everything on a planetary scale.

I could probably solve world hunger but I'd rather kill billions. Maybe start terraforming the moon and mars.

>Reality Rejection
>The power to achieve supernatural feats by rejecting reality

Become an unfeeling god I guess

You two should be friends.


I got instantaneous creativity, which basically means I am a fully automatic picasso dispenser
>be me
>lick a barrel of nuclear waste or some shit
>make picasso level works of art in about a few minutes each
>realize that if I try selling shitloads of master quality artwork out of the blue, then the FBI might want to have a word with me
>start taking serious art classes
>create artwork that might be fit for my "skill level"
>slowly create better art
>start "outsourcing" the paintings to companies
>flood the market with relatively cheap ultra-high quality paintings
>art degrees are even worse than they are now
>create a monopoly on art
Get fucked artfags have fun ruining your life with a fuckton of debt for a shitty degree

Sounds like a good power for the main character. You could litterally stop the apocalypse if you set your mind to it.

absolute slicing, a sword so good, that i can sell for a fucking fortune

>Disgust Empowerment
>Users become stronger, faster, more durable, etc. from the disgust of oneself and others, possibly unlocking abilities related to the affinity and enhancing the existing powers. Some users may be able draw sustenance from the emotions or even slow or stop aging.

>tfw I instantly become a god
who's too fat to eat tendies now, mommy?

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>>be me
>>lick a barrel of nuclear waste or some shit

Ok, I def laughed this time

>implying you won't get overshadowed by "paintings" that are just puddles of menstrual blood
>implying you won't die drunk and penniless like Van Gogh did

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>Disease Acceleration
Fuck it I'll be a comic book villain, I'll infect everybody with something that's harmless and decrease the population myself

Welcome to the rice fields mothafucka

You guys should devote yourself to Nurgle.

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The Silent Fart won't serve no god!

>Organic Polearm Construction
>The power to create poles, sticks or weapons from organic material
I'm gonna make a fleshlight, obviously.
>Tentacle Extension
>The user has (including in place of certain limbs) or can generate tentacles or tentacle-like appendages (vines, grappling cables, ropes, etc.) from themselves, others or any other surface

Yay, time to raep

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>The ability to possess capability to do everything at all given times. Form/expression of Omnipotence
>User can do everything at once, all across every moment of their life from birth to death. Every action/every consequence, which are usually merged together, are done in every situation the user is in. This can result in exerting multiple effects onto anything the user interacts with in any situation. Everything every alternate version of the user does will result in happening at the same time in any situation in the user's universe.
i..i think i would try my best to make sure everyone is happy somehow but fuck what a load of pressure

Save us, user! I beg you! Save our souls!

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this is too great a burden for me user..i name thee onmilad, and hope you will help me in the mission of all making it

>Crystallokinetic Constructs
>shit diamonds and sell them for exorbitant prices

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I can already do that shit without powers

I got disease manipulation, can we form an alliance? Think how much stronger we could be together, SF