Tfw no qt stoner skater gurl tomboy gf

Tfw no qt stoner skater gurl tomboy gf

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im such a boring lame shut in piece of trash.


look at that SCHNOZZ

is that renee the aussie?

post more of her,from her facebook etc, hurry up, what are you waiting for,

you do realize that if weed is illegal there is basically a 100% chance that she'll be sucking other dude's cocks for free weed right?
i'm a huge stoner in Cali and know lots of stoner chicks. (side note: there is a stereotype of skinny stoner bitches in the media - the skinny bitches are on adderal and other uppers and alcohol - committed stoner grils are all a little or a lot overweight.)
before weed was legal all the ones I knew had told me about head for weed (discounts or free) with various dealers they had. like the hardcore stoner chicks have no problem sucking off rando dealers if it will help their fix.
t. used to wish i could get discounts but now just buy legally

time to start growing weed

weed laws destroyed humanity and everything but women are all whores

What lineage does this brand of schnoze come from

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Yeah I have that stereotype of weed girls being skinny. Most I see are at the least overweight. You think girls dont get the munchies?

It's like the said the skinny ones are the ones doing adderall and other prescriptions.

I see stoner girls on Instagram that are skinny tho what gives

most "skater gurls" are posers. I'd love to smack every bitch who bought a thrasher hoodie and doesn't know anything about skateboarding

>im such a boring lame shut in piece of trash.


sad tbj. I want a qt hayley gf

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to be jonest?

I have smoked with tons of girls in my life, and not a single one of them could actually roll a joint

roasties are just there for the free weed and to look cool in front of boys

I can roll good, Im a man tho

You are on Instagram. You are viewing the minority of women users.

>tfw no qt stoner skater twink bf

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I want to see shit flowing from his hole

not really relevant then

they're all fake af, their style makes you think they're not like other girls, but they're literally more like other girls than other girls. gif related

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what an ugly jew whore she deserves to be killed with a hammer just like you you fucking nigger.

>tfw she calls you dude
why in the fuck does this make me diamonds

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Sup duuuuddee??
We still on to chill later, brahhh????

no not like that but when used casually instead of my name
>dude nacho fries are back
>no dude thats retarded
shit like that

Is that what stoner eyes look like? Judt generally pink eyes? I always thought showing the eyes that way was a lazy way of making them bloodshot

Life isnt a porn fantasy. But some incel out there saw this post and genuinely believed it so congrats

Jesus Christ dude try going outside in the real world, either you're completely full of shit or the only girls you know that would do that anyway and the weed is just incidental. I've had lots of female stoner friends and this almost never happens. Even in non-legal states weed is dirt cheap. An old friend I used to bang would get a half oz every payday for $100, that's a gram a day, plus she'd get smoked up by other people constantly because cucks love to give their stuff away to hot girls. What she did was typical of stoners; most people can afford a pot habit and factor in the vagina tax that cucks love to impose on themselves and tell me when these girls are that desperate for bud


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>tfw no athletic tomboy gf

same. when are going to get ours?