Guys I'm 30 next year and I've never even held a girls hand or gone on a date

Guys I'm 30 next year and I've never even held a girls hand or gone on a date.

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ask them out lole
it's okay to get rejected, itll only make you more emotionally resillient

well sorry to say buddy but youre fucked, and theres prob not much you can do about it. shit sucks man.

there's always single mothers

Same except 29, it's my own fault though I never bothered trying.

>there's always single mothers
If he can't even ask out naive young females, what makes you think he can handle the wryly single mom? She's probably gonna make him cry.

Dude you're gonna be a fucking wizard, why are you fucking sad man??!!
I wish i could become a wizard but im only 19. Cant make time go faster

I just turned 29 today. I have experience but I don't know if I'll be able to find a real relationship any more.

Lmao just bareback landwhales you whiny bitch

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Or this. Pic related is a fitness single mommy who fucked me less than 6 hours after we matched on okcupid and TOOK THE CONDOM OFF MY DICK to fuck her bareback.

Its literally easy mode. These depraved sluts CRAVE CUM.

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>Guys I'm 30 next year and I've never even held a girls hand or gone on a date.

Come young one, join me.
Become a wizard!

Yeah, you're fucked.
If you didn't get the basics until now, you're not getting them.
The probability of you finding a woman in her 20s who is as socially retarded as you is null and all the others are way too busy running after Chad to even waste time teaching you anything about relationships.

t. 32 year old.

can you already levitate objects?

same here.
btw sometime after 30 you'll stop obsessing about it.

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what if you're close to 30 and already have the basics down but just want a real relationship. are you fucked on that end too? if you never married your highschool qt are you fucked for life??

How did you reach this point? Did you actively avoid women?

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Don't waste your chance to be a wizard !!

>real relationship.

Friendly reminder: you can only have a real realtionship if she's virgin, mentally healthy and and totally fallen for you.

Chiasing non-virgin holes or mentally ill females, it's literally begging to be cheated on.

>the common normie in the wild

he can't even IMAGINE how a man can go 30yos without a gf. In fact He'd sooner believe in aliens

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normies should be burnt with hell-fire.
alsoconsider commiting suicide asap.
nobody wants you

Time to go on Grindr and finally lose your virginity or get TOPPED, this is literally your only option

Best you didn't try you would have failed anyway

of course. so they can trap you with a child

>Did you actively avoid women?

but im sweet gentleboi who craves romance and companionship not easy fucks

Lower your standards.

Not everyone gets a model gf.

am i the only one who is into plain looking or ugly/cute girls?

Your dick is smol lol

>just spend the rest of your life with someone you're unattracted to

Great advice, dweeb

not op but females activly avoid me. its a fun game, imagine having a 10ft exlusion zone from females around your body. like literally they start walking away if i get anyware closer even if it means they drop what they're doing. is hilarious for getting them in the shit at work
>ey woman why arn't you working
>>well user was over at that station and..
>oh fair enough

>models are easy to get bro
>just be yourself bro lol its easy

No. Virtually every other man does too which is why Juggernaut Law is a thing.

Then don't and stay alone. But stop bitching about it.

Nah, and that's part of the problem.
Perfectly average guys are into anything with a cunt and a pair of tits, ugly guys can't even get the ugly chicks.

I literally be'd myself as normies suggested. If you guys are white and virgins the you must have some serious personality flaws.

So what's the problem? Sounds like you're a volcel then. That's highly respectable.

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since I was 13 I've told myself if I'm not happy by the age of 30 I'll kill myself. Just 4 more years and I can say I gave it a shot.
I was actually happy for about 4years, but it was unusual circumstances
God I'm retarded, I keep using wrong spoiler tags late at night
how have you lasted so long?

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>tfw the only girl hand you ever held before your 30s was from a chick acting in haunted house

>since I was 13 I've told myself if I'm not happy by the age of 30 I'll kill myself.
Are you me?
Oh, wait, you're not, I'm 32.
Guess what faggit! Yeah, you won't do it.

maybe not.
What's stops you?

No. And that's a problem in the dating scene. Lots of guys automatically realize they have no shots with the super hot chicks, so they gravitate towards the okay looking chicks. Like in the 4-6/10 range. Making competition for those girls tougher than it should be.

Would rather kill myself then touch them.

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>just bee urself actually worked for him
This means you're a normie

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>What's stops you?
I could give a bunch of excuses, including that I'm my parents only descendant, but the truth is I simply don't have the courage to kill myself.

Seems way easier when it's all on your mind, when you actually grab a roll of rope and go innawoods to search for an ideal tree it loses a bit of the glamour.