I'm thinking about honestly killing myself in school today, we have the final exam and i did terribly bad

i'm thinking about honestly killing myself in school today, we have the final exam and i did terribly bad

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I am too today but at home, and not because of some stupid fucking test.

school is the only thing i could possiby be good at and i fucked that up. i'm literally good for nothing and have no future what so ever, is that not enough for you?

Can you atleast stream it? Sorry, but sympathy is the last thing you'll get from posting this on r9k.

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Imagine killing yourself for failing adult babysitting.

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Come back when you're over 18 buddy

Sleep aid pills are 36 for a dollar at Dollar Tree where im from

Those are the same as benadryl, if you take 36 of them you won't die but you'll have a bad time

I'm 35 years old and failed plenty of exams. It's not the end of the world and certainly not worth killing yourself over. Nothing in high school matters once you're older than about 19.

killing yourself over an exam is the dumbest shit i've seen on this website for a while

Stream it, and make it spectacular so it goes in the news

Killing yourself for a minor inconvenience that will not even remotely impact you in the grand scheme of life? School doesn't even matter once it's done and will barely come up in life after the fact.

>Killing myself
>In school
How does one kill themselves in school? There seems to be no convenient ropes and so many witnesses to stop you. I mean, I guess you could bash your head into a wall repeatedly.

What wall is the best for head bashing? How do you determine head bash quality?

Do a flip off the roof, faggot

you'd get a lot more sincere replies if you went to a place that pretended they give a shit
if you're considering sudoku over a shitey school exam then you should do it.

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i don't need sympathy just people like me, and no i'm not gonna do it in school nor in a stream because i'm not an attention whore, didn't think that well before posting

i'm 18, i hope you are right

It's just an exam, you can train on it and improve.
Not even on the subject matter, but on how to ace it.

Seriously, please don't do it user. Duck school, just do well enough to graduate and go to college if you want to. Then get a job and make bank. You have your whole life left and you will forget about this thing in about six weeks.

I meant *Fuck. Stupid samgook autocorrect.

>suicide in school
>not a shooting

Hey nice I got dubs. And yes I'm a phoneposter, it makes it easier to post in bed kek.

If he did terribly bad on his final exam hes not graduating any time soon, and definitely not going to college.

i hope you kill yourself for being such an underage retard

There used to be plenty of good ropes when I went to HS...

They took them down probably due to people killing themselves on the ropes

High school standards are not so bad so he can still graduate. Even if he doesn't, if he's in the U.S. he can always get a GED and go to community college for two years and then transfer to a state school to save a full metric fuckton of cash money. Then all he has to do is land a job. This part can be hard but you just have to keep applying to different places until you get one.

school is honest to god the least relevant thing you can do in your life. don't end it over something of so little relevance

Or he can start a business if he doesn't want to be a "wagecuck."

School administrators don't like holding people back. Very few people are prevented from graduating if they kept their seat warm for four years.

don't kys people around you remain traumatized after shit like this. if your mental is so weak at least donate your body to science and tell your family and friends beforehand.

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He could always jump of the higher ground if the school uses stairs
He's not going to kill himself this is just a cry for attention

i genuinly thought about it, though and the only thing that keeps me from doing it everytime is the fact that i'm still 18 years old and there is always a chance i will be better as an adult. although i'm pretty useless and have no hope for the future so there is that

>high ground
But I thought having the high ground was a good thing

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>there is always a chance i will be better as an adult
>although i'm pretty useless and have no hope for the future
Pick one and only one

Just go to a community college, work on getting your grades up there, and transfer to a uni

Is that it? A test?
Honestly maybe you should.

Or instead of shitting on the board like a common troglodyte, get out of High school underage

>unironically being suicidal over school

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I was there. don't worry suicide feelings die in few days after you realize your life isn't over.

my brain telling me i have no hope and actually having no hope are two different things, examples: of my family members may get a succeful business and hire me or i may start a small business and it works out or i may get my shit together and actually get a job ect..

I know what you meant it's just that when you say no hope it sounds retarded regardless of using it figuratively or literally, besides this is all b8 so I'm going to stop feeding you now

It's just a genuine feeling, if i was looking for attention i would have larped as a tranny and got 100+ replies.
you have a point as i agree, thinking that there is no hope is stupid and i will refrain from thinking like this in the future.